Dan gets saved from Price’s blade by Iceman, and while those two battle it out, Dan and others make their escape. Iceman proves to be faster and more powerful than Price expected, and he repeatedly slams a ball into Price’s Bigfoot until it falls. Back above ground, Coco finds herself being kidnapped by mysterious men, but she is saved by Mr. Perfect. She recognizes him as James, causing him to remove his mask, and watching nearby, Slash recalls Dan and Coco playing basketball together when they were young. Slash also remembers teaching James how to blow bubbles because bubbles allow them to read the wind, and all this causes him to comment on how fast time flies and on himself becoming younger. Dan and company meanwhile take a train ride and emerge from a tunnel to find Haruka and Miyuki’s grandfather waiting for them. The two had been notified that everyone was coming by Thousand, and they’re surprised to see a giant with the group.

Navi himself is entranced by the sight of the sky, nature, andof all of the colors, and he finally understands what Dan meant by living. When Flora talks to him about the legend, Navi isn’t very familiar with it, so Haruka suggests that he see for himself since they’re going to the moon, and she’s also designed some shoes for him. Sela meanwhile is bothered by Navi’s presence, and she tells Miyuki that he’s too big. At around this same time, Thousand decides to return to Lunatec to continue her research, but Miyuki’s grandfather isn’t keen on it and feels that Ultinium is a power too much for humans. He still remembers the mistake he made and the important person it cost him. Later, when Dan and Navi are practicing Basquash, Navi accidentally catches sight of Sela fresh out of the shower, and he stares until she throws something at him. Miyuki teases Sela about it, but Sela feels that size is still the big problem. Haruka then interrupts them with news that they’re going back to Turbine City. James and the OCB are giving them another chance to go to the moon, but they’ll have to win a special exhibition match first.


This episode had a good first half and a somewhat lackluster second. Seeing Iceman destroy Price was great, and I loved the Mr. Perfect/James, Coco, and Slash scene – due in large part to the music – which gave the clearest confirmation yet that Slash is aging backwards. The rest of the episode was setup though, and it wasn’t boring, but it wasn’t the most interesting stuff either. Yang was scheming, and it likely had something to do with what Thousand is up to, but I don’t think yet that Yang is the final boss character. They’re also pretty clearly setting Sela and Navi up again, with the size issue being the biggest obstacle. As some people have mentioned, that could be easily solved if they had a micronization process like they do for Zentradi in Macross, and it wouldn’t surprise me if something like that gets introduced. Someone even made me laugh last week by commenting on how Basquash could be directly related to Macross. Oh and speaking of size, seeing thin Bel was quite a surprise; I wouldn’t have recognized him if not for his voice.

Anyway, they’re delaying the return to the moon by having yet another match, and next week’s episode looks to be more character development for Sela. Hopefully whatever is on the moon is worth all the trouble getting there, though I’m fairly confident it will be given how good the show has been lately, this episode notwithstanding.


  1. haha shy sela is pretty amusing and navi is a sudden but nice addition to the cast however my fav char is still spanky!

    @ leo

    dont bother asking for subs the usual subbers take atleast 5 days for basquash. Usually i use the next endless eight update on random to remind me to look up the next subbed episode of basquash lol

  2. Hey, you never know if Yang is the final boss or not. Cause there’s always that scheming manager pulling the strings to take over an entire galaxy. :X

    (Grace from Macross Frontier anyone? Well, since we’re talking about Macross connections.)

    Xineohp Erif
  3. Omni won’t get the results until Monday, that’s why omni is still blogging, but I’m glad there are lots out there who support you in a “internet” kinda way.
    Good luck, once again!

  4. hehehe i knew u wouldn’t die “yet” Omni. Zentradi shrinking machine huh?? ohh pooor poor Kuran….it was not meant to be… @pockets COME ON DUDE!! u knew that, hope dat was sarcasm. TO the MOON!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. okay the giant dude is kinda stupid…And the writing seems to be getting a bit cliche, my guess is that in the next game the plot goes thusly
    sela has daddy issues
    confronts villian who happens to play basketball and most likey kiled said daddy
    gets whipped up on half the episode
    at some point villian knocks her down and sasuatch man catches her
    freeze fram on the backforth blush scene all her giant issues are solved
    he throws a few words of encouragement and she gets her groove back and defeats villian in a basketball play
    dan yells basquash
    and they win.

  6. i dont understand why slash hates dan so much even though he seems to kno him coco and james? and i also really hope that navi doesnt completely replace iceman since hes one of the coolest characters on the show but id like to see dan sela iceman flora/alan and navi all on the court for once =D


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