After the two of them escape from Charlotte’s over-protective butler, Charlotte reveals to Teppei that her foot is hurt, and he decides to carry her to the infirmary. Charlotte uses the chance to get Teppei to promise to take her to eat at a place his family owns, but in the meantime, their attention is turned to the sudden parachute arrival of a man named Hartmann Bezelheim. Sylvia recognizes him as a businessman from Hazellink, and everyone, including Sylvia, is surprised when he introduces himself as Charlotte’s fiancé. Hartmann plans to stay for a while and has some business with Teppei’s grandfather, and after he leaves the school grounds, Charlotte doesn’t want to talk about her engagement. Teppei acts like he doesn’t mind though and still wants to take her out to eat. Later that night, Sylvia overhears her father talking angrily on the phone about their home country, and she confronts Charlotte about it the next day. As it turns out, there is a secret nuclear weapon storage facility being constructed under the border between their two countries which could threaten their countries’ relations, but Charlotte claims to know nothing about it.

Afterward, Charlotte gets a text message from Teppei saying that he wants to talk with her tonight at the Arima Hills location that she wanted to eat at. Teppei goes there in person to make the arrangements, and while he’s at the front desk, he runs into Hartmann. Hartmann just wanted to greet him, and while Teppei is away from his phone, he misses a call from Charlotte. Hartmann then goes on to meet with Teppei’s grandfather and Sylvia’s father about the situation regarding their respective countries. Charlotte meanwhile gets another text message from Teppei telling when and where to meet, so she sneaks out of home and heads there. The room is empty though, and Teppei is actually back at his house practicing with his sword. When he gets another phone call, he realizes that he’s been missing Charlotte’s calls all night, but when he tries to call her back, no one picks up. Shortly thereafter, he gets a text message referencing what happened to his parents and threatening the person who loves him. Unbeknownst to Teppei, the power at Arima Hills has been cut off, and a force of armed men have arrived.


Well it was pretty obvious that the new guy was going to be Charlotte’s fiancé, but I was caught off guard by the sudden change in the show’s mood. It went from parody and hilarity last episode to very serious this episode with talk of nuclear weapons and with armed men showing up at the end and in the preview. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing – I like how they’re integrating the more typical harem stuff with the intrigue and mystery of who Teppei’s parents’ killer/family enemy is. I wasn’t sure when they were going to come back to that part of the story, and it’s good to see that they’re not neglecting it.

In any case, it seems pretty clear that the most suspicious person is Hartmann’s assistant, especially given all the random shots focused on her. Of course it could be a red herring and she could be an agent on the good guy’s side, but I’m more inclined to believe that she’s in cahoots with the bad guys. I’m also confused as to why Charlotte dropped her cell phone and looked like she’s doubled-over in pain at the end. She looks fine in the preview for next episode though, so I don’t know what’s going on. I just wonder if something bad is going to happen to her given how relatively early they’ve been cementing the fact that they’re going down the CharlotteXTeppei path. I’m very curious to see what happens, and if the preview is any indicator, next time will have plenty of action.


  1. Holy crap did Metal Gear take over the show? First it was typical harem anime fair then all of sudden themes of politics, nuclear weaponry and terrorists!? All of a sudden I’m much more interested now!

    Shucks though, it seems they really are focusing on Charlotte here, but at least we’ll get to see Sylvie kicking ass next episode. I can hardly wait.

  2. This is you opportunity Sylvia! Win the fight against the baddies and for Teps heart. I’m also glad they’re visiting Teppei’s parent’s killers story part too, was wondering if they’d come back to it – and you can’t dislike glowy-eyed ninjuhs.

  3. First I thought the episode was going to be a laugher & then they went completely back to the plot that started this mess. I’m amazed. Heh, now they got us all hyped up for some action.

    How come when you’re dealing with fighting/battles/general good v evil bs in an anime, there’s always a main character or sub character that has the evil party right under their noses. Don’t they know by now that plans of that nature are ALWAYS subject to failure. Bah, & then they have the nerve to walk right pass a character that thinks they’re acting funny & make some silly grin or slight smirk that completely gives them away. That “yeah, I’m up to something so catch me now, haha” face is just too dumb. Not only that, but the woman obviously calls Teppei to lay it on even thicker. Why do bad guys gotta be so damn stupid sometimes. I hope Hartmann runs her through, but that’s asking for too much isn’t it.

