Armed men led by Hartmann’s assistant Josephine shut down Arima Hills and take him, Sylvia’s father, and Teppei’s grandfather hostage. Charlotte gets captured too, and when she questions her captors on why they’re doing this, one of them explains that there are a lot of people who do not think favorably of the Arima financial combine. They’re hoping that there’ll be immediate negative press about this, but the media only reports the power outage thanks to the work of Seika from behind the scenes. What’s more, Yuu and the other maids have swung into action in a computer room, and Yuu is able to regain control of the surveillance cameras long enough for Teppei to see that Charlotte is being held. He decides to go to Arima Hills to save everyone, and he takes the special legged motorcycle with Sylvia who had heard about what happened and insisted on coming along. They are followed by armed men bent on taking them down though, so Teppei activates the motorcycle’s leg missiles to get rid of them.

When the two arrive, they make their way into the building and take out whatever guards they come across, eventually meeting up with the Arima security people. They are then alerted to the fireworks outside, signaling the arrival of an idol group that immediately starts singing. It’s all part of Seika’s plan, and she’s brought a helicopter to help Teppei and Sylvia. In the meantime, Charlotte is hearing the life story of one of her captors who grew up poor near the Arima Hills building, and seeing it every day generated resentment in him. Charlotte admits that she doesn’t understand what he went through, but she feels that he shouldn’t blame them or himself. He laughs, however, at her suggestion that they could try to understand each other and feels that everything she says is nonsense from her affluent point of view.

Over in the reception room, Hartmann tries to struggle with Josephine, but he gets shot and appears to die. Josephine then explains to Teppei’s grandfather and Sylvia’s father that their organization is called Truth, and their goal is to humiliate. She’s done for now though and decides to withdraw everyone. Before leaving, Charlotte’s captor reveals to her that there are bombs placed around the building. Sylvia and Teppei meanwhile encounter no more gunmen and reach the reception room to find Teppei’s grandfather and Sylvia’s father safe and sound. Upon hearing the bad news about Hartmann, Teppei becomes extra concerned about Charlotte and runs around trying to find her. She’s at this moment depressed about what her captor had said to her, but she brightens up when she hears Teppei calling for her. The two are soon reunited, and after the initial wave of emotion, Charlotte remembers the bombs.


Well, if you were expecting a classic love-triangle relationship drama, then this episode will likely disappoint you, but if you’re in it for pure entertainment, then this episode was hilarious and awesome in a very absurd sort of way. I mean, it featured a computer room full of maids hacking away, comedic perverted terrorists, motorcycle leg missiles which led to this absurd scene, the semi-random appearance of an idol group singing a very familiar song (which I’ve been told is on the OP single), and Sylvia even dived out of a helicopter and tore her clothes off mid-air, only to be fully dressed again by the time she landed.

It was all great fun, but as a result, the story leaves a bit to be desired, even past the lack of developments on Sylvia/Charlotte/Teppei love triangle. In particular, everything about Josephine and her side’s motivation seemed petty and stupid, and I groaned when Charlotte’s captor was talking. I do think though that there’s a possibility they’re setting Charlotte up to renounce her wealth/status so that in the end she and Teppei can live more like his parents did.

Of course the big development relationship-wise was that they appear to have killed off Hartmann. Bang, one shot while he was struggling with his evil assistant, and no more fiancé problem. If only all stories like this could get resolved so easily. It’s not even like Teppei and Charlotte needed the help since, as shown by their reunion, they’re very clearly in love with each other. It’s very hard to see how Sylvia has any chance anymore, and if Hartmann is out of the picture too, then it should be relatively smooth sailing. There is always though the chance though that Hartmann isn’t really dead and is the actual villain behind all this, but even if that happened, I doubt it would impact Teppei and Charlotte’s feelings for each other.

In any case, this isn’t over yet since those bombs are still around, and maybe next week’s episode will be more relationship focused.


  1. Well it’s been kind of obvious since the start that Teppei will end up with Charlotte. But I was still hoping they did twist it to surprise me. I was rooting for Sylvia though… Not sure why but yeah, it’s kind of boring since they still have 5 more episodes to go. So I expect more development on Charlotte and Teppei’s relationship. I thought it was a bit too early to decide but maybe something may happen.

  2. Well as each episode passes, so does any hope of a non-Charlotte pairing occur. Oh well, I don’t hate her, I just like the others better. I just find it jarring how quickly all the competition got curb stomped.

    Hopefully, Hartmann is okay he wasn’t such a bad guy. Heck he has balls to go against an armed person.

    Really liked the episode at least, it was fun, awesome and hilariously absurd in equal measure.

