Hina wins the 2nd season popularity contest by an absolute landslide. Would we have it any other way?


Seriously now, was there really any contest here? Hina blows the “competition” out of the water by a huge margin. Even Maria was a distant second with her paltry 1814 votes. I was a bit surprised to see Izumi place higher than Sakuya and Isumi, but I guess the real shocker was the Mystery Girl (A-tan?) taking fifth place when she hasn’t really shown up in the anime yet. If the voters know what they’re talking about (…and I assume they do with these Hinagiku results), I guess we’ll be in store for something good later on. (Manga readers, feel free to fill me in a bit without spoiling too much.)


Nagi reacting like she really had a chance to take first. Priceless.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There was an actual episode this week too. While there wasn’t any more Hina this time around, I believe this was the first time we’ve been introduced to Isumi’s family. (Correct me if I’m wrong here.)


Spacing out runs in the family. Kind of scary when Isumi’s the one that has it together the most.


Matsuki Miyu can do some really cute voices. This “Mouuu~” from Isumi being one of them. <3


Holy sh… I didn’t think this was that kind of show…


And of course, watching Hayate be the subject of misfortune wouldn’t be complete without some good ‘ol Maria fan-service. Admist all her attacks on Hayate, granny Ginka manages to find the time to feel up Maria’s butt.


Maria all hot and bothered because she thought it was Hayate frisking her. That’s the face of one dishonest maid!


Cheap feels ftw.


Speaking of Ginka, her kiddy voice via her bloodsucking fountain of youth was a dead giveaway for Kaneda Tomoko. I can’t really imagine anyone else doing that voice. It’s on the verge of being absolutely annoying sometimes.




No way I’d let her suck my blood for a kick to the face. Hayate brings it upon himself IMO.


This episode had its moments, but next week should be a lot better with another hot spring episode — Hina included of course.


Nagi showing some midriff is kind of hot. Oh crap, does that make me a pedophile? >_<


  1. Yup, pedophile for sure ^_^

    Well, the popularity contest was actually held based on the (later stages of the) manga, so the results will become a little bit more understandable by then, in particular A-tan’s fifth place. On the other hand, it has become a custom for Hina to massacre the competition and get almost as many votes single-handedly as places 2-4 combined. Draw your own conclusions.

  2. H-I-N-A
    Hinagiku ftw~ she my favourite character now for this season
    last season was ayumu .. since this new season..
    there was no scene showed ayumu with food!!

  3. “While there wasn’t any more Hina this time around, I believe this was the first time we’ve been introduced to Isumi’s family. (Correct me if I’m wrong here.)”

    First time to my knowledge as well, both in the manga (which I’m following religiously) and the awesome anime adaptation (which ranks near the top of my current watchlist).

    Speaking of the manga, the official translation by Viz is coming out as fast as frozen molasses at quarter speed and isn’t far ahead of the anime at this point. (In fact, at this rate it’s likely that the anime will soon overtake the official English translation.) So where A-tan’s appearance in the poll is concerned, I haven’t a clue – we’ll need to turn to the scanlation crowd for fresh intelligence.

  4. Hopegully we’ll get something good at the end of this season, because surely enough this won’t be the end of HmG now that J.C. Stuff have their hands on it.

    Syaoran Li
  5. A-tan’s 5th place is perfectly understandable, because in the manga her story arc is quite possibly the best arc that the manga has given us so far (yes, it was even better than Hinagiku’s b-day arc IMO). Its really hard NOT liking her after that point. But that arc is still over 70 chapters away from where the anime is so I dont see it being animated unless the show runs for another 52 episode season

  6. mystery girl = A-tan = hayate’s first girlfriend
    shes that girl that appeared a few episodes ago in hayate’s flashback, the one that said you need to be financially stable to have a girlfriend.

  7. And about your requested mild spoiler about further Hina developments: Look at the preview of 14 where Hina is embarrassed, shivering and wringing his hands. She is a very honest and scrupulous person, and as you know, she did something which is now going to come back and bite her 😉

    So, for around 40 chapters, we will now see “The Suffering of the Goddess” ^_^

  8. yep yep bout hinagiku..”but they should change the ed about now”. but damn isumi should be up higher!! Maria’s just not trying hard enough, hell shes not trying at all.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. Yup! Hinagiku really did blow the competition out of the windot and into the river in the first and second pop vote. That’s true. Read the manga for more Hayate… er Hinagiku goodness…

  10. I was more of a Hinagiku fan back then compared to now… Although the effects of too much milking of one characters makes me less of a fan of them. Still like her though.

  11. btw your not a pedophile…

    3D = Real = Pedophile
    2D = Not real = Lolicon

    Big difference.

    Guess people aren’t desensitized by the internet enough yet to know the difference.

  12. “but I guess the real shocker was the Mystery Girl (A-tan?) taking fifth place when she hasn’t really shown up in the anime yet.”

    That’s because the popularity poll is based on a manga chapter, not the anime.

    Name (required)
  13. wow, i would vote for her too, i mean she’s hot and cute . and of course maria (sexy) too. Nagi would probably no 5 or after if i vote. Tama should be inside top 10 too. just love that white tiger.

  14. Lol, dunt rly like Hinagiku so much, but it was apparent that she was going to win. Honestly, she and Hayate are one of the most obvious couple that has existed. A tough girl and sensitive boy. If that weren’t enough, it’s a blue haired boy and a pink haired girl, how obvious could the pairing be? lol…

    the burnt shadow
  15. A-tan’s rank is pretty impressive considering that even in the manga she hasn’t appeared all that much yet (at least in the tankoubon volumes), which will probably be remedied soon enough. So far she’s a great character though.


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