Of course there was still no end, however there were actually a few small but arguably notable differences this week, iteration 15527. For one, Kyon actually tries saying “I love you” to himself after Itsuki suggests it during the stargazing scene. The déjà vu effect also felt more pronounced since there were a few times they’d show the same scene twice through Kyon’s eyes. It also seemed like they were skimping on the animation a little during the explanation scene given how there was over half a minute focused on just Itsuki’s watch. None of this made the episode worth watching, but like I said last week, I’m going to continue tuning in for completion’s sake and so that you folks who (probably wisely) stopped will know when to come back, assuming this arc hasn’t soured you entirely on the show. Regardless, here’s to hoping it ends at eight next week.


  1. A second season of Haruhi?
    What second season?
    There was only 1 season of Haruhi and there will always be ONE.
    I don’t know what this is but its obviously some kinda hoax.

  2. I would have looked forward to Haruhi, despite whatever it is they threw at me, if this was 2006. Too bad, it’s not, so now I’ll just marathon this season after all this ends. Wonder if I would actually watch all eight or however many episode “Endless Eight” is going to be.

  3. I’m one of those people that watches every week…already knowing what’s going to be said. I must say it’s a rather interesting effect, and you have to give them some props for doing something that no other anime had done before it. They probably felt as if they had to do something radically different with the bar set so high from the previous season. I’m also pretty sure they figured this sort of thing would happen amongst the fans of the show, but they were probably banking off the idea of “Any publicity is good publicity”. I’m inclined to agree with cause by the end of Endless Eight they’ll have all their fans crawl back like nothing ever happened and maybe get some new viewers out of it, as well.

  4. I’m not sure if I should be watching these all as they come out, or if I should just marathon them later. On the one hand the first option might make me want to pull my hair out, while on the other hand, if I marathon them I might try to smash my TV from the 4+ hours of seeing the same episode in a row. Why? WHY?!

  5. Could that be that the end of this arc will be different from the novel? I mean, in the novel Show Spoiler ▼

    What is that supposed to mean?

    Sorry for my poor english.

  6. @ Ant

    Their not doing something different, their just taking a chance…and bombing completely. The only way they could save this season is by having an ending so completely outrageous that it makes you forget about the previous ‘Endless Eight’ episodes, but that’s impossible, they would have to reach “first time watching ‘The Sixth Sense'” surprise levels, which is damn near impossible.

    Also,since i haven’t been watching the episodes lately, do they remember that their repeating the summer over and over again? Cause if so, how could Kyon stand it. He should be raging by now.

    Darma Shoten
  7. wow…just wow. another EE haruhi. I’m out of sarcasm for this show. I must tell you, when I watched the 2nd one, I was like WTF did I turn on the previous episode instead?! Oh well. I don’t buy DVDs anyway so I really don’t care about this ploy in general, but for the ppl that do, I feel your grief.

  8. @Ant
    Show Spoiler ▼

    The only thing I hope is that after this they still have enough time to animate the disappearance arc.

  9. Hey, your blog has been useful in telling me when I shouldn’t bother to watch haruhi suzumiya.

    Hópefully it will be 28 episodes, but they will only count endless eight as 2 episodes. It would only be fair.

    And EE is the dumbest idea ever, although I would have been fine with 4 episodes.

  10. This joke stopped being funny seven weeks ago. SUGGESTING those iterations would have been enough for the story … this is just a mockery of Haruhi-ism. Blasphemy I tell you!

    Kyoani has annihilated all respect I ever held for them.

  11. @viral

    Since I haven’t read the novels and wanted to know how this thing ends without reading what seems to me a longer book than War and Peace, I dared to look at those spoilers.

    And I’m out of words. That’s the solution?! I mean, wtf? All of this just for that?!

    Somehow, I feel cheated. And If I had payed to watch this I would be asking for a refund.

    Mr. K
  12. i just peep the pics.. all i can say is NICE LITTLE ASS “dirtbag aint i?” too bad her head is HUGE!!!!!!!!!! even for anime proportions AM I THE ONLY ONE THATS SEEING THIS!?! HARUHI’S head is equal to her upper abdomen!! that kinda shit only happens when your BORN!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  13. @ viral:

    The ‘I LAV YOU’ was in the novel.

    As for all of you complaining, just don’t watch it if you don’t like it so much. It’s not our fault your patience can’t hold this out. We don’t need your “yawn” and “Haruhi sucks now” comments. You’re the ones who are more tiring than the actual show.

  14. @ GhostNPC

    Trust me your not. I felt that way and commented back on the 4th (I think) show of this. And i agree with ‘BLAH’. To the people who are complaing, you got the right to sure, but do you really need to exercise that right? 99 percent of us are watching this free anyway. How the hell can you feel cheated? Did you have some kind of emotional unbreakable bond with the the anime studio that you just knew would never be broken? Hahah.

    Sure. I’ll yell and scream as I wonder how big that number of repetition needs to be before Kyon (or someone else) says “Okay that’s enough! Were ending this Haruhi!”
    But at the end of the day, I give a nod of satisfaction thinking how wonderfully different this is. Give them originality bye doing the same thing over and over again. Genius I think.

  15. Even the fact that it’ll probably be over next week isn’t satisfactory – we still have to sit through another whole episode of the same crud only with *spoilers* at the end. Two weeks till something new, yay!

    John Smith
  16. Ha. I enjoy being trolled as much as the next fellow but they really need to fire the director and perhaps the CEO that made the decision to air the same episode 8 times.

    Heh, I guess we have a chance to counter-troll by making the DVD sales 0.

    Roy Mustang
  17. To be fair while I agree that the producers are being slightly silly by continuing this from the point of view of current DVD sales and viewing figures (DVD sales of this arc will be poor and viewing figures must have dropped), as soon as they get back on with the proper storyline we are probably going to put this to the back of our minds and enjoy the rest of the series. No point in complaining just now, as omni said, just wait for the all clear!

