Other than the usual clothes and stuff, I didn’t notice any particularly noteworthy differences to point out in iteration six (#15524 in the series itself). In fact, I even found myself starting to doze off several times because it was the same old, and I knew all the lines already. Being the completionist that I am though, I can’t not watch the episode just in case something does change or they do finally end it, so I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll have to sit through this at least one or twice more, if not five or ten. What still irks me is that they put in a full animation effort into each of these episodes, effort that could be used on episodes with new material. We could be an entire novel volume further by now, but no, more Endless Eight.


  1. Who loves Endless Eight? I LOVE ENDLESS EIGHT!

    We’ve entered an endless recursion of time — Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    We’ve entered an endless recursion of time — Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    We’ve entered an endless recursion of time — Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    We’ve entered an endless recursion of time — Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo



  2. By the way, to end the cycle Koizumi should whisper into Haruhi’s ear: “I LAV U” or something. At least we’ll have more “new” Haruhi next week! And I really like the “Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo” thing – could hear that for more than 10 minutes (unstoppable!)

    So cool. ~]

  3. OK, we understand now that the same fuckin 2 weeks repeated OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & I’m out of breath. Yall can stop now, really…please.

  4. This is the worst decision ever! They could have exploited the same episodes better. Instead of changing clothes they could have changed the events that happened i.e. a tragic event happening, someone died, haruhi got mad so the world went to armageddon, etc. Just change something so the episode will be more interesting.

  5. How long can this go on for… I believe the number is the key to unlockin what Haruhi really wants to do. Jus a ges or could be kyon who is the key. Kyon is unable to stop her leaving but it has to be someting about the time he attempts to do his work lol. Speculation but if tried then he may be able to stop haruhi

  6. “So, how many times have we replayed the past two weeks?”

    Nagato answered with a calm expression.

    “This would be the fifteen-thousand four hundred ninety-eighth time.”

    Well untill we see the number 15,498 it won’t end…(maybe)

  7. Well, since next week is the 8th episode in the second season, as well as the last endless eight episode listed in the broadcast schedule, im assuming it ends next week.

  8. i was under the impression that the eight meant the symbol for infinity….obviously i was wrong

    but this is brilliant on kyoani’s part….everyweek people are still watching the episode to see if the arc ended…

  9. During Christmas, Santa Claus asks the children:


    And then they say:


    “I LAV U”, Kadokawa. ~]

  10. Hmmmmmmmm, Haruhi’s swimwear this time around might be the best, IMO. It’s hard to beat the red from earlier. Also, this might one of Itsuki’s most underdressed episodes.

  11. If it finally ends at episode 19 (#15526), the top google entry for 15526 leads to a science website saying that gene 15526 is a heat shock protein. probably doesn’t mean anything though.

  12. this reminds me of something traumatic from my childhood; you have been warned:

    [spoiler] This is the song that never ends,
    It goes on and on, my friends.
    People started singing it, not knowing what it was,
    And people kept singing it forever just because… [/spoiler]

  13. I think that keeping this up as long as they have could hurt DVD sales if one disc is nothing but these repeat episodes. More likely however is that there will be one non-Endless Eight episode per DVD, so we’ll still have to pick them up. XP

    Star Trek: TNG did this in one episode, the light novel did it in a chapter, why can’t they?

  14. Well i finally go sick of waiting so i went to read the fan translations at bakatsuki….
    Show Spoiler ▼

  15. Give it a rest, guys. Your complaints have become more boring than the show. In fact, I have given up waiting and am just enjoying each episode as it comes. And I do mean enjoying. This is still SHnY, and we get good production values, great voice-acting, and some subtle emotions, as well as the angsty thrill of living through this endless loop and watching Kyon not quite get it, week after week. Follow her out the damn door, Kyon.

    I thought Gotou Yuuko was at her squeeze-box best this week as she did her kinsoku jikou spiel. Hirano Aya made Haruhi’s voice cut like a knife. I liked the way Ono Daisuke made his voice drawl hesitantly at one point, and the way Sugita Tomokazu picked up on it and imitated it. To say nothing of Haruhi’s bikini. There’s a lot going on here, if you give up ranting about the stupid decision to do this. It has something going for it (but not more than three episodes’ worth).

  16. @ Feenix
    I too hadn’t read the novels but got impatient and read the ending. Well, this ending looks to me like one GIANT hint at the true nature of everything about the show:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Open Space
  17. The producer/director must really hate Haruhi fans.
    With what is probably going to be 8 episodes wasted on what was only one chapter in the novel and 1 decent episode already produced that leaves only 5 episodes left. Not really enough for the remaining books of the series. What a sad waste.

  18. I’ve read the light novels, and the clue to stop the loop has been hitting the viewers for…how many times now per episode?

    So when it finally ends, it will either make you go say “WTF?”, “Finally!”, or some variations of the two.

  19. So when are we going to have the wardrobe popularity contest blog post? Yuki totally rocks with her full facial mask, and you cannot go wrong with last weeks Itsuki Speedos. Also, I would’ve imagined Haruhi with more of a designer trucker, as opposed to that white thing she’s wearing on her head this ep.

  20. someday perhaps we’ll greet to kadokawa for this show. We are feeling the anime. We felt the deja-vù at the second episode repetition(i watched it two times thinking i picked up the wrong one),while at the third we thought it’s endless, at the fourth we asked how many more to go: the answer: for a total eight eps four more. Endless eight, that’s some rubbish poetry…at the fifth we are already pissed off…and at the sixth repetion someone is still watching it for free, but gambling about how many DVDs they will sell. That’s part of the show too.

  21. i think they want us to see what’s happening from yuki’s point of view.. that means if 6 eps of this tire us out, 15524 of this must also tire yuki in some way..

