Gaius’s attack on Avalon has begun, and although things look bad initially for the Gael side because they’ve lost both Arawn and Arthur, Riannon manages to rally her forces. Her group is separated from Ogam, Octavia, and Morgan’s group, and Ogam decides that it’s better for the moment not to rush to help because he suspects that their enemies have carefully planned everything so far. Arthur meanwhile has been running aimlessly ever since he stabbed Arawn, and he’s confused because he had felt like someone else’s anger was inside of him, manipulating him. He gets all the way to some ruins and is surprised to find Ogam there waiting for him. In talking with him, Arthur questions why Ogam fights, so Ogam reveals that he’s actually a dragon. Since Arthur finds this hard to believe, Ogam starts with how he lost his home continent when the second moon fell to the planet. Ogam still blames those responsible, and that’s why he fights.

When he turns the question back on Arthur, Arthur is unsure and gets distracted by the smoke rising from Avalon, but Ogam stops him by reminding him of how he already ran away. Ogam wants Arthur to think about what he has to do, and he doesn’t care about the vows that Arthur always falls back to. He instead advises Arthur to go to a place called the Gorsedd Arawn (lit. Arawn’s Throne) to learn the truth. Before Arthur can do so, however, he and Ogam are surrounded by hostile forces, and the two are forced to fight. As he cuts down the enemies, Arthur instinctively calls out Arawn’s name, and he remembers how they’ve fought together and how Arawn’s last words before collapsing called him a friend. Arthur feels that he now knows what to do, but this confidence is short-lived because a towering electrum golem suddenly emerges from the ruins. Ogam identifies this golem as a relic of the previous great war, and to combat it, he changes into his dragon form. Although shocked, Arthur gets a grip on himself and leaves Ogam to take care of the golem.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Octavia have decided to sneak back to the castle, and they manage to cause a huge commotion in the middle of the enemy camp outside Avalon. Riannon and the others see them and, with Rathty’s help, the two are able to get past the enemy troops and into the castle. This has a morale boosting effect on everyone, and Riannon rallies the troops yet again, unaware that something is coming in the distance.


I knew that Ogam was probably old and powerful, but him being able to transform into a giant dragon like that was certainly a bit of surprise. I assume this is what Arawn was talking about last episode when he said that Ogam couldn’t use his power again for a while once he used it, otherwise I don’t see why Ogam didn’t just fly around and blow the crap out of Gaius’s forces all on his own. In fact, now that he has had to take on that form, then, assuming he beats the golem, he could still go and win the battle for Riannon and the others. I do have to note though that his dragonform looks less like a traditional dragon (including the ones in the OP) and more like one of the gods from Utawarerumono.

I also have to say is that the level of animation quality on this show continues to impress me, particularly when there’s so much action and fight choreography involved. This episode seemed especially detailed – I never knew Ogam had so many wrinkles. What I didn’t like, however, was Arthur acting angsty for at least half of this episode. I know it’s necessary character development, and I’m glad that Ogam might have set him down the right path with this Gorsedd Arawn thing, but I’m still tired of him and hope Arawn recovers soon. Unfortunately, the preview seems to indicate that it’ll be Arthur who’s going to save the day, apparently by getting the help of Taliesin’s people.


  1. Wow, this episode really makes me rather happy. One of the good thing is that even though it’s annoying to see Arthur being like that, it’s also great to see him like that because it also means he is getting more development as a character as well. Therefore, overall, I am rather enjoying this.

  2. Omni, why are you so prejudiced against Arthur, that you do not want him to develop and redeem himself? Is he so annoying that you prefer death/obscurity to redemption in this case. I don’t know, I’m just curios to learn.

  3. Omni is Gorsedd Arawn a grave. And could Arthur be looking for a sword used by the elves (if that is what ogam meant). I also fear that ogam may not be able to change back or he may be injured and is missing. Just all speculation.

  4. @EliteF22

    You better be right… Now I guess I can call her a *she*. I couldn’t judge whether she’s just cute or a damn trap…

    I thought Rathty couldn’t get any cuter but this ep just proved it wrong. XD

  5. Arthur still annoys me(eventhough I don’t really like Arawn either, OGAM FTW!) but after this episode I hope that feeling of an annoyance is going to change into something more along the lines of ‘interest’.

  6. Rathy is a girl it will be revealed in future episodes.
    i can understand why u don’t like arthur though~

    I guess its okay if u guys go ahead and speculate some of the things ? ^^
    i shouldn’t give any spoiler to u all if not later all moodless~


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