Nope, not this week either. Taking bets now on if you think next week (week eight) will actually be the final week of Endless Eight.


  1. Personally I don’t care for this show any more, S1 was average and over-hyped, and I just stopped watching after S2E2. Hopefully it won’t torture those that still care for it even more.

  2. This is seriously making me sad…especially with that perspective view on that cd they just released for Super Driver. Why must the good anime suffer just for the want of money? QQ Thought the quality has been nice thus far, it still has not improved anything for the fans part. And I’ve read the light novels and when fans who haven’t read it will be more than slightly disgruntled as to the ending. I think they’re gonna do another rerun for ep 8 (or at least partially) and have the rest of the episode show what happens when this ridiculous cycle is broken. If not, the look at a rerun entirely for ep 8 and ep 9 being a whole new episode. Either way, I am not amused. T_T (And her face does look strange in that picture. She looks like she just had a revelation and might go crazy any moment!)

  3. My theory at this point is KyoAni/Kadokawa just wants to drive itself broke so the top suits can arrange a fraudulent bankrupt and run away to the Bahamas with the investors’ money.

  4. I think it will end next week, because next week we’ll be in August. (The 8th month of the year.) And the next Thursday will be the 6th, which is the closest it can get to being on 8/8/09. So maybe.

  5. It’s got to be 9 episodes. If KyoAni has balls, maybe more.

    Eight is too obvious and if KyoAni wanted to be obvious they would have only done two or three episodes. So I’m gambling for them to go full speed ahead with their ridiculousness, because I’m loving the insanity every step of the way.

    (one may say I’m a bit broken; it’s 50% the show, 50% the fanbase, and 50% Nagato, I tell you)

  6. CCY – I’m starting to go with your thinking. I thought it could have ended this week because no one was expecting it too, and you’re right, everyone will be expecting it to end next week even more than they were episode 6, which would be a great time to continue trolling.

  7. Endless 8 means 8 episodes of this ‘endless’ arc, because each episode is another loop, thus meaning that there will be most likely 8 episodes of this. So I suppose the end is near.

  8. anyone notices the symbol of infinity looking as horizontal version of eight?
    anyway it seem there will be just 8 episodes of endless eight, to put the eight to pun 😛
    as for fans it turns into endless hate towards creators of the anime…

  9. @neko that is the whole reason of the Disappearance arc (the 15000 times though) it could of been the reason why they were playing this out but since they have played it out sooooooooooo much we will not get to see the Disappearance arc in the planned 14 new eps.

    Unless they skip the Sigh arc but I dont see them doing that.

  10. That’s the face I’d expect Haruhi to show off when they’re sitting in a family style restaurant and she overhears Itsuki saying to Kyon, “Hey, hot chick, 12 o’clock.”

  11. Yeah don’t wanna burst yer bubble, but August = 8th month, so enjoy your (at least) 4 more eps.

    Personally if it wasn’t for Omni’s blog and tokyotosho’s RSS I’d have forgotten about this series already…

  12. I really hope that it doesn’t end next week, seriously it’ll be funny ¬¬
    Don’t get me wrong, i’m a Haruhi fan, but it’s now soo f***ed up that i really don’t care anymore

  13. Damn it. I thought episode 8 WAS today.

    After all this, I’ve stopped caring. Maybe that’s their motive. To turn the audience’s brain into slush so whatever new crap they dish out’ll look fine in the eyes of zombies…

  14. I was so curious about endless eight ending that i spoiled myself reading the novel ending in a forum. And then i realized that i’ve been waiting 7 weeks for this shit to happen: DANGER!spoiler ahead Show Spoiler ▼

  15. I’m interested to see dvd sales numbers once all 4 dvd’s are out. Two episodes per dvd… of the exact same episode with different clothes. If the otaku still shell out hundreds of dollars for that, there is no hope of not getting trolled like this again.

    John Smith
  16. we’re not going to get to see the disappearance arc, unless they pull some crazy shit and extend the season for way, way longer. after this arc, im expecting anything. they’re wankers anyway

  17. Okay, I give. This is effing ridiculous. I’ve tried to defend the show, and I do still enjoy every episode, up to a point, but enough is enough. It’s so dire that I’m even losing my respect for Kyon. Just kiss her, you fool. Would that be such a hardship?

  18. That’s assuming the next episode will be Endless Eight at all…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t air the last episode of Endless Eight at all this season. They’re going to be criticised no matter what so might as well go all the way.

  19. Yamamoto Yutaka all ready said it’s going to be 8 episodes, but as we think that kyoto animation could be thinking about 8+1 as the way out, so don’t get your hopes up.

  20. Next week ist not only the 8th week, but also the first week of August (8th Month). So I hope they will eventually finish this arc, it really pisses me off! I want new stories >__<

  21. Hmm let’s say 11 episodes of Endless Eight, with the last one airing on the last week of August. That way it’ll end when summer vacation ends for real, and there’ll be just one episode left for new content.

  22. i heard from a good source that endless eight will be a 12 episodes u.u. and it will ends THE SAME DAY THAT ENDS ON THE NOVELL , so i dont know if its true but i really hope it doesn’t, wee just have to wait and see by the way i love haruhi but endless eight is drivinme crazy xD

  23. of course its going to be 8+1. you see, on the 8 episode kyon is going to get the balls to finally ask haruhi wtf is wrong. therefore, the 9th episode is going to be the climactic resolution of this ridiculous arc. nee

  24. Why don’t you all stop complaining and watch it through until the ending? If you think you’re all right, then E8 should’ve been dropped out of this blog a long time ago! If the ending is disappointing, then you can complain all you want until your heart’s desire. I’ve been hearing premature complaints about E8 since the beginning and it won’t freakin’ stop! It’s driving me insane already. Why don’t you all read the the darn book instead of judging it by its cover?

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m watching this series down to the last second. No reservations.

  25. Sorry for double post >_<

    It might seem like I’m contradicting my previous post but I support your opinion. Some people do take this arc too seriously.

    I appreciate all of the people who watches the arc and enjoys it. ^_^
    (Haruhi DOES look like K-ON! though…)


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