Haruko pulls off a sexier maid than Maria. No wonder the latter got sidelined this episode.


When I can’t recall the seiyuu of a character, it usually means they’ve fallen far off my radar. This was the case with Harukaze Chiharu a.k.a. “Haruko”, who’s played Fujimura Ayumi (Shimizu Raimei in Nabari no Ou). Oddly, Ayumi is a seiyuu I normally take notice to, so learning that she plays the student council secretary who secretly works as a maid for Sakuya suddenly put Haruko in a whole new light. See above.


Hayate, let a dead man peep at Maria changing in peace! (…or else we can’t watch damnit!)


“It’s not the same without the MAID SPIRIT!”


I don’t ever recall hearing Suwabe Jun’ichi go off on a whining rant like he did with Ryne Regeoster this episode, but damn was it hilarious. “She’s not a maid at all! I can’t rest in peace without the maid spirit. Hell, I don’t want to!” That was probably the comedic highlight of the episode for me, simply because I’ve never heard Jun’ichi do that with his voice. Good stuff.

Note: I realize there’s some discrepancy over the spelling of his name, but Ryne Regeoster seems to be English spelling the Japanese use.


Hina feeling lonely in the student council room. I would gladly keep her “company”.


Who would’ve thought that Wataru is a maid maniac. You think you know someone and then the truth comes out.


Epic maid turn fail.


Saki senses Wataru’s “manly” desires and refuses to put out. A maid with a flustered face is pure win.


Alone in a dark room with the TV on. Let’s hope Ryne’s hands aren’t where they appear to be…


It was blatantly obvious that they wanted to totally disregard Maria as the token maid character of the series, but I enjoyed it nonetheless because she didn’t do anything to deserve it. If anything, I guess it’s what she gets for being too perfect all the time. i.e. Completely ignored.


It’s like a pet cat striving to get some attention… and not getting any.


Wataru’s emphatic hand gestures were just too awesome. He’s a maid maniac in everyone’s eyes whether he likes it or not.


Newtype senses are tingling. Short skirts, who would’ve thought!


“Nico! Nicoco!” I only enjoyed the fake smiles as much as I did because of Sakuya’s laughter. It’s contagious.


For anyone with an Isumi fetish.


Despite the April date at the beginning of the episode, I admittedly didn’t see this concluding as an April Fool’s joke. This week wasn’t as amusing as previous weeks, nor did it have any advancement in Hayate’s relationships, but it did have its moments. A tearful Isumi being one of them.


“Prepare to get exorcised you meddling dead priest. April Fools this!”


I sense some real fear here. Isumi means business!


Haru’s secret identity revealed. She’s none other than Haruko! /gasp


Hayate’s not too happy about being forced to crossdress (as usual). “Hurry up and die in peace!”



  1. Omg i fell off my chair if i was sitting on one. i’m on the floor sitting instead XD I DID NOT CATCH THAT VOICE HOLY CRAP i’m like you divine lol. I had to reawtch the scenes where Haruko talks. How did i not catch that? Usually I recognize her everywhere too…. AYUMIIIII.
    Loved Isumi meido. didn’t see it was an april fool’s joke either LOLOL, poor her XD! Epic maid fail yes……
    Hina ='[

  2. Ah… Haruko can’t beat Saki or Maria… Perhaps lack of personality, though that might have been intentional… Dunno,But she’s still high-up in the overall rank of maids for me!

  3. if i remember correctly, Haruko/Haru was among the top 10 favorite characters voted in the latest fan voting and it was shown before the opening of an HnG episode… forgot which episode though.

    anyways i like Season 2 better than season 1 mainly because season 1 was almost pure random. I like it though, randomness is what defines Hayate no Gotoku but season 2 is far more superior because it follows a plot but is still combined with randomness that gives it the epic win 😀

    your unknown story

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