Tama may have looked cuter when he was a cub, but he’s still no kitten.


Hmm, an entire episode dedicated to Tama. Not exactly what I was looking forward to when this second series appears to be only 26 episodes, so here’s to hoping that the last five episodes will involve more of Hayate’s “girl problems”. While I don’t entirely dislike these sort of one-off episodes, it has been two weeks without any real Hinagiku or Ayumu screentime. As such, the only real plus side of this week’s episode was hearing Satou Rina play Jenny, the “four year-old” African tour guide, and doing her version of some gaijin Japanese.

At first, I wasn’t even sure it was her, but there were some obvious signs along the way (if you’re a seiyuu fanatic). The only other person I’m aware of that does bad Japanese accents these days is Gotou Yuuko (e.g. Kate in Sketchbook ~full color’S~). However, it seems like Rina might be moving into Yuuko’s territory after hearing her nonchalant “oh shit” here. (Random thought: I guess this episode wasn’t all that entertaining to me after all if all I can talk about are seiyuus…)

There isn’t much to “analyze” this episode, so let’s see what I can poke fun at shall we?


At times like this, I want to smack Nagi and Maria for their hypocritical remarks like Hayate does.


You know an animal is dangerous when he not only has the claws to kill you with, but verbally threatens you too.


I don’t know why Nagi was doubting Jenny. I mean the gift shop rifle lighter did hold the wild animals off for a few seconds.


“Aren’t we in a huge pinch too Jenny?” *comedic pause*


Nagi and Isumi are a good eight years older now, but they sure as hell don’t seem any smarter. They’re just a bit bigger.


I was going to go with “Magic”, but I like how there was a hidden “Shoot to death” option.


Ryne is still watching “Endless Maid Isumi”. I think I’ve seen enough endless crap this season to last me a lifetime.


Tama’s paranoia of losing Nagi to Hayate and Shiranui just goes to show that he’s a big dumb tiger after all.


Shiranui knows where the “goods” are. Question is, does Izumi have them?


As a fan of Densha Otoko, I admit I enjoyed the 2chan reference here.


Hayate to the rescue! If he can survive being run over by a truck, picking up a tiger with one hand must be nothing.


Gotta give credit to Hayate on knowing when to return the shots.


Next week looks like it’ll have Nagi and Ayumu going at it at a part-time job, so hopefully things pick up from there.


  1. hmm… thats odd… Athena is supposed to show up in the second season if I read it correctly… most likely this will go on to the 2nd half of the 2nd season instead of just 26 episodes… I mean there’s no way on earth they’d animate all the first season and this season… then NOT animate the best part… F. U. Kyoani…

  2. Well, I found this amusing. The whole bit of Tama having to be a cat because there are no tigers in Africa was pretty funny. Plus, the bit of how Tama was using the cell phone to try and get home was pretty good. Trying the GPS and then resorting to phone calls because he didn’t know the address was pretty funny. Still I would like to see more Hinagiku, so definitely get why the posters so far think this was a bad direction to go with only 5 episodes to go.

    Canaan rocks
  3. Athena already appeared in an episode. I love the idea that this goes past 26 episodes, but if they do that, they will be reaching the releases of the manga, and when that happens, its filler for all of us again. I dont mind watching more HnG!! but the pacing will surely be lost and it will become boring once again (see season 1 with SynergySP)

  4. @Stan
    Thats true but the manga is pretty much 100 chapters ahead of the anime, they have enough material to animate another 26 episodes AND STILL have material left. Also Im hoping for a season 3 and “End of the World” arc since its by far the best arc in all of Hayate.

    Also this episode IS indeed important for the future Izumi arc, and it did happen exactly at this point in the manga, too bad the anime wont have enough episodes to animate it (unless they go for 52 episodes :D). At this rate I can see this ending on Sakuya’s birthday.

  5. @Game8910

    You do realize that season 2 started at around chapter 60. We are currently in the 140ish chapters. Assuming that a 26episode will consist of at least 80 chapters, wouldnt that take us to around chapter 220 being animated for the ending IF this is really a 52 episode season? Though the manga would have certainly gained distance again, (manga currently is at 237) Id rather have the season end at 39 episodes, so that the third season (if possible) would start with the End of the World arc.

    Id have to say the the End of the World arc is the best, but after seeing the Hinamatsuri Arc animated, id put the EotW arc a close second to the Hinamatsuri Arc.

  6. Hmm, didn’t they gloss over Sakuya’s birthday in episode 19? I’m often confused by exactly where we stand in the calendar year with Hayate no Gotoku until they explicitly say at the beginning of an episode.

  7. I don’t think the Show Spoiler ▼

    arc or the Show Spoiler ▼

    will be animated this season. Hopefully there will be a third season? I mean the last ten eps of season 1 was supposedly the 4th season, at least according to the fansubs.
    Go Izumi arc! 😀 One more for Hayate 😛 (If you know what I’m talking about.)

  8. probably this will how the episodes will go

    episode 22

    Show Spoiler ▼

    episode 23 – 25 a lot of things to cover

    Show Spoiler ▼

    and Finally Episode 26

    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. It was the last 13 episodes of Hayate first series that was referred to as the 4th season… each 13 episodes = 1 season. For this second season, they’re referring to a different meaning of ‘season’ as far as I can tell.

  10. While a season is generally considered 13-ish episodes (1 cour, i.e. 4 months), I find that anime usually considers any number of episodes “one season” until the show has at least a 1 cour break in broadcasting.

    This would explain why Gundam 00’s 26-50 episodes were considered the “second season” and Hayate’s 53+ are as well.

  11. Although I found some moments funny (like all those random beasts attacking Nagi and 4-year-old ninja Jenny (?) or Shiranui groping Izumi), I think this could have been a good 5-minute side story, but to devote an entire episode was too much

    I’m right now reading the Athena story in the manga (just finished volume 17) and I really wonder if they are going to be able to fit all that much into the remaining 5 episodes or so. Well, they could always make a third season

  12. they’ll also need to do hayate’s trip to asakaze’s shrine with the big croc in chapter 132, considering they show it in the opening. I still think it will go on to 52 episodes.

    curious one
  13. Since there isn’t any indication otherwise, I’ll stick to my original statement that this season “appears to be” slated for 25 or 26 episodes. I’m all for it if it runs the full year like the previous series, so if I find some indication that it will, I’ll definitely pass on the info.

    With that said, it looks like the official site has brief outlines/summaries posted for up to episode 25. As some people have suspected, it looks like:
    episode 23 will involve Show Spoiler ▼

    episode 24 Show Spoiler ▼

    and episode 25 Show Spoiler ▼

    Nothing has been posted for episode 26 onwards, should they be planned.

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