While laying a wreath for the fallen soldiers of the previous battle, Riannon runs into Gaius and gets captured. When they’re not able to find her, Arthur and Morgan suspect that she’s been taken away by the Empire, so Arawn decides to meditate to try to figure out where she is because their hearts are connected. Riannon meanwhile finds herself in the base that Gaius controls, and when one of the soldiers gets hurt, she heals him. She also gets to work cooking for them, and when Gaius points out that they’re enemies, Riannon explains how it doesn’t matter to her if they’re friend or foe. Gaius then tries to convince her that it’s futile to resist the Empire’s might and shows her the large number of troops he has under his control. Riannon stands firm though and believes that her side won’t be defeated because of the flame of hope inside of them.

Later that night, Riannon runs into Taliesin who was entertaining the troops, and after she tells him what happened and how her duty is to save lives, he notes how she seems closer to an elf than a human. In the middle of this conversation, Riannon hears Arawn calling out to her, and she follows his voice out of the enemy base. The one guard at the gate tries to stop her by threatening to shoot her, but she pays him no need and walks right out. The guard ends up firing, however the arrow doesn’t hit her and she continues walking. Instead, the arrow hits Taliesin who had appeared behind her, and, seemingly uninjured, he hands the arrow to Gaius who had come running. Gaius decides to let Riannon go, and she is soon reunited with Arawn and the others in the nearby forest.


So the preview from last episode turned out to be a red herring, and it wasn’t Gaius that had control over Riannon, it was Arawn. Control is probably not the best word to describe it, but the point is that it makes a lot more sense this way given their earlier connection. The downside is that, without something like Gaius having Riannon under his control, this was a rather uneventful episode. They spent a lot of time showing Riannon being a good girl and then on the discussion between her and Gaius, but it doesn’t accomplish much other than to place her more firmly into the pure girl archetype. The most interesting aspect of the episode thus became Taliesin’s involvement and what he’s really up to since he seems to know quite a lot about elves and what’s going on. He’s also in the preview fighting Arthur, so I assume that we’ll find out more next episode, and hopefully it’ll be more exciting.


  1. This is the first episode of the series that I truly didn’t like. It was dumb and pointless. All it did it was establish Riannon’s “pure girl” stereotype (Effectively making her the dullest and most boring girl in the Harem).

    And once again Arthur gets on my nerves. After supposedly stating that he matured in the last few episodes the writers decide to turn him into a whiny person again. Come on writers give a little consistency here!

  2. YAY

    hopefully the next episode will have the second thing i want to see in this anime

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Sigh. They moved past Octavia without connecting her to Arawn, as I thought they would. This is getting ridiculous. All the harem girls won’t get any more scenes with Arawn other than the initial meeting. No lighthearted, funny, slice-of-life moments that should in this show. All the girls just fade into the background for Arthur and the progression of the main plot.

  4. sigh its sad to see but its true on what abel says everyone is fading to the bg for arthur. i wish more of octavia than riannon. but its expected to be that way right? since riannon is the main cast along with arawn and arthur

    oh i wan mroe of limwris as well


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