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Those who were following my K-ON! posts know that I’m a firm believer that our swishy-haired queen of moe moe kyun is a vastly superior singer than that moe blob closet guitar genius, who is cute nonetheless but should probably relinquish the mic. It was tough to make the comparison before because they rarely sang the same song – Fuwa Fuwa Time was the only one where we got a full version of both Mio and Yui, and that was a harder comparison to make cuz the song is so damn cutesy it seemed to be written exclusively for that anime-sounding Yui voice. We also got a bit of Hotchkiss, when Mio bailed Yui out in the beginning of the song – and sounded much better, I might add.

Well, here we go, side-by-side comparisons of our two songstresses – just-released “K-ON! Gekichuka Shu” contains two discs – the “Studio Mix” and the “Live Mix” – the studio mix has Yui crooning her way through the band’s four songs, while the live mix has the extended versions of the band’s live performances, which usually involves Mio. The above song is “Fude Pen, Booru Pen” (Brush Pen, Ballpoint Pen) from episode 12.

My favorite K-ON! song is still the B-track on the ED single, but that aside, what do you think?


“Unofficial duet version” (credits to syu)


  1. I agree completely with you, but also take in mind Yui has a specific anime voice that may be hard to sing in. Mio’s voice isn’t far from the voice actresses original range.


  2. I think that I prefer to listen to music that is actually, you know, good.Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Mio definitely has much broader vocal range, knows how to use it and on top of that her voice has warmer, more melodious tones that Yui lacks. Yui’s a decent singer but honestly, I could beat the snot out of a chipmunk and find a similar voice in that.

  4. Yeah, Mio’s does sound a lot better since it’s not all cutesy like Yui. However, it sounds interesting when you play both at the same time. I can’t tell which one supports the other though.

  5. Yes, Mio is the better singer, Yui moe-voice doesn’t have enough range to sing. Yui seiyuu Aki Toyoshaki is a real singer, Mio seiyuu, well i don’t know. Quite strange

    Pink sniper
  6. this is just anime voice vs normal voice. Of course Mio sounds better. But in generel all of K-On’s music is generic pop and so are the voices. Listen to Guin Saga’s Ending. That’s a *voice*

  7. Yui has the heart in her singing and did you see that freaky mouth and lip action when she sings?I appreciate the effort.Reminds me of me.I suck, but I try my best.

  8. “#
    Kyaura at 12:47 pm on July 19th, 2009

    I agree completely with you, but also take in mind Yui has a specific anime voice that may be hard to sing in. Mio’s voice isn’t far from the voice actresses original range.


    heh pretty insightfull especially for a first post.

  9. When are we going to have the Izumi Konata karaoke covers, with a little Shiraishi thrown in to the mix? Now those would be voices. o_O I like Yui’s singing voice, it’s cute, but Mio’s wins out as far as being something I’d want to listen to for more than one song.

  10. Funny thing is, Toyosaki Aki (Yui) is the one in the seiyuu pop group Sphere, along with Kotobuki Minako (Mugi). Sphere performed the Hatsukoi Limited OP last season and is performing the Sora no Manimani OP this season.

    Hikasa Youko (Mio) on the other hand isn’t even in any shows this season. Aki and Minako were both in Hatsukoi Limited, and are now starring in Kanamemo and Umi Monogatari respectively.

    There must be something the casting agents know that we don’t!

  11. Now we just gotta find out who’s better in bed.

    D: Though I’d never ever think of doing dirty things to Yui! she’s too adorable!
    Now Mio is a different story.. Sure she’s also very adorable but she’s also very hot. Well so is Yui but she’s more cute than hot but still! You guys get what I’m saying right?

    And yeah both at the same time sounds pretty good.

  12. I enjoy listening to these songs regardless who is singing them. But when I synced those two videos(perfectly), I was blown away! Someone gotta make a mix out of these songs!

  13. Mio is indeed the better singer (I find Yui’s voice rather annoying at times), but I orz every time I hear Mio’s half-assed rendition of “sou nechaou” in Fuwa Fuwa Time live version…

  14. Solution: Make the song a duo. I synced up both of the versions and it sounded awesome. Try it, Mio has the rock star girl feel to it and Yui has the cutesy anime feeling to it. Put them together and it’s just a masterpiece.

  15. i disagree with basically everyone because this song was basically made for her cutesy anime voice…..and although it doesnt sound good usually i think the yui version is better in this song.

  16. Am I the only one who actually likes Yui’s voice? XD While I agree that Mio is the better singer and Yui’s voice can be too cutesy for some people, I actually enjoy listening to it.

    Right Here
  17. I don’t care who’s the better singer! D:<

    If I had to choose, Mio’s voice over Yui’s oh-so-cute voice XD
    The duo of both voices together though would be the best over everything. Personally, I’m one who enjoys both.

  18. Yui’s actress sings her songs in character, Mio’s actress almost always sings them *out* of character. That’s really the only difference. Of course the Mio versions will sound better. She isn’t stuck using that cutesy voice. When Toyosaki Aki (Yui) sings the backup on Sweet Bitter Beauty Song, she’s out of character, and the improvement is dramatic.

    Hisaka Yoko sings only one track *in* character on her Character Image Album, and it’s a much weaker song than anything else she sang for K-ON.

  19. Ok… Wow.. Just wow…

    Curry Nochi Rice IS my favorite of all the tracks. Even though I finally get to hear the full ver of the song from ep 12 it wasn’t hard choice to make. O_O

  20. It would’ve been hilarious if they included Yui’s version when she lost her voice! 😀 This is fun anyway, and I’m so glad we’re getting more of these girls after the show ended.

