Another week, another iteration, and another non-ending. I was hoping that the rumor from a few weeks back was true and that this would all indeed be finally done this week, but alas, no go. So now we can look forward to probably two more weeks of this (for a true eight), or five more to last us all the way through August, or even nine or ten more if they plan on going with this all the way to the end of the season. But Kyoto Animation wouldn’t do that to us would they? 🙁

The whole thing with Yamamoto Yutaka’s apology this past weekend at Otakon and Kyoto Animation’s subsequent disowning statement (“These are the words of someone who has no relationship to our company”) didn’t exactly shed a positive light on the company either, so I’m not sure what to make of the situation anymore.


  1. So this officially means that AT LEAST half of the 2nd season will be the same episode repeated over again?

    Talk about quality entertainment! If Bandai was thinking about licensing Haruhi 2, it might be wise to bail on it after this.

  2. I’m heading over to Baka Tsuki later to read the original story. KyoAni probably has its own ending in mind for this story and the wait isn’t going to be worth it, really. The original novels are better anyway, from what I’ve read so far.

    I’m not going to pitch this whole series. Whenever Endless Eight is over, I’ll be curious to watch other new episodes. But overall, I have lost all respect for KyoAni and whoever their parent company is (I forgot the name at the moment) for setting this up. There is no reason for this to even appear to be a good idea on paper. Not in 7-8 episodes.

    If it was starting episode, 1-2 episodes of the loop, and then the ending, that would have been longer than it needed to be and somewhat overkill, but could still look sensible on paper and have had a decent payoff. This is just too far.

    I think I know why they tried to downplay and even hide this second season. They knew this was going to backfire and tried to duck and cover. Sadly, Haruhiism was too fanatical. They were destined for disappointment. I still like Haruhi, but more and more, I’m being driven back to the novels.

    I will not rage over this like some fanatical fanboy. I’m just a fan who enjoys good stories and good animation who is disappointed that a good story is being ruined by this horrible adaptation.

  3. When they started to go beyond 4 parts, I think I would actually be surprised if this ended in 6 parts, as the number 6 doesn’t quite fit well with the notion of “Endless EIGHT”.

    Still, doesn’t change the fact that they’re bloody trolling bastards. lol

    Kinny Riddle
  4. Anyone else think Kyoto Animation is committing suicide with this? I know the whole haruhi story and anime are suppose to be *different* but for gods sake, this is not entertainment.

  5. It is all but confirmed that whatever is left of secons season will be filled with endless eight and disappearance won’t be even touched upon.

    Oh and the Endless Eight DVDs will retail as normal DVDs, meaning they will be $70 for two episodes…

    Unknown Voice
  6. I can’t wait for the DVDs to come out…wooooooooo. It’s sort of hard to imagine that it was just a few weeks back we were looking oh so forward to this series; and now? =S

  7. I was bored after the 2nd episode of endless nights. I can’t believe Haruhi has turned out like this. Such a disappointment. I feel like taking down my Haruhi Wall scroll. and putting my R1 DvDs in the back of my closet lol. ><

  8. Heh I guess being a casual Haruhi fan and not a die hard one really makes a difference. I don’t really care about the repetitions and I’ll just pick it up when they make a new episode. Still, instead of 6 eps of Endless Eight we could have had +6 eps of Little Busters or something. That’s my only gripe.

  9. To think one would try to make an effort to live up to the first season’s enormous success… and now a catastrophe like this. Kyoto has brought a lot of fresh air into anime but this time the innovation is really really painful. More so when u get crap like this in Haruhi after waiting for 3 years. They could have swept the market after the great Tanabata Episode, but it seems like they have decided they wanna sink lower and lower no matter what. Otherwise i dont see any artistic reasoning or logic in doing what they are doing. I really doubt there is even one person who is enjoying this.

    The only success out of this is i think the Haruhi fanbase can sympathise with Yuki..since she is feeling what we are feeling for 600 yrs -_-. Watching the same episode repeat over and over again >.>

  10. Well congratulations KyoAni and Kadokawa! You have of succeeded in taxing my patience and killed my sense of humor. That’s not an easy thing to do.

    I’m still baffled how anyone in the productions thought this was a good idea. This is like the One More Day stupidity of Marvel or the Countdown fiasco of DC Comics. No one, animators, artists or seiyuu just stopped for a moment and just asked “You sure this is a good idea?” Really?

