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It’s cold as shit on a particular day in winter, and what a great time to jump back into the lives of these very moody and temperature-dependent K-ON girls. Well, I’m pretty temperature-dependent too – if it’s cold, I stay inside and put on a sweater while I have instant noodles while watching anime; if it’s warm, I stay inside and put on a sleeveless while I have a cold MGD while watching anime. I dread the day I have to figure out what to do when it’s not too cold nor too hot.

At any rate, none of them feel like doing anything, with the exception of Yui, who suggests they all get together and have hot pot. Which is actually a damn good idea, because hot pot tastes good, warms you up, is highly social, and follows the moe canon quite well cuz you can throw whatever cute shit into it, as demonstrated by that slow senpai in Da Capo, and allows for some interesting Kung Fu Panda chopstick battles as they never seem to buy enough meat. Protip: buy like 10 trays of meat. Preferably the thin-slice type with a ton of fat on it. Lamb, beef, pork, and get some chunks of chicken. It’ll cost like 80 bucks, but fkin A that shit tastes good. To save on the grocery price, host the event at your apartment and tell other people what to buy. *strikes captain morgan pose*

So anyways, this episode is about… well, nothing. Or rather, what they aren’t doing. In a sense this was probably the most realistic episode of the entire series, because it honed in on each of the girls’ personal time, and it was boring as shit. I’m not going to claim to speak for the rest of you, but compared to starting my own rock band in high school, making fire and lightning come out of my mahjong tiles, and transmuting my arm in a split second to slice an incoming projectile, my life is boring as shit too. But that’s just me.

Some more details regarding their boring as shit days: Ritsu gets a cryptic love letter in the mail, which gets her in that introverted Kagami mood where she’s thinking about her appearance, who it could be, etc. She later finds out that Mio wrote it as lyrics to a new song. Mio goes to the ocean to find inspiration for some new song, which is like some cool and otona-poi thing to do I suppose. Azu-nyan has to babysit her ugly friend’s cat, but she freaks out when the cat coughs up a hairball. Mugi goes and gets a job at Wacdonalds, which she messes up bigtime by… spilling a drink. OHNOES! And Yui goes grocery shopping with Ui.

And that’s a wrap.


Replacing K-ON!’s broadcast time: Taishou Yakyuu Musume.


I’ve been pretty damn sick the past few days so my cynicism level is at an all time high, so suffice to say I thought this episode was an epic waste of time, as evidenced by the lack of screenshots. It almost seems like one of those DVD-only “deleted scenes” episodes made up of parts that were cut out because they were an epic waste of time, but because they needed something to fulfill their contractual agreement of 13 eps, they released it anyways.

In other news, Michael Jackson died today. That sucks. I don’t even care about all that stuff with the kids, mainly because to some extent, the collective anime and manga world is guilty of what Jacko has been accused of. Anyways, the dude put out some of the best music ever, and to this day I have not seen a dancer who could move with the swagger and precision of the King himself.

And in other news, Farrah Fawcett died today too. That sucks, but we saw it coming – she had been fighting a losing battle with cancer, and did a lot to boost awareness in her final years.

And finally, K-ON ended today. That, however, doesn’t suck – I’m almost cheering at this point, cuz after the massive euphoria that was the first couple eps, it’s just been a downhill tumble into the depths of moe abuse, plot repetition, lack of variety, uninspired narrative… the list goes on. The one bright spot remained the music, which unfortunately wasn’t given as much attention as it should have gotten. I’ll leave it to the fans of the show to defend it in the comments, so do what you will.

Looking ahead: Some people asked (actually I think it was only one) what show I’ll be picking up for summer season – there’s a few 4-koma series but they all look like huge yawners, and while my initial thought was to pick up the moe baseball show that’s replacing K-ON, that little preview at the end of this episode totally turned me off to it. Luckily, it seems like Saki is getting 26 episodes as opposed to the 13 that was initially reported, so starting this Sunday, I’ll be blogging Saki. Do understand that I know nothing about mahjong, so it will probably sound something like “Saki lays down tile with seven dots with great vengeance and furious anger as her slack-jawed opponents look on helplessly. Riichi! Kong! Rinshian tsumo dora dora! 2000/4000 desu! Pan out, the crowd goes wild! KugiRie takes another bite of her taco!” If you would like to express your displeasure at my choosing to blog a show that I enjoy very much, I’d like to offer you some of my cockmeat tacos. If you would like to help me better understand what’s going on in the mahjong side of things in the comments section of each post, I welcome your help and would greatly appreciate it.