  18. You are brave indeed to be able to still watch this show…

    Maybe Kyoani thought they wouldn’t be able to produce a season that was up to the success of the first one and decided to become memorable the infamous way… becuase indeed this season will be remembered for years to come

  19. Nope. i put on my green/red glasses, but i don’t see the effect. Maybe it doesn’t work well with my screen settings. Dunno.
    But hey!right, Show Spoiler ▼

  20. Sure it can be rewatched. Just watch the 1st 2 EEs then the last one. That’s more than ggod enough. You cam drop the other five in the toilet. For most folks, rewatching the 1st & last is more than a death wish anyway. It really depends on what they do after this shit whether I rewatch any of it at all. This shit better not goto blu-ray. 4 dics of the same episode is a slap in the face. When did the anti-archaic efforts of our little brown-haired god bitch go south. Its obviously when she started that silly club. No club. no story, no repeating 2 weeks 15538 times, the end. Now I want my 2 months of waiting for something different back, even though I watched plenty of sweet shit during that 2 months. Blah, blah.

    Just get over it, Haruhi isn’t everything, its just a dried up mummy. Some people love dried up mummies, while others would rather torch them & rob their graves. The same is true of Haruhi. But they’re also ppl who don’t give a fuck either way…like me. They are the ultimate evil behind this. If you want someone to blame, leave KyoAni alone & focus your hate on the evil folks like us that don’t care…that’s whose attention KyoAni was trying to get anyway. Too bad, I watched some of it & still don’t care.

    Now I can go finish marathoning Big-O 😀

  21. Coxi, you provide a truly wonderful optimistic understatement. This farce will be remembered for nothing -but- Endless Eight, unless, by some miracle, Disappearance appears.

  22. E8 is canon, so why are people moaning?

    If it was cut out, the mangaheads would cry a river cos the anime betrtayed them. So its in as it was in the novels so be happy! Its Faithfull!

    note: it annoys me this scenario, but not as much as manga purists.

    ark noir
  23. ark noir: Sure, it’s canon, but only one iteration – one day, the last one. So if it ends with the next episode that’s really the only one that’s canon, barring any grander changes.

  24. Now the question is, who here would buy the dvd, of these 8 episodes and watch them all? anyone? Who really would? Or watch the whole second season in one go including these 8 episodes.

  25. @dude

    well i definetly wont buy them,ill just download the subs and watch it on my PSP,XD,
    but seriously,no one would buy those,same 8 episodes,blah!!!
    but i have those 1st 6 same episodes of endless 8 right now at my psp

  26. Consider someone who doesn’t know what Haruhi is. Someone who has been introduced to anime only recently. They are really getting into it, so you recommend this show. Now consider what kind of excuses you can come up with when they honestly think it blows. Because that’s what my buddies thought, and I feel pathetic trying to defend it.

    Not Amused
  27. I believe there is something to be learned from this show. They’re trying to teach us that if you don’t act when the time comes for you to take action your life will always be in the recursion of time. Like as in the 30th of Aug Kyon felt the urge, the need to stop Haruhi and didnt do anything. He could have just blurted out her name but chose to think and think and think that of nothing to say.

    Also as in the case of the homework, he left it to the him of tomorrow to deal with it. And that if you leave something to the you of tomorrow you may just regret it for the rest of your life. This applies to love, life, and everything.

    Altho I do think repeating the same thing for 7 times now is abit too much. But the scene at the cafe when Kyon was stoned there really hit home. The urge he had depicted was very strong. But he still did nothing.

    Sorry I’m ranting.

  28. I’m hoping Endless 8 actually *is* Endless. Mostly to read the reactions of people on this blog, who will not only be bawling and screaming, but still keep on watching.

    Thumbs up to KyoAni. Epic trolling.

  29. As the episode has been called Endless Eight since actually what was episode 2. So now we’ve finally reached episode 8 so hopefully episode 9 will be containing the end of this arc.

    In the Light Novel…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Elessari Edain
  30. wait, some misunderstood which run this is. this is run 7, meaning run 8 starts next week.

    which can mean either one of two things:

    1)based on how this iteration ended, Kyon is finally having a clue to the solution of all of this. this means iteration 8 will be the final one, the part where all 15,527 iterations slam into place

    2)iteration 8 will not end. fans will scream because endless eight wasn’t eight after all. 2ch will melt again. randomc people who watch this show will explode. omni will explode. i will explode. haruhi gets torched.

    -either way, something is going to happen next week, and we’ll just have to cross the bridge when we get there.

    @mohawk: although fanbase has a certain influence on anime, the producers still have the last say on what to do. it would be bad to assume that Kyoani and Kadokawa are ignoring the fans, since both companies may already be fully aware of the situation (most probably, the “trolling” section of this arc and the reactions of the fans are all calculated, and this may be what they want to deliver an “epic slam”)

    @Not Amused: peer pressure shouldn’t define your fandom. if your friends think it sucks, then there’s nothing you can do to change their minds, unless the whole thing starts moving in a new direction.

  31. I’m slightly confused. If the animators were filling in missing segments from the novels then theoretically shouldn’t the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi have been made before Endless Eight since that particular novel came first?

  32. The loosing baseball team is now winning and unlike Itsuki’s claim everyone seems affected. Clothes, swimsuit, the yukata and hair style are different every time. Is the universe a little different when it’s reset? I for one think this is genius.

  33. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞?????????
    sigh, when is this gonna end?

  34. @seryass

    It did, however common opinion is that they’re doing this so they can air Disappearance in Winter, because the story occurs in Winter right down to a specific date.


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