  11. I am surprised that they were able to retain the quality of the animation, even though they are beating around the bushes by repeating the same thing over and over again…which is not funny anymore.

  12. Seeing as how this is not going to end until the 8th episode, I’m kind of perplexed. I’ll still stick it out and remain faithful. However there’d better be a mind blowing ending to this arc if this season’s to remain in my good graces. Either that or they extend the season to make up for the ‘endless’ nonsense.

  13. I think the worst part is that KyoAni and Kadokawa remained quiet about this whole thing. It’s not just bad executive decisions, its bad PR. It only makes this whole fan rage thing worse. Someone really needs to speak up for this.

  14. I’m starting to wonder if there was internal strife at Kadokawa or KyoAni (most likely Kadokawa) about this, and THAT was what was responsible for the long delay on the start of the second season.

  15. I honestly haven’t really minded the repetition up until this point, I like spotting the small differences and I like the new outfits

    Last weeks kind of me hopeful because it had some slightly larger changes in it, and the Evangelion reference helped

    But now, it’s getting ridiculous, I honestly want to know if they thought this would go over well with fans

  16. I think this is hilarious and supportive of Endless Eight, the reactions is exactly what they want, and you’re all going to continue watching the show once this arc over, and really who will be laughing then?

  17. You know what amuses me? No one believed me when I said KyoAni’s “scramble the episodes” was simply a marketing ploy. Instead, everyone went on and on about how brilliant it was and were scratching their heads when this brilliance saw a Japanese DVD release that wasn’t in scrambled order as on TV, but in chronological order.

    So having succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, KyoAni had to try to come up with something that fans would consider even more brilliant and sheer genius. This time, they failed.

  18. 1 Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    2 Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    3 Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    4 Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    5 Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    6 Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    7 Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo

  19. You won’t completely disown the studio, they’ve made quality shows in the past and still continue that trend, to completely avoid any future episodes is too much for any of you. And plus, how many times did most of you watch the original series anyway?

    If you don’t like Endless Eight, wait it out, you waited years for essentially two episodes, you can wait two more weeks.

    And they’re not killing their fans, they’re just playing with them now because it’s easy and most of all because they can.

  20. Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo
    Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo

    I actually started to enjoy it.

  21. The brilliance isn’t the fact they’re repeating the episodes (and hoping fans would rejoice in their greatness), the brilliance is that they’re having fun with everyone, agitating the very fans that love them. I am not attacking any of you, it is fine and natural to be frustrated, but really, it’s not the end of the world and it’s not the end of Haruhi fandom – new episodes will start and everything will go on as it is.

  22. Not sure if this is true. Found it in a forum.

    01: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, part I——–S1-02
    02: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, part II——–S1-03
    03: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, part III——-S1-04
    04: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, part IV——-S1-05
    05: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, part V——–S1-06
    06: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, part VI——-S1-07
    07: The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya——————S1-08
    08: Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody—————————S2-01
    09: Mystérique Sign———————————-S1-09
    10: Remote Island Syndrome Part 1——————-S1-10
    11: Remote Island Syndrome Part 2——————-S1-11
    12: Endless Eight (1)———————————S2-02
    13: Endless Eight (2)———————————S2-03
    14: Endless Eight (3)———————————S2-04
    15: Endless Eight (4)———————————S2-05
    16: Endless Eight (5)———————————S2-06
    17: The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina—————–S1-01
    18: Live Alive—————————————-S1-12
    19: The Day of Sagittarius—————————-S1-13
    20: Someday in the Rain——————————S1-14
    21: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 1——S2-07
    22: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 2——S2-08
    23: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 3——S2-09
    24: Charmed at First Sight Lover———————-S2-10
    25: Snowy Mountain Syndrome Part 1—————–S2-11
    26: Snowy Mountain Syndrome Part 2—————–S2-12
    27: Where did the Cat Go?—————————-S2-13
    28: Another Day of the Disappearance—————–S2-14

  23. Hahahahahahahahaha, this is really awesome. They’re gonna do it!! They’re gonna do it! They’re gonna blow the season by repeating the same episode over and over again! This is now getting fun, they just keep repeating the same shit without any reason at all. This is so great! This is going to be the best train wreck in the history of anime.

    Now sit down and behold how the diumvirate Kadokawa/Kyoani ridiculously destroy themselves.