  1. wow jaalin i bet, later on you will be playing mahjong with your grandma… either way its sad that k-on! has ended… i hope there would be a second season depicting the group’s way to the TRUE BUDOKAN CONCERT… mio banging all the way!

  2. Saki! Alright! Great choice. The taishou match will be the most epic and dramatic mahjong game in anime (maybe not). Hope to see some good blogging then.

    And r.i.p, mj.

  3. I say the most important aspect out of this series is that this is also the first series KyoAni where I can make SO MANY yuri slash pairings; not even Lucky Star comes close with it.

    So I say the series is a success with that aspect.

  4. Oh, and good luck blogging Saki. I personally don’t like cheap show like that, but being as bad as General Motors financially, Gonzo needs money so bad. It’s understandable to go cheap moe show ruite to make easy money. They do need you guys’ support, so gor for it and good luck.

    Fender Azunyang
  5. K-on is not boring but it definitely lack major turning point or climax.

    As to Saki. Just find some of your chinese friends (all chinese especially Hongers play MJ)
    and have a few games of MJ. Its really easy game to learn. If you can play BIG2 then MJ should be a piece of cake. However, their japanese rules and special stuff doesn’t exist in chinese MJ.

    Anyhow, go play MJ with friends, have fun, and forget about K-ON crap (nobody will remember what it is a few months later anyways)

  6. damn,its over.And ritsu….lol.Though i wouldnt say it was a TOTAL waste of time,having moe-filled experiences every weekend was something i looked forward to.IMO a second season to repent for the mistakes made in this season is required ^^.

  7. the last bonus ep was a disappointment but when it comes to fishing values and others, you can get some lessons from this episode… not that you can’t get other lessons from other anime but i guess they pointed out that no matter what you’re worries are, a friend will always be there to help… unless you go to most asshole friends then it’s a different story… the last ep was emo with little moe and i kinda miss the comedy.

    k-on, like other animes, had its fair share of ups and downs and i think it’s normal… having every individual enjoy every friggin episode of a series is quite… boring and stupid (not everyone can share similar opinions all the time)… even saki has its episodes when they simply do nothing… not even show off some major fanservice, show some jugs, or even some yugi mutou or jaden yuki moves… they simply develop characters which eventually leads to yuri encounters but that’s a different story.

    anyways, im glad that jaalin’s finally gonna blog saki… everything about it is all good unless they start showing some egyptian god tiles, and duel disks for playing mahjong… please stop the mindfuck

  8. Quote: Some people asked (actually I think it was only one) what show I’ll be picking up for summer season

    Yeah, I think I was the one person who asked because we haven’t read what you may be picking up. Was surprised Trillian expressed interest in returning to write for one of the shows.

    I’ve been watching Saki. But I must say as someone who doesn’t know mahjong too, the gameplay scenes leaves me highly confused. At least Hikaru no Go had explanations on how Go is played included in the storyline in the first few episodes of the series.

    Anime Junkie
  9. Ok so now that it’s finished, can someone tell me what was it actually about? Seriously, I knew from the start that we won’t see BECK 2, but they could at least focus a bit more on the music aspect. Now, how I see it we got 13 episodes about completely nothing. It was even worse than Lucky Star (sorry if I offended the fans).

  10. lol. It certainly was disappointing at the very end. But i will still defend it cause it is way better than the manga. >.<

    And i don’t care about pop stars or music like Michael Jackson so i criticize him instead. ;P

  11. you are seriously exaggerating how bad this show is. I can definately say that im not a fan, but I’m also not a hater of it. the only reason you hate this show so much is because you started with strong expectations and thought it would be on the level of haruhi suzumiya and lucky star but its just an easygoing music show that didnt need a plot. K-ON! had humor and great music it also had great character progression and by the end of the show I could easily say that I understood each of them. plot repetition? uninspired narrative? its a show about a high school club band wtf where you expecting? Star Wars? I sincerely hope you don’t blog anymore shows that I’m looking forward to this year.