  21. I did just about what everyone else did, Synced them. I listened to each for about 5 seconds, was like Ok… Now lets see what happens if I try to get them to play at the same time. Damn, it sound pretty good with both of them in there. Although I would of rather had them trade off solo’s throughout the song and sing some of it together, probably would of sounded slightly better.

  22. so who else here played both of the vids together for a duet? i for one enjoy both songs but i also believe mio has the more mature solid vocal than our moe jumpy Yui, who is fine too but i would rather listen to mio then yui over and over on my walkman

  23. Yui is just speaking and singing in such a high piping range that it is hard for western ears to deal with…. they both carry their notes well and don’t sound strained. But yeah, I simply prefer Mio’s throatier vocal range coupled with those fascinating note finish wails she does.

  24. @sealouse
    Thank you for the suggestion; playing the 2nd video at “3” creates an awesome result

    For this song, Mio does sing better than Yui, but you can’t compare a real voice to an anime voice, unless Yui’s voice is the seiyuu’s real voice. However, Yui sounds more “moe”, like a child singing 😛

  25. @outcast … bro… THANK YOU… this duet mp3 is on it’s way to my iPhone… DONE! you rock!

    Mio and Yui rock in their own ways. It’s good to hear people actually give both props cuz they really do have different singing styles… at least for K-ON anyway, that was done on purpose to give Mio and Yui their own fan circles. I must say tho, the Mio fans are quite rabid online, LOL not that I mind cuz I love Mio too! YAY barnacles!!! LOL

  26. I went through the trouble of syncing the songs in an audio program and changing the levels to sound more in sync like they were next to each other. Sounds Great! So far haven’t found this song combined like this on the cd’s

  27. Mio’s song is 2 seconds behind Yui’s. Mio starts singing around 0:16 and Yui around 0:14 so as long as you have them play about two seconds apart they sounds great when you sync them. x3

    But anyways I think Mio definitively has a better range than Yui and her voice sounds way better but I think Yui’s verison has more emotion behind it than Mio. =X Whereas Mio’s verison feels slightly lacklust after listening to it a couple of time.

  28. Well, if you ask me, Yui or should we say her Seiyuu is considerably the better singer since she sings pretty well in that character range. Mio’s quite good, but I understand what people say about what Mio’s version lacks over Yui, not to say that I also enjoy Mio’s version as well.

    Although the truth is, I’m pretty sure Mio is suppose to be the only singer in the Manga. If what I say is right, Mio should be the better singer in retrospect to Yui anyways in the show.

    Although, I love Yui and Mio quite dearly to say that I enjoy them both. I’m in both circles lol.

    Sore no Kaze
  29. well loved sweet bitter beauty song as always for mio, and rather heard what I heard live from mio-chan than get the studio version… well can’t they do one all with mio-chan?? *sob*

    yui-chan was great anyway, a cute voice from some old seiyuu again…

  30. I don’t get the point.

    Maybe it’s cause my hearing finally got damaged from the ear**** my brother listens to, but I enjoy both versions.

    Maybe even like the Yui one more a bit. Cuz it sounds more original.

  31. Yeah, I can’t do it. I can’t listen to Yui singing that song. She sounds much better in Fuwa Fuwa Time since it was more upbeat. Slow, soothing songs don’t fit her voice. Mio’s version is spectacular though. ^^

    Neo Horizon
  32. while i so agree that mio is a better singer for msot songs, i actually prefer yuis fuwa fuwa time. yui’s voice is meant to be sugary sweet and sort of ditsy, so it’s understandable that it’s a little awkward for slower songs.

  33. they both merit my applause.

    Yui’s Voice was way too “cutesy” and will get much attention from people who are fans of the Kawaii factor of Japanese Shoujo Music. Listening to Cagayake Girls will be enough merit for her.

    Mio’s voice, however, was more mature, more resonating, and more appealing. Listening well to Don’t say Lazy, and you can give her enough justice. and her “sweet girl with a lot of spunk” makes her more ideal as lead vocals of After School Tea time. (BTW, did you just see her “Flex her eyes” on the ED sequence?)

    I vouch for Mio, but I don’t say that Yui i not that good at all.

    knight of one
  34. If you listen closely, Yui can maintain notes longer and steady (unlike Mio who tends to do small vibratos). It seems she has more practice singing.

    As some posters said, Yui’s voice actress has to force her voice to sound cute, which makes singing a LOT harder. Mio’s actress just uses her normal voice.

  35. If you ask me, Yui should really stick to the guitar or she’ll lose her voice again XDD. While Yui gives off the cutesy aura that we all appreciate for an obvious reason, if I may give my humble opinion, she isn’t fit for singing at all (with the exception of the opening). Mio wins this comparison hands down because of vocal factors like the depth of her voice and her ability to reach high notes.

    I bet jaalin is saying right now: “I told you so!” lmao XD. Oh wait, he already did XDD.

  36. Some songs were better suited for Lennon and some were better suited for McCartney. It’s the same thing with Mio and Yui. I just hope some crazy Japanese chick doesn’t come along and break up the K-ON club.

    Roy Mustang
  37. i can’t get it to sync up, but i think what would sound really awesome is mio singing the first verse/bridge solo, duet chorus, yui singing the next verse/bridge, duet chorus, etc. anyone feel like rigging that up?

    diet otaku
  38. Completely and utterly agree. Yui’s voice works sometimes, but Mio is just much stronger. Relects nothing about their speaking parts though because both of them suit their parts well.


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