    It’s sad for Kyoani, but with their popularity so low because of this thing, if for some reason the next anime they produce started on a low key (unlike K-on, etc), even if it was to get better later, it might be a blow to their popularity difficult to recover from

    If they are trying to “innovate” they’re failing. If they want to innovate, shuffle the seiyuu so that Aya Hirano ends up voicing Kyon and Ono Daisuke Nagato, like shaft did, but at least offer NEW stuff along the way. It would make more sense anyway than this

  24. @ TheHumanDiorama

    Yep, it will be like that.

    For me this thing is more like a reminder for us fans that the creator of a series is who has the last word about it and not their fans. We can bitch it wharever we want, they will do it. Fortunately.

  25. @leif

    No its not. We won’t get Disappearance this year OR anything after that.


    KyoAni? Brilliant Shows? I Don’t remember them actually creating something worth watching ;]

    Unknown Voice
  26. @Lol
    “For me this thing is more like a reminder for us fans that the creator of a series is who has the last word about it and not their fans. We can bitch it wharever we want, they will do it. Fortunately.”

    Actually the fans can have the last laugh. I agree that bitching is worthless to a company but DVD/merchandise profit is where it’s at. They said that the DVDs will still retail for the usual price and THAT will be when the fans can step up their game and let them know they screwed up by not buying.

  27. I’m starting to feel sorry for all the folks that’s still watching this 🙁 BTW, KyoAni hasn’t ever created anything worth watching. They would have been gone a long time ago if they didn’t move on to animating games, manga, novels, etc.

  28. @Megas

    Really? They did Fumoffu, Second Raid, Haruhi, Kanon, Clannad, Lucky Star, etc (the latter two I have no seen) and again I am not saying these are brilliant works, but they’re quality shows.

  29. I realize they’ve adapted properties, but to say they ignore all those works, and say they would have been gone a long time ago is unfair. Most anime is adapted, and the very rarely do you get a brilliant original production anyway.

    So, why demean them?

  30. @TheHumanDiorama

    Fumoffu – shit
    Second Raid – Watchable, but not the best thing ever…Good to pass time when you wait for something to download or something…
    Haruhi – fun to see fans getting trolled but thats all.
    Kanon – overrated “cute” shit.
    Clannad – same as cannon but has even bigger sugarcoated layer.
    Lucky Star – Randomness not worth watching.

    SO thats 0 out of 6 you listed.

    KyoAni has not created anything worth watching ;]

    Unknown Voice
  31. “They did Fumoffu, Second Raid, Haruhi, Kanon, Clannad, Lucky Star, etc (the latter two I have no seen)”

    The etc being Munto (OVA), Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time (OVA), Sora o Miageru Shōjo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai (Munto remake for TV) and Tenjō Jin to Akuto Jin Saigo no Tatakai (film sequel to Sora o Miageru Shōjo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai).

    Kyoto Animation is overrated, they build their reputation in established franchises (FMA, Haruhi and Key visual novels) as the only thing they actually did from scratch (Munto) seems to be unknown by their so called fans.

  32. i feel a fool for watching from 2 to 6 hoping that they would end sooner. i did like seeing the new outfits, but come ep5-6, i just started to flick through the episodes to see the outfits and the little changes towards the end.

    is it possible endless 8 will finish with 8episodes, with the next episode that continues after that timed so the new episode after that airs after august 31st which coincides with the loop being broken in the anime as well? mightve been a nice idea on paper, but not in practice ^^;; ive lost hope for haruhi S2. it looks like ep7 or 8 should finish this god/haruhi forsaken arc judging by the end of this one, and i hope it does :O

    my only consolation of this series is my love of Yuki has risen a lot due to pity and stuff. from the start where she was enjoying herself, to when she gets bored, to the final few instances where she just starts doing different things, like reading something new and getting a new mask each time just to mess with the others. it would be awesome seeing yuki crack after all that strain, or maybe even learning to be a bit more human for being human 600 years now^^

  33. @ Unknown Voice

    Also, drop the harsh tone, this is just a simple discussion.

    Despite your opinions on those shows, sales and popularity say otherwise.

    And your description of those animes, that’s basically 98% of all anime anyway.

    Again, they’re not brilliant works, but they’re quality – obviously if they’ve achieved various levels of success.

