[flv:Random_Curiosity_Seiyuu_Quiz_7.mp4 512 288]You guys ready for it? ARE YA? (Can you guess what anime the intro song comes from?)
This one is extra easy since I decided to be nice around Christmas time (:

Winner of the Contest – DarkWind (Seiyuu and Almost All Characters)
Second Place Goes to Elijah for being second to get it all correct (Seiyuu and Almost All Characters)
Third Place Goes to Rei and Pedobear (One Wrong Seiyuu, Almost all Characters)
It took 4 Hours and 48 Minutes for someone to solve the quiz. Good job to everyone who participated!
NOBODY got number 11’s character correct and good job to those who got Mahoraba for the intro song (:

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Here are the ground rules:

  • First one to get them all correct wins!
  • Please post your answers in the comments with a spoiler tag!
  • I just need the Name of the Voice Actor! (Probably extra prizes for the character name and/or the name of the show they’re from)
  • I will post up a list with all the correct answers later (Probably tomorrow or the day after in the evening).
  • First one to get it correct will be forever immortalized.. in this post
  • Even if you can’t get them all, still post your answer! <3

  • Previous Winners
    Winner of the 6th Quiz – nikici
    Winner of the “I Named Most Series” and got really close in the 6th Quiz – Nhelraios, Rei, and Dusk
    It took 8 Hours and 42 Minutes for someone to solve the 6th quiz.


    1. fail… my father is on my back the entire time I listened to this…
      I can only get 4 🙁
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    2. My first shot at one of this, unfortunately I could only guess 4 and I have no idea about the intro and the bonus no.11.

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      no.7 is a little difficult to hear..

    3. Show Spoiler ▼

    4. Ok, been a while since I’ve done these seriously. I’ll take a stab at the few I recognized:

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    5. 1) …
      2) harumi sakurai – Yurippe from Angel beats! or aya hirano – haruhi
      3) …
      4) hiroshi kamiya… Kanra from durara
      5) …
      6) satomi satou – the match girl from Ookami
      7) fumiko orikasa – hawkeye from FMA?
      8) …
      9) hayami saori – eden of the east?
      10) Chihiro Suzuki as Maniwa Komori or perhaps some other maniwani ~_~
      11) ~_~

    6. well takaii i give up
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Show Spoiler ▼

      anyway good luck to all. i must nor overwork my self with this seiyuu quiz this time because of finals.

    7. Show Spoiler ▼

    8. Show Spoiler ▼

    9. 1. Is for sure that girl from that Maid anime thats currently being shown. 😛 (yes, I didn’t put it in spoiler tags because I wanted to help out people) If I’m wrong, I’m sorry :(.

    10. Show Spoiler ▼

    11. Show Spoiler ▼

    12. Show Spoiler ▼

      And here I thought the anime #1 is from is popular… Dammit!

    13. Show Spoiler ▼

    14. 01. Compared some episode from my stored CD with the hint gave away on the top. The voice matched.
      02. The easiest of the bunch, since a certain girl with yellow ribbon voice echoes through my mind.
      03. Ai Nanasaki’s leader in swimming.
      04. Playing multiple roles make it harder, but DRRR!! is popular.
      05. Appeared in both seasons of K-ON with the lesser role.
      06. Episode 13 somewhere in the dating area.
      07. While being haunted by Pride.
      08. Amagami episode 22.
      09. Battle with the illusion.
      10. The crash gave it away.
      11. Annoying girl A from School Rumble, she debuted as Nadja and Annoying girl B from Toradora, she is in the news in 2007 have used the same line.

    15. Show Spoiler ▼

      This was harder ;_;

    16. unfortunately these are all the ones I know:

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      yea this was harder than the previous :/

    17. I think it’s funny that no one can get the first one.
      They say the name of one of the characters right in the dialogue
      Though I admit that it’s a little hard to catch. And it is an older anime. but it’s considered a classic 😛 So a lot of people should know it

    18. Easy? Not really (unless you watch all the animes that aired)
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    19. Just got a few:
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    20. I suck at this like always.
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    21. You are like a mean math genius asking students questions about very difficult to solve formula’s and kicking the students down for not getting them. What you don’t know the answer? But it’s so easy. Are you sure you don’t get it? How is that possible i tried so hard to make it easy. Wait let me give you a kick on the head while you are still on the ground. Does this make you feel better?

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