Hayate looks on attentively as Ayumu reveals her sexy underwear. Don’t blink!


I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but sometime over the course of this season my expectations of this series shifted far off the quirky comedy that it’s known for. It could be because J.C. Staff got all the juicy romance bits from the manga to animate, making me think this is a romance comedy rather than a random comedy. Assuming that this is the case, I’m left a bit torn when an episode doesn’t have much pertaining to Hayate’s relationships or feature some of the “key players” vying for his affection.


Nagi should be glad Hayate only asked for a wrist watch, otherwise she’d really know the pains of earning her own money.


Let’s take this week’s episode for example. While we did get a “good” awkward moment between Hayate and Ayumu featuring her lingerie (which was very cute/sexy lingerie I might add), I just wasn’t feeling the aftermath enough due to the comedic aspect sidelining all of it with references to Suzumiya Haruhi and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (…I think). On the same notion, Hinagiku was sort of around in the beginning, but only as a character to help set up the rest of the episode. Her role in “my” version of Hayate no Gotoku!! is quite different than that of a preamble-building side character.


I know Hina, it’s not fair that this is all the screentime you get. It hurts me too.


We need more of these piercing stare attacks to raise the tension!


And definitely more of these awkward moments to get our blood “flowing” if you know what I mean.


Raging otaku ruining the ambiance. This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last.


Here, a literally “raging otaku” standing up for crappy cop-out endings. If only we could all verbally attack writers who ended series badly.


On any other usual day with a Hayate episode, I’d be more than content to see some Maria cosplay. However, given the recent stuff that’s been animated, I was hoping to see a bit more of Ayumu and Nagi fighting over Hayate and not Maria and our manga-ka stealing the latter half of the episode.


Funny how Maria’s willingness to go undercover and cosplay mirrors Tanaka Rie’s.


Yes! This is the kind of direct confession/proposal we need in this series! Too bad it’s not with these characters…


What it ultimately comes down to is me expecting J-drama-type romance when we have a combat butler comedy. While I loved having my delusional head around the former, having a random comedy with sparks of romance littered throughout isn’t so bad. At least we have Sakuya’s birthday coming up next week and she’s always fun to watch with her dazzling fashion sense. I don’t need any romance to enjoy some good ‘ol Ueda Kana.


This has been my reaction lately when I’m snubbed with random comedy.


Dazzling fashion sense, but should a 14-year-old really be dressed like this? Not that I’m complaining or anything…


As I mentioned in the comments last time, this current “season” of Hayate looks like it’s slated for 25-26 episodes. I haven’t come across any indication of it going on for longer, but I haven’t seen any confirmation of it ending either. The official site has brief outlines/summaries for the next three episodes, which include some really good romance stuff (or so I’ve been told). I’ll be pretty disappointed if the series peaks on that note and just abruptly ends after, but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s truly 25-26 episodes.


  1. Just going to jam into you’re discussion here, divine and chewy :D, a great example of a 14 year old with “those boobs” would be none other than… Our 2 favourite NGE girls Asuka and Rei who are both equipped with goodness.

    Also in general, the lack of Hina really has me dying a little more inside as each precious episode passes by. I really do hope it’s going to be another 52 episode-er like the last season or at least end with a proper conclusion rather than the usual open ending for these type of stuff… *sigh*

  2. Would you blog Hayate anime if female characters had slightly, or even much bigger breasts?
    I like Hayate no Gotoku anime and manga very much, tit size is not an issue, because the comedy is so good. Usually i like animes with well endowed female characters most, i don`t give a damn what politically correct, self-made taste judges say.

  3. SirMuffin:
    Good call on the NGE girls. 🙂 I’m with you on getting some sort of “semi-conclusion” at the end of this anime adaptation too.

    I don’t really care what’s realistic either in terms of breast sizes in anime, but I am turned off by ridiculously large ones like those in Sekirei and Princess Lover. But even then, something as meager as that didn’t stop me from watching either of those series. In fact, I enjoy(ed) them both.

  4. *sigh*….

    I just don’t know anymore who to support…

    anywho I’ll stop there before I say something about it…

    but anyways :3… I’m gonna go ahead and make a 90% assumption a 3rd season will be made… all because of Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Refused to believe you last time you mentioned the series would end at episode 25/26 but alas, it seems I have to accept this cruel reality. Just hope we’ll get more Hayate (or rather more Hinagiku) next spring.

  6. Hopefully this season will 52 episodes (and with more seasons to follow, of course).

    Typically, a 26 episode series doesn’t have a new opening song come in so late…but that’s just my perspective.

    Joe Stan
  7. I see it’s the return of Sakuya’s Gothic Lolita fashions. All hail!

    Also, Wataru definitely picked up the ‘pimp’ moves from Hayate, given the harem he’s been developing as of late (possibly Sakuya, definitely Sister Sonia, possibly Saki, and maybe one member of the student council).

  8. Want to add another reference that was made…

    Tera Yamato = Kira Yamato lol
    I think Nagi was referring to Gundam SEED ep 35 in which Kira…well go watch it if you wanna know.

    Anyways, this ep covers the manga chapters 138-140, so if it somehow disappointed you by inserting random Maria cosplay and anime references, blame the manga.

    I’ve always enjoy the randomness of this show. You can’t expect too much development in the romance department.

  9. romance will develop, eventually, hopefully
    Hina and Ayumu helping out/working in the same cafe…might lead to something…hm…
    lucky Hayate 🙂 any lighter, Ayumu’s diaphanous clothing will have to be censored 😀

    Saki definitely likes Wataru, as with Sonia –> a small harem aside from Hayate’s big harem XD (not sure where Isumi fits, since she had hoped that Hayate could have been her hero, but Wataru likes her; not sure where Sakuya fits either)

  10. Ayumu was wearing an even more nose-blood-inducing lacy bra in the manga rather than this camisole underwear we’re seeing here.

    Guess even a simple lacy bra was deemed too steamy, even when this second series is shown in a late night timeslot, huh?

    (The first series was shown in an early morning timeslot and hence can be forgiven for some of the more “creative” censorship, a lot of which were used to great comedic effect even. )

    Oh well, guess I shouldn’t complain, as there’s always the DVD. Wonder if the DVDs will display even more of Ayumu? :p

    Kinny Riddle
  11. The current series WILL end at…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Also, there’ve been a really interesting development in the manga…

    Show Spoiler ▼


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