    And if they’re not worth watching, why did you see them anyway?

    I am not defending these works as pieces that I adore, but what the general anime crowd considers worth watching. If I can be proven wrong, then I will accept it, but it is obvious these shows have achieved (like I said) various levels of success.

    With that said, this will probably be my most controversial statement –

    So using the basis of your statement, nearly all anime is not worth-watching, barely do any of these shows transcend anything higher than a cartoon simply out to entertain you.

    There are a few works that achieve artistic or intellectual merit.

    So, let’s just enjoy them – at any point you can choose not to watch Haruhi and wait for new episodes.

  34. Am I the only one glad about this situation? Now Kyoto Animation and Kadokawa have no choice if they wish to win back their fans. They are going to have to push ahead and get a third (second?) season out as soon as possible. There’s no way they could possibly believe they could leave us hanging for another couple of years after this.

  35. This kind of reminds me of the time way back when on nickelodeon every Sunday morning they would show the same episode of Ren and Stimpy for like 2 months straight or more.

  36. It tells something when a series has pissed enough people that they edited the wikipedia entries with Endless Eight all down to december. I don’t know whether i should laugh or cry…

    Looking at how things are going, either they’re gonna make it Endlessly Eight episodes or or go all out and eat the entire timeslot left. What makes me bitter is the fact that Haruhi was the reason i have respect for KyoAni at all(K-ON and Lucky Star is funny but not that exciting, and Second Raid has that weird Rambo-like curbstomp victory that I considered anti-climatic).

    Ah wll, at least this season has other series to offer. At least Hayate no Gotoku is following the manga at a fast pace, and SHAFT has two series, Bakemonogatari and Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei to keep me distracted while I waited for the miracle of Kyon finally saying Show Spoiler ▼

  37. Like hell I’m going to spend money on this. The only Suzumiya thing I’m spending money on now is light novels and whatever episode Sasaki shows up in (if that actually gets animated).

  38. @TheHumanDiorama
    Despite your opinions on those shows, sales and popularity say otherwise.
    “Sales and Popularity” only say one thing – KyoAni is overrated ;]

    And your description of those animes, that’s basically 98% of all anime anyway.
    No. These descriptions describe exactly most of KyoAni works.

    Again, they’re not brilliant works, but they’re quality – obviously if they’ve achieved various levels of success.
    Sales mean nothing. They only mean that the certain work is mainstreamly accessible. So, since when Quality = Quantity?

    And if they’re not worth watching, why did you see them anyway?
    I only finished FMP because it had mecha and, with the exception of Gundam SEED FAIL, I do not drop mecha shows. Others did not hold my interest long enough to be finished.

    I am not defending these works as pieces that I adore, but what the general anime crowd considers worth watching. If I can be proven wrong, then I will accept it, but it is obvious these shows have achieved (like I said) various levels of success.
    Quality =/= Success
    Quality = Quality
    Success = Quantity
    Quantity =/= Quality
    Quality > Quantity
    Quality > Success

    So using the basis of your statement, nearly all anime is not worth-watching, barely do any of these shows transcend anything higher than a cartoon simply out to entertain you.
    Which is well, truth.

    So, let’s just enjoy them – at any point you can choose not to watch Haruhi and wait for new episodes.
    Should I stop expressing my opinion just because I stop watching something? Obviously no. Opinion is there to be said.
    Should I stop RATING something I have seen? No. Everything what is being watched should be put into a scale. Universal scale.

    Unknown Voice
  39. weird…probably they’re not interested in selling dvds. Maybe they make a lot more money selling the show to a TV channel, granting all this audience and getting a percentage of midshow advertising…who knows?

  40. @actarus: I actually believed that they are VERY interested in selling dvds. Just wait until the “Complete Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi – 24 Episodes” comes out, which would be expected considering that they didn’t air the new season separately with the first. Money is still money after all, and a small studio like KyoAni had probably succumbed to this temptation.

