The idea that Teppei came up with for his party was to take everyone on a trip to the hot springs so that they can experience the vacation of normal people. The girls and the boys end up having separate rooms, but the guys led by Teppei are already planning on how to peek during bath time. The girls, however, are prepared, and Sylvia even brings her sword with her into the bath. The guys’ attempts are thus thwarted, and Seika is furious, but Charlotte is more forgiving. Because of this, the guys and girls are able to have a lot of fun playing ping-pong and doing other activities together. When it comes time to sleep, the girls talk about how they had fun, and Charlotte notes how Teppei was able to change them all. She observes that all of them like him, and since Sylvia is still unsure about the marriage thing, she guesses that Teppei will someday fall in love with someone. Given this, the girls decide to make a pact so that, whoever Teppei ends up choosing, there won’t be any bitterness or jealousy.


This episode was almost entirely devoid of plot until the final couple of minutes, but it managed to be quite hilarious, so I was highly entertained throughout. The random magical girl battle to start the episode, the multiple breakings of the fourth wall, the OP cutting into the episode, and those meta-references to the fog were all great. On the subject, I don’t know why they even bothered to use all that fog this episode since the girls were already covered up most of those times by towels, but at least the staff can joke about it.

The one bit of plot development that was present (in what was a nice scene to end the episode) was that pact which would seem to ensure that things won’t turn really nasty at the end – like a School Days or even a Shuffle-esque ending – but I’m not so sure it’ll hold up. It does though seem to make things less about the girls since they’ve now all acknowledged that they like him and more about Teppei’s own decision. Regardless, it doesn’t change my belief that Teppei will end up with Charlotte if he ends up with anyone at all. From the preview for next week, it looks like they might be introducing Charlotte’s fiancé already, and that might explain why she acted like she did last episode.


  1. this was an episode we knew was coming, so was not the best only few moments were good such as the end and some funny reactions. : and dam the censoring is really bothering, wish dvd or something comes out already

    and about next week, really, who would have guessed she had a fiance, i wonder if its gonna be a one episode rejection of him or will they drag him along with the episode, anyway this settles the One Girl, but would be nice if Teppi goes ok i still got Sylvia and do the doo.. haha

  2. Ah, I preferred last week’s episode to this one, though, this one was more entertaining. I hope some drama or something begins soon. =/ Show need some excitement, but definitely one of the better shows this season.

  3. Loved how the unnamed characters were full aware that they were little more than sacrificial lambs. Still, SO MUCH CENSORING. Makes me almost want to quit the show and just wait for the DVD release.

  4. So now we know what happens when Maria realizes she doesn’t get too much screen time 😛 90% of this episode was trash, but I also found the trash funny as hell. It nearly made me forget the plot in general – uh, yeah, what was the plot again? If I know Charl, & I think I do since I couldn’t find anyway to not end up with her in the game, she’s gonna throw the guy in the garbage throughout the episode until he finally gets the hint.

    Other than that, the episode nearly made me cry with all the GD censors. Some of them didn’t even make sense. And I thought the bats, bears, & cats were bad.

  5. It was quite funny. The moments the unnamed characters “fall for the cause” were the good ones… until the DVD’s are out and we’ll see how much fog they quit. Overall not much history but funny.

  6. I love the Maria scene at the beginning:-)
    I wish they would have shown Sylvia beating up the boys. I miss her sword fighting.
    Overall a wasteful but funny episode.

    Also, why do I get the feeling that Char’s fiance is going to be annoying as hell…

  7. An obligatory onsen episode, but at least half the episode was shamelessly lifted from Fumoffu’s onsen episode, which is a good thing… but the onsen pact is a really cheap cop-out, doing nothing except solidifying the show as harem. Well, that’s what it is after all.

  8. I am personally hoping he gets together with Yuu. But I’ve never seen a visual novel based anime that didn’t end with the main heroine. Maybe Shuffle! as I’m not sure just who the main heroine was meant to be in that. Certainly if they don’t go with Yuu I would play the visual novel just to find out that ending. Also, considering Yuu’s storyline seems to be the only one they haven’t delved into yet, maybe my hopes will pay off.
    Alright, now to have Supercell to tide me over until the next Bakemonogatari!

  9. Grrr. We waited 6 whole episodes for the party, and we get an onsen episode,with fog even the dressing room, and a lame pact, where all the ladies agree to support whichever girl that Teppei chooses. Could we have gotten a more formulaic ending, where Sylvia doesn’t want to pursue a deeper relationship with Teppei because it could ruin a friendship, Seika loses that tsundere edge, and Charlotte well, um comes up with the creative hotspring pact. On the bright side, Yuu actually made a risque comment that seemed out of character of her, and I liked that. This episode seems to clear the way for a really lousy finale where everyone remains BFF and enjoys the remainder of their high school days together.

    I still have faint hope that the series will take a page out of Shuffle’s book, and have each of the girls confess to him directly, and he actually makes a decision on his own (Rin and Asa anyone?). I hope Sylvia ends up with him.

    Canaan rocks
  10. This episode was just so painful to watch, I mean since when does fog flow into changing rooms and hover over specific areas and censoring those three “onsen dream” scenes was just criminal! Roll on DVD versions.

  11. wow i think i laughed at this episode WAAAAAY more than was warranted. freaking funny, i’m loving that nezu dude. and fo some reason when that green haired girl said “an exploding death” malt liquor came gushing OUT MY NOSE! true story.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  12. i like how they parodize kaiji

    he didn’t scream so that they won’t notice,
    in kaiji, so that he will not make the other nervous, he didn’t scream

    and also the drawing…

  13. reminds me of FMP Fumoffu. Seika got drunk on orange juice 🙂

    It’s nice to see some competition for teppei, if that skinny blonde even gonna put up much of a fight at all, either way, i doubt any other male characters will be anywhere near as ripped as teppei is XD

  14. So much for the 4th wall.
    Some people break it, others ignore it, this episode walked into, smacked a few times, kicked over, then finally stepped through it.

    This series is well established NOT to take itself seriously….

    And I love it for that.

  15. Very enjoyable episode, though I find it kind of odd that all the girls were suddenly all ready to admit their feelings Teppei, especially for Seika. I have mixed feelings with the whole pact things, since it will probably kill alot of tension in the future but I’m still not sure if it will be a good or bad thing.

    And I’ll say this again, I got to love how Teppei stands out from other harem leads. This time he’s actually LEADING a peeping attempt at the hot springs.

  16. *in response to fragbet* I think little by little they’ve been putting a bit of Seika’s feelings into for the past couple episodes… even when Teppei was first starting to get into the club, I thought she hinted some affection towards him despite her not liking his family and all. Anymore, I’d say she’s just acting like she isn’t interested.

    I also see Silvia as feeling quite a bit for Teppei… Charlotte is very outward about her feelings but I think Silvia might become more closely bonded with him in the end. Or possibly Yuu will end up being a Cinderella type of ending (though I’m a bit doubtful).

    At least that’s how I’ve been interpreting it 🙂

    *sorry if some of that might be too ‘spoilerish’*

    Anxious for the next episodes… ugh waiting bites


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