  22. Wow Im angry. Damn Kyoani. Hopefully they will make up for it. Please. Im so pissed. Though, the sad thing is, Iv watched all eps so far and WILL buy the figurines… different clothes and all…But Im still angry!
    -Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya fans-
    S2: endless eight
    I thought it was fun and great. Plus if they follow the story completely till the end. Fire may erupt from my mouth.

  23. I think they are going to stop the loop when the summer vacation ends in Japan which would be about 1 month from now which equals 4-5 more episodes. Either that or it will end in three weeks when they have looped 8 times.

  24. i got a bad feeling..again..summer holidays for the animators?…if they stop the show for two weeks beetwen the 7 and the 8th episode, they can air the end of endless eight during last week of august…i hope i’m wrong.

  25. What would really be great is if they randomly remix scenes from all the other endless eight and cut a whole S2 episode 8 with that. That would up the troll factor to even better epic proportions. hehe

  26. @panaghoy88:

    this is haruhi. not higurashi.


    you should have torched them while waiting… not now that you have something called a product.

    and there is something noticeable in this episode. Yuki and Kyon’s scene had something in it. Yuki was waiting for Kyon to say something, but the latter dismissed her (she was expecting something… and that we haven’t seen ’til now).

  27. My only comment to this is:

    School based novel + First Successful season + Popularity among otakus that can do almost anything at about any cost = Shitty Second Season used for merchandise proposes

  28. Now starting the (un)OFFICIAL “Endless Eight” Swimsuit Fashion War!!! Which Episode of Endless Eight had your favorite swimsuit for Each Character!!!!!!!!! Remember ONLY Endless Eight episodes count! (Do other episodes other than Endless Eight even exist at this point?)… My votes…

    Swimsuit War:
    Haruhi – Ep 13 and 17 tie
    Asahina – Ep 15 and 17 tie
    Yuki – Ep 13
    Kyon – Ep 15
    Koizumi – Ep 16 Speedos FTW! LMAO

    ….. the Meloncoly of Suzumiya Haruhi Fans… Sighs…

  29. Y’know they could done this so much better. Like in that episode of Stargate SG1, when time keeps looping. They do random stuff like fire golf balls through the stargate, and just doing things they can get away with, because time just keeps repeating. But no, just the same thing…

  30. I guess they wanted to try something avant-garde but it turned out to be an epic fail, its so bad ive given up on this series and I thought wolfs rain was bad with 4 recap eps, but this is inane, two eps three tops would have been edgy enough. This has to be the worst second season of a good anime ever! The only way in hell to save it would be to count all eight episodes as 1.

  31. @Jason Isenberg:
    what do you mean “dont blame the studio”,we all SHOULD blame the studio for showing those,in novel,the author only showed the event once,where it ended(15,498 or 499 i think?),they could have finish the arc in 1st 3 eps of endless 8,1st ep would be where the event 1st occured,then 2nd would be the time where maybe at the middle before the time stopped reapeating,3rd ep would be where kyon told haruhi to do “***SPOILER***”,and finally,haruhi was satisfied

  32. i still havent lost my loyalty to haruhi since i read the novel,and already knew what happend,but…WHERE IS VOLUME 10!!!!!!!!i heard it was delayed either last year or 2 years ago with haruhi season 2…I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEND TO YUKI!!!!

  33. **********************
    This anime should be renamed to “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Fans” xP

    > Originally Posted by creaothceann
    > 17:20:23 Q: As someone who worked on the first season of Haruhi so much, what’s your opinion on the current season, especially the Endless 8 arc.
    > 17:20:38 A: (Hilarity reaction)
    > 17:20:41 I knew this question was going to come.
    > 17:20:46 Hold on.
    > 17:21:00 (laughs)
    > 17:20:59 Eeeeeeeeeee-to

    LOL !
    That’s not really a major concern… ENDLESS EIGHT: “I LAV U”.

  34. actually all the complaining from people is very intresting to me.. “entertaining” in fact. all of these complains makes the endless eight eps fun for me. to see how people loose sanity and get angry makes me think highly of kyoani’s trolling.. if i was a part of kyoani’s haruhi team, id be damn proud to see people react like this! ^^

  35. OH MANNN. THIS IS THE BEST! I could watch Endless Eight forever…
    It really picks apart the Haruhiists from the “fairweather fans.” C:
    It’s really adding suspense – what’s going on next week?!

  36. I awoke this morning to find my newly downloaded episode of Haruhi. For some reason I found myself rooting for Kyon. I had the feeling this had all happened before. But after talking to my girlfriend we concluded that this show must be stuck in an infinite time loop, that would explain the perpetual feeling of deja vu. Oh well, I’ll just leave it up to which ever me is around next week when the next episode comes out to solve it.

  37. I’d REALLY like to see Kyon’s face when Koizumi says ” So I’ll do it ” after asking him to say “I love you ” to Haruhi XPP

    So bad they only show Koizumi laughting ;__;
    I want to laught too TT

  38. WELL. I just downloaded all episodes at once, was watching them back-to-back… It was extremely painful. I’m kind of glad I did not wait week after week for new episodes. What a horrible mess – they could have ended this a lot sooner (like within 3 episodes tops including the first)… I would have still thought it original.

    Now I quote Kyon:

    “Everything in moderation.”

  39. They did not do this in the novel. Go read the light novel online. The studio is wasting time cuz the ending isn’t worth it with all this annoying recursions.

    the ending has to do with finishing homework, but not alone

  40. I’ve heard that it’s a new director standing for the new season 2 of haruhi if that’s true he really know’s how to blow a good serie i was really interested in the first episode but then after the 5 first 1’s it became very boring made me go froom ++ to — 🙁


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