    I’m curious with Unknowm Voice though. What would you consider a good series then? Almost all anime falls into your “fail” category. No seriously, give a name or something, i’m very curious…:D

  41. I`m disappointed about how this once-quite-interesting anime is being destroyed too, but have you all writing hateful,annoyed posts paid anything for what you`ve watched anyway?
    Guess most of complainers are simply leechers, getting it all for free.
    If KyoAni/Kadokawa are to lose any income from this debacle, it must be for bad sale figures of DVD/Blu-ray discs from you-know-what episodes. They have already got what is contracted for TV broadcasts.
    My guess for how this arc will end: No end at all, they simply move to next arc! Everything is caused by Haruhi`s female quirks. She will simply get something else to her mind, in some point of time during those 2 weeks in August. Remember, there has been a slight variation of events all the time, as Yuki has told in every episode.

  42. I am glad I didn’t jump into this series — waiting for DVDs (just like 1st season), so I could watch it in proper order / all in one sitting. But even I’m having second thoughts about getting DVD for a tremendous waste of time this is turning out to be. Seriously disgusted with this blatant piece of KyoAni masturbation.

  43. they can forget about selling it, when it come on dvd, becouse nobody is goin buy this anime, the same episode all the way to ep 14 it suicide?
    they SCREW AT big time the shoud just drop death forever. Suzumiya Haruhi .ps.a’m no longer a fan of it.

  44. Haruhi Season 1 was the finest anime in the past decade.

    Then season 2 had to finally roll around. Ouch. I was digging this the first three times, but eight times? I’ll… Pass.

  45. Kadokawa/kyoani, setting the bar for trolling since 2009.

    I don’t care anymore, there are a ton of other shows this season. I hope the enraged fandom lets kadokawa/kyoani know their displeasure through a lack of dvd/merchandise sales. But who knows maybe they’ll do something underhanded like making ‘disappearance’ DVD only and mixing it up with endless eight iterations. After this stunt I won’t put it past them.

  46. Haruhi is kinda overrated for me (S1)…but I enjoyed it all the same. The people I introduced to anime liked it too but laughed out loud (in real-life…) when I told them what an uber-hit and phenomenon it was online.

    One of them said something about the disparity of quality/innovation/fanboyism/divide between acceptable standards and mediocrity etc. but he’s a smug bastard so I’m going to ignore him 😀

    I decided to wait a little before downloading Haruhi Season 2. Glad for that now. I recognise that Haruhi is a guaranteed money-maker, but I just don’t see why they decided to utilize this (obviously) retarded strategy. I do acknowledge someone’s statement that Season 1’s random ordering felt like a gimmick to me too. That and I’ve heard about the company’s ”trolling” of fans in the past with their publicity-strategy.


    I wonder perhaps if the Haruhi (anime’s) rampant popularity is based perhaps not on it’s own (admittedly formidable) merits, but on the expectations of people who’ve had a vested-interest in the anime due to their previous perusal of the light-novels. Seems like if you’re not in the know, you’re not exactly having the same experience. But that’s enough of a tangent I’ve wandered down, sorry for the barely coherent…randomosity…

  47. They really did it – from now on Kyoto Animation are all fucking retards to me. I didn’t watch that shit anyways and I won’t – never. I just wonder who had the idea at Kyoto Animation. Whoever had, he/ she ruined the reputation of the company. I as fan say fuck you, keep your shit and fuck off~

  48. @Nestor
    maybe or maybe not. Many fans got already season 1 on DVDs with a beatifull boxset…second season seems not worth of purchasing. A complete re-bundle it’s a waste unless they’re planning to change only the boxset, mantaining the previous DVD release… but if they really renumber the eps, that would be incompatible with the previous release.

  49. Aside from the animation there are no differences, that’s the problem with the endless eight!

    If they dropped a few ‘hidden’ character development scenes in every episode it would be clever. They also could have shown each episode from a different characters point of view, that would have been epic. But instead they chose to give us the same episode drawn from different angles…

    This has officially become a train wreck.

  50. @squirrel
    Ahh, I just love how people call others “troll” due to them stating some sort of negative opinion.

    Yes almost all anime from the last decade is targeted at mainstream entertainment needs, failing to deliver anything towards the more delicate auditory and targeting only the standard “watch-everything” people. Most of “worth-watching” shows are either sleeper-hits or are not noticed at all(seriously, how many people have seen Kiba or Mononoke?) Its a sad sad truth – anime industry is failing in the “depth” department. Soon all it will offer us will be comedy, lolis and ecchi.

    Unknown Voice
  51. well the only way they can really pull themselves out of the pit they’ve dug themselves into now is to have 7 more episodes this series than usual. as in if there were supposed to be 12 episodes this season then make 19 episodes to make up for the repeats.

