I managed to whip together a third quiz quicker than anticipated, and I’m terrible at keeping finished content waiting, so here we go again! As always, it’s 10+1 sound clips from various anime, and the goal is to post a comment with all voice actors named correctly. Bonus fun points for getting the characters and anime right, but no worries if you can’t. Only one try, though.

The correct answers will be edited into this post once someone gets them all right, or 24 hours after this entry is published. Answers to the previous quizzes can be found in their respective posts: 1st quiz, 2nd quiz.

Note: Clip #7 is taken from my favourite voice performance of that entire year. I ended up listening to it multiple times in the episode just because it was so fantastic. Do you have any particular sequences that stuck in your head as exceptional?

Edit: I guess that didn’t take long… again. Anyway, posting twice means you’re kind of disqualified, but the answers are still right:
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  1. 1) marina inoue? – the “nande” made me thought it was her
    2) kana ueda? – shizuna, linebarrels of iron
    3) koji yusa… or satoshi hino ~_~
    4) kana ueda?.. again?
    5) ???
    6) hikaru midorikawa
    7) ???
    8 ) rie tanaka?
    9) shinichiro miki
    10) yuu kobayashi
    11) ???

    this is utter fail on my part T_T
    still, can’t wait to see the results 😀

  2. ^ oooh ya! #1 is Alicia from Senjou no Valkyria.
    Damn, it’s frustrating that I do know a lot of these people’s voices, but I can’t pin-point exactly who belongs where >.< *bad with names*

  3. 1.Inoue Marina
    2.Hisakawa Aya
    3.Yamaguchi Kappei
    4.Ohtani Ikue
    6.Kiuchi Hidenobu
    7.Toyoguchi Megumi
    8.Tanaka Atsuko
    9.Ueda Yuji
    10.Takeuchi Junko
    11.Ishikawa Yui

  4. 1)Inoue Marina
    2)Hisakawa Aya
    3)Yamaguchi Kappai
    5)Hirohashi Ryou
    7)Sakamoto Maaya
    8)Tanaka Atsuko
    11)Ishikawa Yui
    i think i heard heard the rest somewhere, but can’t recall where and i’m afraid when i read their names i will remember..

  5. 1. Marina Inou – Iku, Toshokan Sensou
    2. Aya Hisakawa – Kero, CCS
    3. Yamaguchi Kappei – Shin’ichiro, Conan
    4. Ootani Ikue – not sure what from
    5. Yukana – again not sure where from
    6. Mirokawa Toshiyuki – dunno what from T_T
    7. ZOMG ITS TOYOGUCHI MEGUMI KYAAAAA ♥♥♥ (i want her winry back T_T) – Chiaki, DtB
    8. Tanaka Atsuko – .. don’t know where from…
    9. Uwah… rurouni kenshin? sanosuke – Yuuji Ueda
    10. Takuechi Junko – Tina, Sisters of Wellber (gg, female naruto)
    11. Ishikawa Yui – Princess (ep 1), Druaga – LOOOOL “ANCIENT HISTORY”!! (the bgm kinda helped)

  6. It’s been a long time sinced i researched about Seiyuus… OTL

    1. Mai Nakahara
    2. Minori Chihara
    3. Makoto Ishii
    6. Toru Ohkawa
    8. Miyoko Asou
    9. Miki Sinichiro



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