  12. yup blog saki! i’m waiting for ppl to to blog saki for sometime d.
    somehow those who blog just dish out the whole episode in words with only 1 visual.\

    if u blog now its the right timing nodoka match is starting next week so u got in just in time at the most interesting part!

  13. k-on wasnt bad but i wasnt great either..the first few episode were so fun to watch and then it all went down hill i just wished that they would have given mugi more screen time. what i enjoyed the most was mugi and mio

  14. @ Tonameki
    i find K-on really good, its at least interesting in its own way if u ask me. Every season needs something like K-on or previous SOS type of anime to give us something different and fun to watch~! Best part about K-on is thier music ~! They rock~!

    @ Amatsu
    i wan more Azu-nyan~ I’m beginning to like her more than mio now ~ Her “NYAAAAAN~~~~~” wins my vote! XD

  15. Heh is seems like your Moe meter is totally broken… personally I thought K-on was better than Lucky Star because of the characters, animation style, and events that occurred. Oh well.

  16. For all that is holy, give Jaalin a break.

    So what he didnt like the last episode? So what he didn’t care for the series as a whole? Just cause he doesnt like something you guys do, you dont need to criticize his opinions after he takes the time to blog all this shit.

    Kyoani has given themselves a big name over the years, with all the successful shows they’ve made like haruhi, lucky star, clannad, etc. Why can’t ones expectations be high? I mean at first we thought lucky star was just going to be stupid girls doing stupid things, but kyoani managed to make something better out of it. With K-ON, hell they could’ve at least focused more on the most important factor in the series: Music. All we got was stupid girls doing stupid things with mediocre animation to boot. So heaven forbid some people are disappointed, heaven forbid Jaalin doesn’t think this series is flawless, heaven fucking forbid.

    Granted im certain the only reason they bothered to animate K-ON was cause the fucking economy sucks and they needed to make something they knew would sell big time. Of course, what sells more then stupid girls doing stupid things nowadays? Doing anything else is too big of a gamble for any studio to do. The amount of fan-pandering moe shows on the summer 09 list is enough proof for me.

    So just chillax people. Maybe K-ON fulfilled its role and all it intended to do was portray stupid girls doing stupid things, but don’t get your panties in a bunch because someone expected something more given what company took charge of the project.


    1. While there’s no intrinsic problem with having high expectations, what you’re demanding is tantamount to elitism. No, Jaalin does not deserve a break. This review is objectively wrong, and you’re a blind sycophant for arguing in favour of Jaalin. Jaalin should have left the writing of K-On! to more capable hands, but instead, decided to incompetently mash together a sarcastic, incompetently written post.

      Meanwhile, you’re delusional and uneducated, acting as though you are doing the world a service by defending Jaalin and acting as though you are the a gate-keeper of good taste. Given that you failed to see what K-On!’s objective was, I’d say you’re the stupid one. Your pointed questions accomplish exactly nothing, and while you talk big, I’d wager I’d beat your ass in a debate. So, if you fancy yourself as being half as intelligent as you think you are, why not have a go at it? Let’s see if you’re as smart as you imagine yourself to be, or if you’re a spineless coward who runs off with her tail between her legs the moment someone competent comes to the table and challenges you.

  17. This didn’t feel like a final episode… anyway I WOULD LOVE TO SEE U BLOG SAKI!!! HAHAHAH I’ll read it even though I’m not watching the show (btw we have Max Burger here in Sweden hehe^^)

  18. @sean
    Repetition means nothing and trying to pigeonhole the word ‘comment’ into some set amount of words is silly to say the least. OMG! IT’S MORE THAN TWO SENTENCES, HOLY CRAP!

    You wrote the second most of anyone on the comments page, not to mention automatically labeled Jaalin as a hater (which was idiotic, but OK) so saying someone else is too serious about this subject is pretty hypocritical.

  19. This show did exactly what it was supposed to do… be a slice of life show about 4 (then 5) girls in a high school band. One thing I didn’t understand (might of missed the translation) was why did Mugi get a job at a burger joint? Wasn’t her family really rich?

    Also I know nothing about Majong either but was surprised to find I really like Saki. I will usually watch the 1st episode of a new anime and then decide from there to finish the season. With Saki I found I liked it right from the start. Its not so much about the Majong action as it is about the characters of Saki and how they interact with one another.