  52. when the dvd comes out for this and some1 really buys it they probably got a pointed gun to their head and force to buy this repeated series. btw i’m pretty sure that one guy can make up 1 full episode if he just added one scene and called it an episode.

  53. Wow, we have some many folks that back up KyoAni. Why do you folks interpret ALL comments as negative. I thought these comments were suppose to be about haruhi, but I guess the show is so boring that yall have to talk about something.

    You guys who support this shit must be crazy. KyoAni should really consider taking their names off this shit. Sure they’re the main CO involved but if you’re gonna throw everyone else under the bus when the show goes to shit by showing the same damn episode upteen times… It would have made them look a whole lot better if some idiot wouldn’t had cracked under the pressure of all that hate mail. Of course the endless eight episodes ARE a troll & a mistake, but for them to even deny the statement menas that they support that BS.

    I thought they were a strong CO that could adapt anything into masterpieces. To discount all of that would be foolish but to support them in the troll is even more-so. The only way they can make up for this is to give up the whole story. Anything less would be a steamy pile of dogshit in a beautiful flower garden. They better get the pooper-scooper ready.

  54. New record:

    Highest ratio of people who didn’t watch the episode (or skipped to the end) to people commenting on the episode

    Once i saw endless eight as episode title on this blog, i didn’t bother even looking at screencaps

  55. Well – anyone interested in Haruhi “on paper” has already been trolled for over a year by the writer Nagaru Tanigawa regarding the release of the 10th novel.
    Kadokawa/Kyoani just added to the trolling.

    Regarding Season 1: well if you watch them in aired order, they do have quite a clear continuity that does make sense, though that may have been too hard for people like AstroNerdBoy to understand.
    MadMan release of Season 1 has them in chronological order, with extra DVD’s with the whole Season in aired order.

    @Unknown Voice – failing at your trolling attempts, is your first post even correct or just more trolling?

    If they are $70 for 2 episodes, then no doubt many more people will just download them and not buy them – easy enough to do – and I’d be surprised if many would be interested in spending that much money on 6,8,10 or whatever repeats of a single episode.

    And considering ‘8’ is a reference to infinity, it does seem rather like a major fail in understanding if there are ‘8’ episodes of ‘endless 8’

  56. @Unknown Voice

    Name me an anime that you consider better than KyoAni’s previous shows (e.g. Haruhi season 1, CLANNAD, Lucky Star) I’m a big fan of KyoAni’s works, although I’m disappointed with the current arc I’m still hanging on to the season. Not only that, I watch/read a large variety of anime and manga so I’m not just some idiotic viewer or some troll that seeks attention beyond his mom, dad and his imaginary friend (Obviously not talking about you).

    So why don’t you name something you consider up to your standards. Of course, this is all YOUR opinion, so it can’t be wrong or right.

  57. What to they have in plan….. What DO THEY HAVE IN PLAN!???? This is getting really really really straight forward dumb fuckingly stupid. I can’t imagine the DVDs and how much the cost of production is… Seriously… WHAT THE HELL…. Waste of resources…. I just don’t understand what they are actually trying to pull here.

    Seeing as how the solution might be such a simple one that they made this thing tooo~ damn right frustrating.

    What’s the reason to watch this shit? This is so confusing already.. I don’t get their logic……

  58. I feel like being Rickrolled… eight times in a row. Nice way to troll the fans (of course, the rest of the people is gone a looong time ago). Yawwwn…….

    Thank gods there are other series for this season, as Princess Lover, When Seagulls… (good game too), Bakemonogatari…

  59. If they license the second season for distribution in America, I’m gonna skip the volumes with Endless Eight. Which will take up at least one whole volume, if not two. GAH! DX I don’t know why they feel it necessary to make a perfect eight like the title. I haven’t read the novel so I wouldn’t know if this goes like the book, but I do know that their sales for this season are going to plummet at this rate. Ugh… please stop this someone… save me…

  60. It is regrettable that Kyo-Ani has taken their fans for granted, after all, they have earned the adulation and respect they enjoy today through their reputation for consistent animation and mostly faithful adaptations.

    It is just as regrettable that some people decide to have a field day and use this as an opportunity to unfairly brand everything else made by these Kyo-Ani goons as of sub-par quality.

