Seiyuu: The 8th Quiz

[flv:Random_Curiosity_Seiyuu_Quiz_8.mp4 512 288]So what if it’s already a month past Christmas?

Most Amount Correct – Salty & KMM (8 Correct Answers)
Second Place Goes to Hiddenpeep (7 Correct Answers)
Third Place Goes to Rei (6 Correct Answers)
Nobody answerd the entire quiz correctly. Good try to everyone who participated though!

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Previous Winner
Winner of the 7th Quiz – DarkWind
It took 4 Hours and 48 Minutes for someone to solve the 7th quiz.

Seiyuu: The 7th Quiz

[flv:Random_Curiosity_Seiyuu_Quiz_7.mp4 512 288]You guys ready for it? ARE YA? (Can you guess what anime the intro song comes from?)
This one is extra easy since I decided to be nice around Christmas time (:

Winner of the Contest – DarkWind (Seiyuu and Almost All Characters)
Second Place Goes to Elijah for being second to get it all correct (Seiyuu and Almost All Characters)
Third Place Goes to Rei and Pedobear (One Wrong Seiyuu, Almost all Characters)
It took 4 Hours and 48 Minutes for someone to solve the quiz. Good job to everyone who participated!
NOBODY got number 11’s character correct and good job to those who got Mahoraba for the intro song (:

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Seiyuu: The 6th Quiz

[flv:Random_Curiosity_Seiyuu_Quiz_6.mp4 512 288]Another one, already? Don’t worry, it’s A LOT easier this time.

Winner of the Contest – nikici
Winner of the “I Named Most Series” and got really close – Nhelraios, Rei, and Dusk
It took 8 Hours and 42 Minutes for someone to solve the quiz. Good job to everyone who participated!

Answers inside the post!

Seiyuu: The 5th Quiz

[flv:Random_Curiosity_Seiyuu_Quiz_5.mp4 512 288]
Do you want your name to be forever stamped somewhere in the thousands of pages that is Random Curiosity? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

Instead of actually watching anime or doing something productive with my life, I decided to continue on the Seiyuu Quizzes! Inspired by Patrik’s hard work and because someone mentioned that they wanted another one, here it is – THE 5TH SEIYUU QUIZ!

Here are the ground rules;

  • Please post your answers in the comments with a spoiler tag!
  • I just need the Name of the Voice Actor! (Imaginary bonus points for the character name or the name of the show they’re from)
  • I will post up a list with all the correct answers later (In a day or so?).
  • First one to get it correct will be forever immortalized.. in this post
  • Even if you can’t get them all, still post your answer! <3
  • Good Luck Everyone! I hope you enjoy this! Tell me what you think about the quiz down in the comments!


    Seiyuu: GA – Geijutsuka Art Design Class


    Chances are you’ve already spoiled yourself by reading Omni’s preview, or visited the official website and seen what a stunning cast this show has. I, however, had not done so prior to watching the episode. Above is a clip of the show’s intro, and these were my reactions:

       “Hey, it’s Noto Mamiko!”
       “No, wait, it must be Hayami Saori.”
       “I am so sure now, cos I watched Eden a few days ago.”

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    Seiyuu: The 3rd Quiz


    I managed to whip together a third quiz quicker than anticipated, and I’m terrible at keeping finished content waiting, so here we go again! As always, it’s 10+1 sound clips from various anime, and the goal is to post a comment with all voice actors named correctly. Bonus fun points for getting the characters and anime right, but no worries if you can’t. Only one try, though.

    Seiyuu: The 2nd Quiz


    It took no more than 30 minutes for the readers of this blog to solve my precious quiz yesterday, so I’ve made a new one, which will hopefully take slightly longer to puzzle out. Either way, it’s clear to see that anime has a lot of very unique voices working in the business.

    Again, I’ve chosen 10+1 clips, but this time I made an effort to pick different series, since there seems to be an interest in identifying the characters in addition to the actors. The next quiz will probably be posted some time next week, and if you happen to have sound clips of your own you think would fit in a quiz like this, feel free to mail them to me, 5-10 seconds in 128 kbps mp3 format. Include actor name, anime series, and character name, please.

    Seiyuu: The 1st Quiz


    Ever since I started studying Japanese and watching unsubtitled anime, I began to notice that I could recognize more and more actors by the sound of their voice. Eventually it became a hobby of mine to watch all the new shows in a season and try to identify as many voice actors as possible, and while I admit it’s a tiny bit geeky, I’m now able to discern some people from a single breath.

    To see if there are other people like me out there, I asked Omni if I could try to make a new section, and this is it: a voice acting quiz with 10 (+1 bonus) sound bites taken from various anime. The challenge is for you to listen to each clip and identify which seiyuu it is, and then write the ones you got in a comment. I’ll post the correct answers in the next quiz, and give a special mention (!) to whichever poster got it right first. You only get one chance, though, so make sure before you hit submit!

    Omni’s response to watching the clip was that it was too easy, so I’ll be happy to receive feedback, and comments on whether you think this is a fun addition to the blog.