  3. Not that it matters but there is always the possibility Hartmann setup the whole death scene. He might be the one behind the entire plot. Just speculation. Anyway, this was a really good episode. Nice combination of action and comedy. The over the top stuff seemed to be intended to lighten the tone. Otherwise we would have something totally different.

    This series does appear to be more romantic comedy than harem. I know all the elements are there but Teppei’s never really looked at any of the other girls in any serious way. Alot more episodes to go but we still have the whole “family death” plot to resolve and sort out the fiance issue.

    Feel bad for Sylvia but she was never in the running. I am a bit curious with this direction since the first two light novels focused on Sylvia. Am I wrong? There are something like 5 or 6 novels out for each of the girls, including one of those idols.

  4. @bork
    Yep. First girl rule. At least it’s not the imouto ending anymore. Been watching quite a few animes and got annoyed when obviously there’s clearly a Teppei-Charlotte type but ended up with the imouto due her being the first girl.

    I want more Sylvie stilllllllll….. Sigh. Her body rivals Charlotte right?
    And what about the other 3 girls? More screentimeeee..

  5. Anyone know how many episodes this is supposed to run? Comments above seem to indicate there’s only 5 more episodes to go – why bother even introducing other love interests if this is all the effort they’re going to put into creating love triangle drama?

    I know .. I’m just bitter cause I’m a Sylvie supporter >_<

  6. Facepalm rate has never been higher in this series. Charlotte’s ultimate uselessness once again prevail, director is obviously more in love with her than anybody else. What about the people who manage to focuse their attention on more intesting characters, eh? They watch Guin Saga I guess.

  7. hardly, she’s that abominable ditzy type which always makes me want to strangle someone.
    But it’s not as if Ditzy was having any competition. Saber and Maido keep getting shafted and even Flatchest is all too amicable.

    What a surprise I totally expected the standard battle maido corps and instead we get the Arima riot police.

  8. This is what I hate about harem games adapted to anime. In the games you have a choice, in the anime its usually pretty damn obvious who they pick out for the main protaganist early on and the competition is over pretty quick. Why even bother with the other girls at all, much easier to make them side characters to start with and focus on other things.

  9. And no Alive you aren’t the only who doesn’t want the Charlotte/Teppei ending. After the first episode I thought Charlotte’s character had hope. But she’s gotten ditzier and ditzier since, she’s just such a shallow character.

  10. Bah, after screwing around with the game so long until I gave up, I had to find out how to get the other ending by cheating (which I really hate to do) Charlotte is Teppei’s shadow. She’ll basically go along with anything he wants to do. However, she’s not a maso. Her damn helplessness in this crap just makes it completely impossible for Teppei to get ‘mean’ with her like he could in the game…unfortunately there was only a single part in the game where you could get ‘mean’ & still not have her grabbing for you at any given turn. But the situation was so messed up that it would have degrade me to do so. Basically you’ll end up with Charl in the game unless you’re a heartless bastard – even I have my limits 🙁

  11. Here I had hoped there would more development of Teppei’s history, but I shouldn’t be surprised. How quickly he has adapted to his new life of luxury with no sign of grief over what he lost has always put me off.

  12. I’m positive: Hartmann’s the villain. He’s a billionaire with a) an unreliable staff who b) can’t tell when resistance is futile? Maybe, if he’d been shot by anyone other than his assistant. Maybe, if the prima facie bad guys had stated an actual objective. But when neither’s true? I’m pretty sure that Hartmann is faking his own death for reason’s not yet ‘fully’ apparent. Sure, he’s probably trying to hide that he’s behind the secret weapons lab discovered in Ep. 7. But I think there’s more. I think he’s acting out a vendetta against Arima. I think that’s why the preview from Ep. 7 mentioned the murder of Teppei’s parents. Oh well, the clouds will part in due time. I have a hunch that I’ll have to wade through a couple of episodes before finding out though 🙁

  13. Is not always ” first girl rule”

    Ichigo 100% didn’t follow that, which is a shame cause I hate that ending so much. I am not a big fan of first girl rule but for Ichigo 100% I wish they pick the ” first girl rule” since the girl he pick is my least favorite out of the 4, my favorite was the first girl or even the energetic girl was better.

    Shuffle as well, in the anime he pick one girl but in the manga he got them all which to me is the best ending out of all these harem anime/manga, I always hate stories where they forcing the main character to pick one person, my question is WHY? why does in order for two ppl to be happy, others have to suffer and feel depress, why can’t the main character just grab them all and everyone can be happy then. Screw all these stupid moral about 1 to 1 match up, if 3 or more ppl is in love with each other why the f@#% does it matter what other think, if everyone can be happy in the end staying with the person they love, isn’t that the most important part.

    So if all 4 girls are in love with Teppi then screw that, he should just grab them all and make 1 wife and 3 mistresses, is not like he goner have any financial trouble with feeding all of them.


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