    Kinny Riddle
  61. Tanigawa sensei should revoke all licenses for Haruhi from Kadokawa and KyoAni and give them for free to Yamamoto sensei to make a decent animation.

    The fans would support him. I’m sure of that.

  62. Okay, first i have no idea as to why some fans are overreacting to the current situation. Yes it’s boring, yes it’s repetitive, but to say offensive things to a group who is at the very least attempting to troll/give you entertainment is something that takes this issue at a whole new level.

    I am not telling anyone to be appreciative, and yes, I am pissed off at how the season is progressing, but to overreact like saying “the production team should die!” or something along those lines is simply unreasonable.

    If you are tired of watching it, then wait (add to that three years of waiting, but then again, maybe it is worth it this time). Expression of thought and freedom of speech are of course, human rights, but we must wield responsibility in doing so.

    To those who are ragequitting and spewing out negative comments (which are already offensive to other entities):

    And if at all endless eight finally ends, and the patient haruhi fans finally get the content they’ve been thirsting for, be sure that you don’t come running back for more haruhi after you have called it “shit anime of all time”—that makes you a level 3 hypocrite and a very big idiot to boot.

    Right now, all we can do is speculate… and pray that this ends on attempt 7.

  63. If they really want to test fans to see if they like still like the show like they claim, bust a E.7 make a movie using recycled content, thatll show you if fans still like it.

    But honestly am thinking they just want to be cancled

  64. nice vid though. shocking to see the old director even not liking the way things are going now. I’d swallow it if they wanted to this endless eight arc out of a sense of uniqueness, or some wierd creative feeling.

  65. Everyone hates it. Why? Just because Kadokawa and KyoAni are twisting up the story line from the light novels? It still takes a whole team for them to recreate each episode. It’s not like they’re stinging, really. The introduction to the second season was beautiful, but predictable in a way. But this? No one expected Endless Eight to last so long, but it did. You can’t deny that the art is still beautiful, the seiyuus know how to act, and the story is there. You liked it the first time, right? And seriously – haven’t you watched the same episodes from the first season repeatedly before? Surely you’ve seen each episode in the melancholy more than 6 times, so why do you abhor endless eight?

    Instead of blowing up about how horrendous this season is, think from their perspective. Why, why, why would they repeat the same episode several times? Perhaps it really gives you a sense of just how long Endless Eight is? You really feel the pain Yuki does. You feel frustrated. Why can’t Kyon DO something, right?

    But he will. Just have faith, right? You’ve all had faith for three freaking years. Is it impossible to wait just a few weeks more? What do you expect to happen after Endless Eight anyway? Haruhi disappearing. Savour your Haruhi moments. Don’t good things come to those who wait?

  66. Oh, and a side note – personally, I’m excited to watch the next repetition. It’s not boring to me; there are always new little details that you’ve never noticed before. The episode is still incredibly well crafted. Call me crazy, but I’m actually tempted to re-watch all of Haruhi, starting from the first season to the current part, including every single episode of Endless Eight. Yes, EVERY single episode. The anime is too good for me not to.

  67. Except, Chami, the audience is human. To be very fair, the majority likely don’t give the slightest damn about what Yuki feels and just want to see the story progress. The audience isn’t like Yuki who reacts stoically to 15,000 replays of the same scenario. Human viewers get bored and enraged that the damn series isn’t progressing. I can’t say that I blame them.

    And the only little changes I’ve noticed are constant wardrobe switches and a few extra lines. I feel for Aya Hirano in particular. From memory, she’s had the exact same lines six episodes in a row, going on seven. It’s remarkable she can still voice Haruhi without being bored witless.

  68. I stopped at the third episode when I figured out what’s going on. I’d think the majority of us thought 3rd episode would end this. NOT worth the time watching the same crap over and over again.

  69. Sure, call me an alien. 8D Regardless if you care about how Yuki feels, the truth is that we’re stuck in the same position as her. Going through the exact same thing over and over without having the capacity to change anything. Yuki does not have a voice. We have voices, but they cannot be heard. Yuki gets bored, but is still forced to repeat the scenario. We get bored, thrash around in a furious rage, and repeat the scenario. Yuki is the representation of us, the viewers. One day we’ll all look back on this and laugh.

    As for Aya Hirano? She’s still paid. She doesn’t have to worry about her new lines, giving her more time to focus on her other projects.


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