Dan is able to get backstage of the Eclipse concert with Flora’s help, and he eventually finds Rouge. When he tries to talk to her however, she doesn’t recognize him and thinks he’s just a fan. Violette and Citron come and calm her down after she calls for help, and they pretend that they don’t know Dan. Citron instead writes him a message on a basketball and sends him on his way. Dan and Flora thus have no choice but to leave and join back up with Haruka and the others who just arrived in Skybloom. As for the message Citron wrote, they figure out that it’s suggesting that they barge in on the concert, so the team of Dan, Sela, and Flora board their Bigfoots and get ready to go. That night, during the middle of the concert, right at the exact moment Citron expects it, Dan bursts into the concert hall in his Bigfoot and challenges Rouge to a game of Basquash. Citron and Violette of course have Eclipse’s Bigfoots ready, as well as a goal above the stage, and they take the game out into the city. When Rouge faces Dan, she still doesn’t remember who he is, but she gets painful pulses in her head when she thinks about him.

Flora eventually gets the ball and tries to shoot, but she gets knocked out by one of the security force Bigfoots. She’s protected though by Navi who then takes her place in the match. Flora’s father is shocked to see all this, but her sister Aulora isn’t. She questions if her father cared about where his other daughter was and what she was doing, and she believes that Flora is fighting to change the future. Dan meanwhile likens Rouge’s current game to that of a robot, and he decides to remind her of what true Basquash is. Seeing Dan use his special bouncing ability evokes certain feelings in Rouge, and she starts playing and talking like she used to. With Dan leading, both of their Bigfoots start glowing, and as they head towards the goal, the ground below the city starts glowing as well. Rouge soon realizes that the feelings she’s experiencing are familiar, and when Dan declares that he’s the Basquasher Dan JD, her memories of him come flooding back. With Rouge back to her old self, she and Dan return to the stage and shoot the ball together while airborne, ending the match. What they don’t realize is that their shot hitting the ground also causes a reaction underground where Thousand has been working and waiting.

Dan and Rouge are happy to be back together, but after they land on the stage, Yang orders his security forces to shoot at Dan’s Bigfoot, shocking everyone and causing Rouge to scream.


Well I wasn’t surprised that Dan was able to get Rouge’s memories of him back through playing Basquash, but I was sort of surprised that it happened so quickly and easily. That’s not really a bad thing though: with what they have left to cover, it’s better that they didn’t drag this out, and I actually enjoyed watching the episode a lot. It felt more than climactic enough, and all the music and insert songs combined with the action made everything extra exciting, doing a great job keeping me glued to the screen and getting the opening song stuck in my head again.

I wasn’t though expecting them to injure and knock out Dan so close to the end, and I’m not sure where they’re going with that. Maybe he’ll wake up more powerful than before and save the world or something. I’m kidding of course, and I hope whatever does happen is more creative than that. In any case, they also revealed less about what Yang and Thousand were up to than I expected (I’m really curious about that ground pattern and what it might have to do with the planets colliding), but I guess that’ll be part of the focus of the final four episodes. Incidentally and amusingly enough, next episode is titled “Cause Slash Said So”.


  1. @Tsubasa: About falcon, that sounds promising ‘cuz seems like iceman and falcon have become buds or something, so seeing falcon means seeing iceman.
    Also I would hate them if they dicided iceman just disappeared into oblivion of destroy balls or something like that.

  2. slightly related,but I have a question/inguiry.Umai subs said they were dropping basquash.there were some jokingly comments from their ep21 post.Does anyone know if it was a joke post or if its for real???

  3. Ya, I heard abou that as well. Turns out they were jus messing around or they reconsidered…not sure but they are still going to sub.

    They said cuz someone, not going to mention names (bloo), that they aren’t the best…maybe a bit tense but a little on jumping the gun. So they are still going to sub it don’t worry.

  4. No biggie.I’m just glad fans of the show like myself can continue to enjoy Basquash in Subbed HD glory.Besides that,I’m practicing japanese studies and watching bad or so-so subs for shows confuses me alittle so I’m glad Umai’s back on top(err,were they ever off??eh,I’m just glad that I didn’t have to resort to an inferior sub for this ep).Does anyone know about a would-be “basquash! season 2” rumor I’ve been hearing about?

  5. Not sure about season 2. They have prolonged the jump to the moon for a long time, but they may just end it in 4 short episodes. Who knows, but if there is a season 2 expect a lot of fillers or a new plot. Maybe it will be better….

  6. Who cares where Iceman is, lol. He’s the weakest character design-wise.

    I wasn’t surprised about the whole “moon might hit the earth thing” but I don’t know why. I think I got that impression from something said early on in the series without realizing it. I also kind of think that Yan is using that as a cover up for something he’s REALLY trying to do. