Let it be known that on the 6th of August, 2009, Endless Eight came to an end. It was a pretty good ending too; not worth sitting through all the repeats, but good on its own.

In other news, there was a nice Darker than Black 2 commercial with today’s episode of Basquash, and I’m pretty excited about it for October.


  1. In other news, today the Japanese commemorate the anniversary 64th of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, and Saturday will be in Nagasaki.

    So, that was Haruhi’s regret…

    Syaoran Li
  2. I’m about to cry tears of joy…we suffered so much….I hope no one follows Haruhi 2’s example in the future, unless they like to torture people.
    Regarding DtB2, I can’t wait!!

  3. At last. While logically 8 parts sounded fitting, but at what cost? This stunt has seriously damaged the faith of a lot of people (the fans, that is, not the original “haters”) had with them.

    If they had dared continued all the way into the real life September, the number of people wanting to fly to Kyoto to burn their studios, if they had not done so already, would surely increase.

    Kinny Riddle
  4. Moments ago at the White House,

    My fellow Americans, at long last, we have reached the end of the dark period in Anime history that will come to be known as the Endless Era, eight long weeks characterized by unprecedented aggression, a sharp decrease in fanservice, and sustained trolling from overseas. The insanity is over. After a long, dark period, the sun is finally rising again over America, and the world at large. We look forward to a bright new dawn not seen since the glory days of season one. The time has come to put Endless Eight behind us. – The President

  5. Thank god it’s finally over…I can’t believe we waited 8 long weeks for this stupid arc…

    Please, link to the commercial! Haruhi ending pales in comparison to series 2 of this series. I personally completely approve of his hairstyle change.

  6. What a bunch of spazes some of you guys are.

    It was a neat little storytelling trick, that was marred by people freaking out that their favorite chapter might not get animated, since “Endless” was taking so long.

    People will look back at the great Haruhi flip-out of ’09 and shake their heads, some in disgust, others in embarassment.

  7. darker than black 2 should be an interesting show to watch. season 1 was great. but what’s gonna happen? a contractor v human v some third party organization? anyone else wanna take a guess at what may happen. and Hei does look like he needs a haircut.

    @Obama: nice one.

  8. OK yall can troll now. RIP Endless Eight.

    Darker than Black 2 huh. I like it. I really wonder what it is gonna be about since basically everyone’s dead except for Hei & the rei-clone.

  9. Well, now all of the little whiners can stop complaining, even though I really could care less about the endless eight arc, it will be nice to get some new stuff going. I’m so excited. KyoAni. MAKE IT HAPPEN. OR PEOPLE WILL SURELY RIOT!!!

  10. Sorry RodgerDodger, it wasn’t a neat trick. I’m not really a big Haruhi fan, I don’t even like half the main cast but with clear judgment, most people-and that’s a big MOST, do not think this is some neat trick. It was a neat trick when it lasted for about two episodes, then it turned into ferocious trolling. Truly terrible and utterly stupid execution that messes up the rest of the season. The playful complaining and otaku outrage is expected and to some degree understandable considering that for some reason a lot of people love this show.
    People aren’t going to look at this and be embarrassed, they’re going to compare stupid story telling execution to this Endless Eight. It’s an anime fandom meme now.

  11. I can’t believe ANYONE thought it would go longer than eight episodes. Endless Eight was really neat, in my opinion, and it was pretty cleverly done. Each episode had it’s own sort of style that was fun to watch.

  12. 2 weeks in 2 months, time was spend in slow motion for quite some time now. Fuck you Haruhi. Fuck you Kyoani. May Guin pummel you both to death. In all case, it was still going faster than Bleach.

  13. I don’t find that much difference between the Endless Eight trolling and how all of season 1 was originally aired in disorder…

    If you throw a fit over something no one is forced to pay for to begin with, it’s KyoAni’s and Kadokawa’s business to handle it how they see fit.

    The last 4-5 times watching Endless Eight was boring to watch indeed, but I’m not going to cry over what’s not being done. Heck, I’ll buy up the DVDs if they release them in a reasonable fashion. I already have Season 1, so it’d be kind of weird not to have the rest.

