Wouldn’t it be nice if all those sexy hotness animu characters existed in real life?

Turns out they do. At least in the case of Lacus Clyne, Yamamoto Misaki, Suigintou and Chii. You’ve probably watched these characters enough to recognize they all carry the same voice, that of Tanaka Rie. She turned 30 this year, and seemingly to celebrate that glorious number, she’s released a collection of lovely pictures in a photobook called Irodorie (彩リエ) containing more than 80 pages of her in different costumes, ranging from casual wear to cosplays like Suigintou and Kirijou Mitsuru.

You can clicky for big on the three shots above, and if you still crave more, you can F5 Amazon Japan in hopes they’ll get it back in stock.


  1. I like that she has a sort of adult, mature charm to her, though I don’t find her particularly attractive. Are the 2nd and 3rd pics cosplay from any particular series? The 2nd one looks familiar, but the 3rd, I don’t know.

  2. Uh, damn!!! This was totally unexpected. Normally, you see these photos and you don’t expect much (Aya Hirano is the exception). She looks hot in these. Though that sheet is in the way in the first one. 🙂

    Yuri Rocks
  3. Patrik, you made my day!
    Now I feel like randomc just had the new fresh rebirth. First it have started with light novels thing, now here is the RL/3D moe. Keep things going!

    What I’ve really liked about these pics – that Rie’s beauty here is quite neutral. I mean nothing implies the animeworld fandom relation. Just cool “in general”. 🙂

  4. Met her in New York last year when she visited.
    Particularly funny in that my Japanese wasn’t that good and she I tried asking her a question off the top of my head (is Gin-san’s laugh your true laugh. She laughed and then said clearly that was not the case. Felt embarassed and awesome at the same time.

  5. Making a statement like ____ girls are such whores is as ill-informed as _____ women are attractive. If a women is a whore, well then she’s a whore. No need to put the “Japanese” in it, douche.

  6. Beautiful, especially the third picture. I hate that Japanese media (and Western media) tend to overhype youth and that somehow hitting 30 means you’re past your expiration date. Heck, I just turned 30 and I’m probably healthier and more fit now than I was at 20. I’ve known Japanese women over 30 and over (and mothers, no less) who are gorgeous.

  7. Oh man, the things I’d do to her. I’d pick her up from her place, take her to a nice restaurant for dinner, then catch a show and maybe have a drink at a lounge afterwards. At the end of the evening I’d drive her home, walk her to her door and ask if she had a good time. Then a couple days later I’d call her to see if she’d like to go out again. Oh the things I’d do…


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