Welkin and Faldio have been invited to Princess Cordelia’s castle for a banquet where they’ll be honored for their achievements at Vasel and Kloden. With them are Alicia, Isara, and Lamar, and on the way to the castle, Faldio warns Welkin to be careful because some people might try to use him due to who his father is. When they get there, the group runs into Irene who’s covering the event, and Irene reveals that her reporter’s intuition says that there’s something going on. What they don’t realize at that point is that Jaeger and Selvaria are coming to the banquet as well, pretending to be a married noble couple. It’s not until Alicia catches sight of Selvaria that she becomes alarmed, and she tells Welkin and the others about it. They suspect that something is up, and while they’re talking about it, Princess Cordelia herself passes them by. Surprisingly, Cordelia stops and stares at Alicia for a moment before continuing on.

Everyone then proceeds to the main hall where Cordelia presides over the banquet along with the Prime Minister Maurits von Borg. Also with them is an ambassador from the Federation who raises a toast, and afterward, Von Borg introduces Welkin and Faldio to the crowd and presents them with medals. Alicia steps outside during this to think about how the two guys are from respectable families, but her thoughts are interrupted by the appearance of Jaeger. He still remembers her from Kloden and kisses her hand, but Alicia remains suspicious of him. Jaeger ends up warning her that if she doesn’t want to get into trouble, then she should leave early. He disappears into the crowd with Selvaria soon after, and Alicia isn’t able to keep them in her sights. Welkin meanwhile escapes from a crowd of admirers, and Faldio follows him out. Faldio takes the chance to ask Welkin about what happened during the blizzard when he was stuck with Alicia overnight, and when he realizes that there wasn’t much progress, Faldio starts lecturing Welkin on his relationship with her.

The two eventually see Alicia, and she tells them about what happened with Jaeger. They don’t understand what’s going on, but regardless, Welkin goes to find Isara and Lamar. While Welkin is gone, Faldio gives Alicia a small fragment of the Barius ruins that he had picked up, and Alicia promises to treasure it. Getting uneasy with how Faldio is looking at her, Alicia goes after Welkin, but she soon gets lost. Wandering around, she happens to see two suspicious men carrying an unconscious Cordelia down a stairwell, but before Alicia can do anything, she gets knocked out too. The thugs are working for von Borg, and he has them take Alicia with Cordelia. As Alicia is being carried out, she drops the fragment that Faldio gave her.


It figures: with facial hair like that, there was no way that von Borg wasn’t evil. I’m not quite sure why he needed to kidnap Cordelia though if he was already using her as a puppet leader. Maybe he wants to take over for good, but now that Welkin and company are involved, this could be his downfall. Regardless, this is the third episode in a row where nobility has been featured in a negative light, and I’m beginning to wonder how this series can end without some sort of reform to the government and ruling class in both Gallia and the Empire.

The other focus of the episode was on the not-yet-romance between Welkin and Alicia, with Jaeger and Faldio spicing things up a bit. What I liked was that they actually reference what happened in the last episode so we know that the relationship isn’t just resetting after each incident, even if Welkin is sort of dense. Speaking of Jaeger, I still can’t shake the feeling that he’s more good guy than bad guy. He’s just too fun a character to watch and a good counterpart to the more serious Selvaria. This episode also made me more curious about Cordelia who has hair like Selvaria’s, probably as a reflection of her Valkyria blood, and I wonder if she can or will actually fight with that lance. With Selvaria apparently fighting again though, there’s probably already enough overpowered action in next week’s episode.


  1. interestingly enough, they never showed cordelia with her hair out of her head dress like that in game.

    sadly she’s never a playable/computer controlled character but she did drop in to give me suupa healing to all my units mid-fight during a certain battle.

  2. @RickyMack

    Actually they did show Cordelia without her head dress in the game… and I’m guessing with that change they made in this episode, they might be cutting out that twist about Cordelia toward the end :/

  3. Oh nice! From a guy who has played and adored the game, this episode is awesome. While I did not like the snow storm episode as it didn’t have the emotional hook that the respective chapter in the video game had, this episode is much better done than the video game’s.

  4. “interestingly enough, they never showed cordelia with her hair out of her head dress like that in game.”

    They did. During the last chapter and it should be a big spoil if I say why…
    But I can say in the game she doesn’t look like that, too strange…

  5. @RickyMack
    if you’ve gotten as far as the mission where Cordelia superheals your units, then you should have seen her without her headpiece, seeing as she doesn’t wear her headpiece when she shows up in that mission.

  6. I’m a little upset by Cordelia’s hair. I hope that’s a wig or some sort of dye. Seriously. I started freaking when I saw it. I was totally loving the anime til’ I saw her hair.

    But OMG, Jaeger! He looks so amazing in that suit. I’m also happy that Alicia could actually come with Welkin to the banquet, unlike in the game. Alicia and Isara’s dresses are cute, too. I especially like Isara’s. She looks like a little princess. <3

  7. I got confirmation (mostly from Wikipedia…) that this series is being majorly adapted from one of the two mangas of the game. It even went as far as stating that the manga’s events differ a little bit (just a little, luckily) from the game’s.

  8. I’ve seen many animes in my life, but I can really consider Von Borg as an equivalent to Cardinal Richelieu from what I saw. I swear the guy reminded me immediately of Cardinal Richelieu in the anime version of The 3 Musketeers in the late 1980s. 😀

  9. Anyone think that Cordelia’s headgear looks weird? the design makes no sense. anyone know why its that way? Oh yea, Selvaria looks pissed as hell in the next episode… I can only imagine a lot of blood spilling.

  10. Selvaria combat mode alert!
    Otherwise seems to me that PM Evilbeard is going to surrender the Gallia with excuse of “Princess has been captured and is hostage”.
    Jaeger and Selvaria getting into enemy HQ ball is as ridiculous as Rommel dancing in disguise in Cairo in 1942!

  11. @Mike, Cislak and Anon

    yeah i do know they showed her without her headpiece, it was just my silly veiled way of averting a spoiler (it’s why i said: showed it out of her head dress “like that”) =D

  12. I certainly hope that all of you people who’ve already finished the game are mature enough (as opposed to being stupid enough) to spoil the ending. Seriously, the fact you’re making such a big deal is already spoiling the series for me.

  13. The reason cordellias hair is that colour is because
    **SPOILER** althou it kinda gives it away anyhows

    Shes a darcen, not a valkyria.
    Anyone know if this ep has been subbed in english?

  14. @ Runty:
    Show Spoiler ▼


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