  14. …neat trick. OK, that almost pisses me off. Almost. Sure each episode was re-animated but it was still the same bloody episode. I compare it to snow on a broken TV. Sometimes you get the snow that looks like its falling straight down, straight up, diagonal in all directions, or the still BS. ITS STILL SNOW & its still boring as hell. C’mon folks, this arc was boring as hell and I’m not talking about the fact that it was shown eight times. This episode was just about as boring as the baseball game they played. They just tried to bore the poor 10 ppl that watched all eight episode to death. What you call a trick is what most call a troll. End vent 😛

  15. The thing is, some of the lines Kyon says at the end of this episode wouldn’t really have any impact if this hadn’t gone on for eight episodes. You’ll know what I mean when you see the episode. Kyoani also made some brief references to past episodes too (e.g. cloud imagery) which supports that.

  16. @Ecchigo

    There is an easy to see difference between the Endless Eight trolling and the season 1 being in disorder. The disorder thing was interesting, Endless Eight was just fail

  17. oh goody, it’s ending, oh wait, it was a 13 episode season right? So there is what, like 2 episodes left?

    i hope to god DTB2 will be awesome, cause the first season was awesome, but they didn’t do much with it.

    Darma Shoten
  18. @Corodix
    Agreed, but it’s no excuse to rage on about it the way some people did. And Shimei pointed it out how some of that had to happen for it to work, still they should have covered more than one loop in an episode, that would have been a bit more less tedious..

    @fishies good for you, I don’t think KyoAni will care, unless you actually did business with them…? I’m aware this might be the case too… But yes, Horo ftw.

  19. It’s unfathomable how people can STILL be complaining even after the event is over. My god. STFU already, people come here to enjoy anime and talk about it. If you have a disagreement with something simply state it. You don’t have to go off on some long annoying tangent (Which Most people have restated like a hundred times). Please. We all know that EVERYBODY wants to move on with the story already, but bitching about it for two hours makes nobody feel better. And KyoAni is awesome, and suddenly after making one little blunder you all turn on them. FOR SHAME!!!! Sit back and enjoy the rest of the series and just forget about the “Endless Eight” arc. Cuz it’s over now. So there is no reason to complain about it anymore. and to those of you who keep posting things like “I’m done with this series” and “F#@$ You KyoAni. You Trolled Us…Blah Blah Blah” If you think all of that, Then Why are you still posting on this blog???

    Please. Let’s just be over and done with the negativity already and enjoy what made all of us fall in love with the show in the first place. PHEW! OKAY IM DONE. THIS IS THE LAST RANT YOU WILL EVER HEAR FROM ME.


  20. I’m glad someone out there likes all that battle-axe (or BS) drama going on in horo. I hate drama eating an anime alive like that but its terribly difficult for any anime to survive w/o it. I think haruhi just had a pinch of drama in it at the end of season 1 if you can call what kyon did that but I hope they do Disappearance just so we can get a good shot of it. Maybe it’ll sober us up after having to stagger through this troll.

  21. Uh…has this episode actually aired yet? Everywhere I’ve seen says it’s due for tomorrow. So, in any case, thanks but no thanks a whole lot for ruining whether or not it ended with a lovely front page topic and the unambiguous title. =(

    Blazing Chaos
  22. You know what i’m sick and tired of people complaining about the people who complain week after week about Endless Eight. You go of on endless tangents about the people who go off on endless tangents, complaining how KyoAni sucks. It’s anoying. Stop it. You complain about how its unfair that the haters complain endlessly and we’re here to enjoy anime, but you add to the fire by complaining yourself. Honestly, you guys do it sooo much that i actually had to parody you with this over drawn out post to express how annoying you actually are. In fact i will list some ways you can express your opinion without sounding like a conceited bastard who has nothing to do but to complain about complainers.