  20. For me ep.12 will be the true k-on season 1 anime ending. I feel bad for k-on as there’s no more content, too bad if it was 26 eps and 4 for the manga maybe this episode will be better. Well i guess the manga will more out quicker now that k-on’s more popular.

  21. I can’t believe how much of a downward spiral this show went through! It had so much promise in the first ones! But maybe they just chose the wrong manga to animate anyway. Azu-nyan’s story was the most entertaining (she had no idea cats cough up hairballs!?), Ritsu’s was boring as heck but at least got two cute boys into the mix and got to see how sexy she looks with her bangs down, and Mio’s had lots of fanart possibilities.

    It’s over…

    I agree that you probably got stuck with a dud of an anime, Jaalin, and while I find your sarcasm more entertaining than this episode, it would help to be straight a bit more.

    Hey, my mom likes Mahjong. She might be into it.

  22. And KyoAni’s losing their touch. They probably haven’t had a real 13″ Macbook or K701’s at hand, otherwise they’d know the headphones are nearly as large as the ruddy computer!

  23. Well there you go…. 13 ep IS a let down… But okay.. I’ll let that pass since ep 12 was the supposed to be the finale and I enjoyed it. 13 was a bonus chapter and majority of this was KyoAni’s stuff.

    As for Kyoani.. I wish they would stop doing two series at the same time…. I preferred them much as an elite studio who shows QUALITY stuff. Not saying that K-On! is total crap because I’d just be lying, there were times that it was interesting though not constant. Although Munto(the tv series) had one gigantic potential to be an epic win but did a 180 and did the other. Seriously.. Majority of that show was from the OVA and only 1/4 or even 1/5 of it was new material. Munto 1 and Munto 2 were interesting… The TV series.. Very atrocious…

    Although I do hope that there will be a season 2 and that they should do a better balancing act of moe and music. They’ve been dodging the music left and right. Though I can’t blame them cause that would be too costly.

    Right now I do think that KyoAni is slipping though that’s just natural since nothing can shine forever. e.g. the great MJ(R.I.P.) and Gainax. Hopefully they can find something else to pick up and make a great series from it.

    As for Saki.. I’d been hearing it lately… I watched only until ep 2 and dropped it. I don’t know if I can watch it again. Since Umineko isn’t here just yet maybe I will. For this season it’s Canaan and Umineko that’s on my watch list. Hopefully they don’t disappoint specially Umineko.

    So that’s it for this show(for now?). Thanks for blogging this jaalin and looking forward to your blog on Saki. Hopefully that will help me decide if I should watch it or really forget about it.

  24. this ep made me fall asleep -_- oh well anyway thanks for blogging this especially your caption comments were always the highlight of my week! 😀 i look forward to your future posts.

  25. K-on wasn’t bad, but it didn’t break any new ground at all…. and am I the only one who noticed how it seems very…. inspired by Lucky Star?

    You might want to check out the Manga, since while KyoAni’s tampering is nowhere as bad as with Lucky Star (Manga Fact: Konata and Kagami aren’t the only main characters), but they did do some filler and a bit of focus on Mio and Asuza. (They learned from Lucky Star that everyone seemingly LURVES tsundereish Tsukkomis)

    But I look forward to the Saki blogs since it’s a change from the high brow or popular stuff on here. Do remember it’s by Gonzo though so it’ll have some extra fanservice and such compared to the manga (Nodoka has about 2 cup sizes added in the anime….. lolgonzo)

  26. @Ria =
    “all we got was stupid girls doing stupid things”
    which was the plot of both the shows you mentioned as well

    “…with mediocre animation to boot.”
    this alludes to what i mentioned last week. take a watch back at Lucky Star and Haruhi, and take off the “Haruhi is God!” or the “KyoAni is the greatest studio ever” goggles. you’ll find that neither series was spectacular in their animation either, 90% of the time. Neither was Clannad or anything else KyoAni does either. What they do is save up their money for the one or two scenes that everyone remembers, and then proceed to in their mind apply to every scene in the whole series and remember the whole series as being better animated than it really was.

    like i said, the disappointment i’ve read has usually been a product of expectations created more by people’s unreal recollection of Haruhi and Lucky Star, as opposed to KyoAni having actually done such a spectacular job or that K-on was a crap job.

    you’re right though, people had higher expectations given the studio producing the anime. KyoAni’s biggest problem now is going to be living up to two illusions that never really existed but have become a standard people are going to hold them to. Some of you might as well brace for continued disappointment cause KyoAni’s never going to match the standard you’ve created in regards to them.