  4. She is not doubled over in pain but in fright at the sudden cut of electricity and loss of the light. A lone girl in her situation would most likely feel that way anyway.

    Also, Silvia next episode in hot racing suit. HNGH

  5. Charlotte is starting to take far too much room in my opinion, espsecially when she’s the only girl who have zero talent whatsoever (unless chosing dresses for a date with your friend’s fiancee count as one of course), even Teppei, as in main character, is cast in her shadow (or is it the shadow of or boobs?). Silvia is still having her lonely moments here and there where she have to watch Charlotte flirting with Mr. Arima from afar (will this led to something at all with the massive screentime already dedicated to Charlotte?, not sure) and for a girl who was already shy with her feelings, the decrete of Charlotte’s Hot Sring Truce now prevent her completely from opening her mouth on the subject, insuring a 100% sucess rate in the SharuXTeppei department. She’s still headstrong and that’s a good thing, as proven when she confronted Charlotte about the “how-could-she-know” nuclear facility. On another point: Charlotte’s fiancee, though the preview let me believe he would be a wealthy despicable jackass I was proven totally wrong since he is (for what we could see) a really nice guy with lot of charisma (a fav of mine for now… WTF). Oh, and Yu is still too passive for my taste (she could compete with Silvia in this department) but at least as a maid she share her deal of screentime with Teppei ^^… In conclusion, Charlotte is extremely afraid of sudden blackout. Next time, more Charlotte uselessness (now turned into a damsel in distress for “story development”), more Silvia goodness (it’s not legal to ride a bike with this kind of bosomy, sword ‘scuse me), and guns!!! Can you make Yu into the Chainsaw Maid?

  6. Pretty happy with the return to the original plot. Honestly, the last episode didn’t represent any change in the stories direction. Almost every romantic comedy or harem has some type of beach or hot spring episode.

    I personally liked this show since it did appear to have some more depth than the typical harems. I realize it hasn’t developed the relationship between Sylvia & Teppei but it has developed her character. For those that have read the light novels, don’t they typically focus on a single character? There appears to be one for each heroine and it looks pretty clear the anime is going Charlotte’s way. It could just as easily end without any choice being made although Teppei now has a circle of friends. Each with a different skill set he will need once he inherits the business. That was one of his original objectives in addition to finding who is killing members of his family.

    This is probably not a good choice for anyone looking for straight comedy. If only they would drop the stupid censor blobs. Either that or tone down the fan service so it’s not such a distraction.

  7. Is anyone else annoyed by the fact that Silvia is being ignored? I still think they may go with a Charlotte ending, but things could happen. I mean, look at Canvas2 and School Days.

  8. …I can just imagine, Teppei runs away from all of them. Yuu would most certainly follow but that would be funny as hell. The problem with Silvia is that she forced herself into the background. By the time she becomes honest with herself, it’ll be way too late. But I’ll still get kick out of it – as long as she don’t go type-moon on everyone; she’s already depressing enough.

  9. para que hicieron el pacto ya que con eso va a ganar Charl y pues es bonita y todo pero no me agrada para Teppei, prefiero que mejor se quede con Sylvia ya que tiene mas cosas en comun como la esgrima

  10. You know we are just at the halfway point. If Teppei continues with Charlotte at this pace she will be seen married with kids by episode 9. I’m just saying we have along way to go and Sylvia will have her turn. I’d like to guess that Hartmann might continue to play a role. I wasn’t too sure what got Sylvia so upset when she heard about the engagement. Does she have something going on with Hartmann? Is she upset that Teppei might be get hurt or possibly annoyed that she backed off under false pretense.

    I did seem the other girls are going to be more aggressive now that Charlotte has a bit of a handicap. It seemed most gave up until Hartmann showed up.

  11. ugh silvia is merging with saber in my head..
    mm the ending to this episode reminds me of a recent (last year?) harem anime with a war-trained sister (not akane iro somaru saka – that’s more like the parents >.< )


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