    1. “why are you guys still complaining? it’s over with.”
    2. “OMG guys, cut it out already.”
    3. “Are you guys still complaining? do you guys copy and paste your arguments to make it some failed attempt at witty satire by making it the same complaint every weak?”
    etc. etc. etc.

    BTW, that’s what i did, i purposely had the same complaint every week but with some minor changes for the sake of satire.

    this is also satire, so their you go.

    Darma Shoten
  23. lol “good” ending? i disagree… more like an ok ending… this whole damn 30 page story was simply OK!, and they use 8 episodes on it… when instead they could use it on the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, the only thing that would’ve made the 2nd season truly worth watching…

    honestly if they wanna change the story to something better… screw that annoying bitch haruhi, lets focus on Nagato more…

  24. Great, it’s over. But guess what? The damage has been done.

    By wasting eight episodes of the new season that I waited for years for, they’ve effectively lowered my opinion of the anime as a whole. I probably won’t be purchasing any DVD with Endless Eight on it. A story that should have taken two episodes at the most doesn’t deserve a buy.

    I almost want to throw out the Haruhi DVDs I already have. If I could return them, I would, and buy something from a company that doesn’t spit on the fans of its works.

    (If I could find such a company.)

  25. Alright, I was hoping for a season 2 for DTB, a series I felt was a bit unappreciated and with so much more potential. Hopefully we get some more questions answered and more of Yin too! Hei with long hair looks pretty cool too.

  26. so many repetitions, so vexing, so annoying, so craptastic…

    all those minutes hours days…

    were worth it! i felt that the last 5 minutes of this episode was epic… i dont even know why, but it was

  27. I have a feeling this entire “arc” does not count as 8 episodes. This was probably just a bonus for the other anime artists of KyoAni, since, in case you haven’t noticed, all of the art styles differed. Like in one episode, it looked like K-ON, and in another, its style was like Clannad’s.

  28. @magnumslinger:
    Well, it counts as 8 episodes in the sense that that the re-launch of Haruhi is only going to last so long, but it’s not as if there’s a fixed limit to how many seasons they can make for this show (in other words, it’s rather likely that an actual “season two” is coming soon).

    And you are right in a sense about the staff. Each episode was given to a different episode director/animation director and they were given the flexibility to do things in their own way. In a sense, you could say that it’s a staff experiment to see their different approaches in animating the same content. I guess the big difference is that their experiment actually aired on TV and is being sold on DVD. ^^; But in any case, we now proceed with the rest of the show.

  29. So there’s like staff award for the best Endless Eight episode in KyoAni? :s
    @relentlessflame: Agreed.. Rather get it put on DVD… Therefore we have hundreds who are interested than tens of thousands who suffered.

  30. finally, endless eight is over, now we can move on to the next arc! but the way that the story was presented was rather unique. it seemed to troll people, however the ending had a harder punch (it was the ax of the story…), and it is one thing that i have seen in anime for the first time…

    @magnumslinger: i thought i was the only one who noticed the art style’s relationships with other works…

    @emessen: perhaps it’s due to expecting it to not end, and it suddenly ending is epic… perhaps it must be the way nagato felt when she heard that at the same scene…

  31. @Mappy: actually, rather than a shallow talent pool, it’s the opposite. These eight episodes seem to have been done by different teams, like the ones who did K-On, Clannad, etc. From a certain point of view, it shows they can actually be pretty creative, since its the same content, but completely different interpretations.

  32. Well, come to think of it KyoAni would have obviously see this coming(lot’s and lot’s of people losing interest in MoHS season 2) by “replaying” an episode 8 times in a row. Hopefully… they have something up in their sleeves to make us get interested again ‘cuz i don’t think KyoAni’s retarded enough to displease their fans >:)

    Hooray for KyoAni!!!

  33. @mappy: i beg to differ from your point. the fact that they delivered eight episodes in eight unique ways is the proof for debunking your argument. endless eight has made itself epic because of its repetitions, but all have maintained the high quality of animation (seriously, who can do a job like that other than those guys?)

    the tactic was retarded at first, but it’s a first… and it seemed to be effective (at least for those who appreciated it)


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