  27. “Saki lays down tile with seven dots with great vengeance and furious anger as her slack-jawed opponents look on helplessly. Riichi! Kong! Rinshian tsumo dora dora! 2000/4000 desu! Pan out, the crowd goes wild! KugiRie takes another bite of her taco!”
    lol 🙂
    its ok its ok, cuz im the same. i watched it this far w/o understanding mahjong

    i liked how you put comment on caption 🙂

    for my favorite part

  28. I didn’t have high expectations to begin with, so I enjoyed it. It’s slice of life about a bunch of high school girls. High school girls aren’t that interesting. Maybe not as bitchy as middle school girls, but what we basically do is study, stress out, hang out with friends, and of course there are the girls who pretty much prostitute themselves (even though there’s nothing much to look at :I rib cages aren’t sexy).

    Maybe I should take a look at Saki…

  29. Really glad to hear you’re blogging Saki!! I’m looking forward to the vice-captain match.

    Oh, and someone made an animated gif of Hisa’s tile flip, which looks really awesome. Don’t know if it’s bad to link or not because it’s at the bottom of another blog’s review of Saki ep. 11.

  30. People need to stop digging moeshit like this so the studios stop doing it. We need more introspective stuff like Kaiji or real comedies like DMC.

    @Anon: Munto had pretty damn good animation.

  31. Yeah! I love saki. Thank You for choosing it. By the way, this will tell you more about riichi mahjong than you ever wanted to know:
    Go to the 24 page riichi guide. It is very well done. More people need to learn how to play real mahjong. Whoever it was that decided mahjong tiles would be a good matching game needs to be shot.

  32. I really enjoyed this last episode, because I like watching these girls. They move funny and seyuus are great. And there was this thoughtful and realistic atmosphere without usual background music. The last episode…. I’ll miss the girls =(

  33. I can’t tell you how tedius and dull it gets when you make lightening and fire come out of mahjong tiles EVERY TIME YOU PLAY THE GAME And those big breasted lesbiwin couples who always seem to appear and play with me? Well you can only watch it for so long before it gets boring.

  34. Hey! I’m currently watching Saki too. But I dun really noe much abt MJ. In SG, mostly adults play it lol with real MONEY! *SCREAMS* I played it but I dun really win much I suck at MJ xD

  35. I didn’t think this show was that bad. I’ve always been watching shows that explore deep themes and meanings, sometime those concepts seem just forced in. (feels like alot of shows are like this) K-On is probably the first show where I realized a show about nothing, or well just a slice of life, could actually be entertaining. K-On was a good break from those shows, thought this ep did a good job at returning to its roots and a simple basic theme that the girls want to be and grow together. I’m gonna miss the simplicity. Watching K-On was a relief, where I didn’t have to think so critically about an anime, and that I could just enjoy a show without so much drama.

  36. Azu-nyan is pretty cute in this episode, Yui seems to get dumber with each episode, I really thought Ritsu was Yui with her headband, No scared Mio and why is Mugi working…that is weird……

    I wasn’t that into this series, maybe because I don’t like music based animes I don’t know why, Its the same with me when its sports or racing. Lucky star is still on top as far as best Kyoani anime.

  37. Should i ask you “why so serious?”. Does’nt this show suppose to be fun and only from the start? K-on definately 1 of the top anime series this years, and i bet some serious-plot-action-junkie-whatsoever anime can be close to it. KyonAni know what they doing, and shoul we remember, it’s a cartoon for god sake.

    Pink sniper
  38. I will be looking forward to your Saki blogs! I like Rie Kugimiya voicing that super cute character that keep eating tacos xD I dun noe anything about mah jong -.-

  39. “If you would like to express your displeasure at my choosing to blog a show that I enjoy very much, I’d like to offer you some of my cockmeat tacos.”

    And Omni keeps you around, why?

  40. Man! I think u are totally right, ‘cuz I just watch ep1 and a half of ep2 and I was like “… bored…” waiting for the real trama that never came, (I’m a CLAMPS’s fan, so I’m so used to plot-twist-thing that I put to much expectations to this series and just keep an eye on random but… waste of time. Well, at least it really ends, so now it can leave the space for a better anime.

  41. I liked this episode of K-On. Good conclusion to the season.

    K-On was never going to be epic drama, nor romance (not any hint of it). It is warm and fuzzy comedy/slice of life. Then again, I’ve noticed that Random Curiosity has gradually drifted away from shows I enjoy (witness the lack of blogging for excellent stuff like Ga Rei Zero, Spice and Wolf, Macross Frontier, etc.) so I’m sort of not surprised…

  42. … I really liked K-On more so than Lucky Star at least. I cant really explain it well in <30 words though. pretty much i like how the band doesn’t try to be something it isnt;
    fe; yui saying that the school festival is like their bukodon (or w/e).

  43. “this alludes to what i mentioned last week. take a watch back at Lucky Star and Haruhi, and take off the “Haruhi is God!” or the “KyoAni is the greatest studio ever” goggles. you’ll find that neither series was spectacular in their animation either, 90% of the time. Neither was Clannad or anything else KyoAni does either. What they do is save up their money for the one or two scenes that everyone remembers, and then proceed to in their mind apply to every scene in the whole series and remember the whole series as being better animated than it really was.”

    So I’m not the only one that has noticed this trick of theirs…..

  44. “I have not seen a dancer who could move with the swagger and precision of the King himself.”

    Have you ever seen Rain dance? Seriously that guy is a big mentor to MJ ( He’s a crazy dancer, I mean almost just like MJ’s style haha. Anyways like I said before and I’ll say it again you expected way too much from a musical anime. You think it would go ala haruhi but come on, not all anime’s enter an epic stage. Besides I think it was a nice touch and I wouldn’t mind to see another series of this =)

  45. Man was I disappointed with this series. It started off great, and then finished with terrible weaksauce. The one saving grace was looking to your picture comments every week, that was great lol.

  46. “K-on is a major disappointment since it came from KyoAni.”

    So, any slice-of-life ‘decent’ anime from KyoAni is a disappointment. Good logic man.

    “cuz after the massive euphoria that was the first couple eps”

    well that’s for you, I didn’t yell around saying K-ON! is the best anime ever THAT early. I don’t even do that to my favourite ones.

    “it’s just been a downhill tumble into the depths of”

    Here it comes:

    “moe abuse,”

    Uh, I thought everyone expected this..?

    “plot repetition,”

    From the first episode, I expected the above two.

    “lack of variety,”

    Look at above answer, only change two to three

    “uninspired narrative… the list goes on.”

    Good for you.

    I agree with npal, the overbashing is way more retarded than the overhyping. Well at least you can go look at the satisfaction table for that season and see K-ON! number 1 with Eden of the East at 2nd place.

  47. This is probably one of the most poorly-written assessments of K-On! In existence, joining the ranks of the delusional, misguided posts that Sorrow-run of Nihon Review and Kaioshin-sama of Anime History published in vitriol-filled, hate-filled rants about K-On! In a desperate bid to stop others from watching the series. Reading the blind negativity for this series was repetitive and inane: Jaalin only demonstrates with this travesty of a post that he was never suited for blogging in the first place.

    First of all, this isn’t the ending, it’s a special episode that aired after the finale. Second, snarking every five words about the episode’s plot doesn’t make Jaalin sound smarter as he’d hoped, it makes him come across as a pretentious dullard. The only consolation is that Jaalin never descended to the levels of Sorrow-run and Kaoishin-sama, who attempted to act as though K-On! required an undergraduate literature course to pick apart and properly tear down.

    If anything, the comments in this post are a let down, it shows just how blind and ignorant the anime community of 2009 was to the precise achievements and accomplishments that Kyoto Animation had through K-On!. This seemingly simple series spoke volumes to how it was possible to portray a seemingly-mundane experience like joining a club as being a meaningful, exciting experience, and capture the learnings the characters had along the way. There are writers out there who get K-On!, and for the record, K-On! has endured, going on to put on a successful second season and movie, as well as setting the groundwork for countless slice-of-life anime after it.


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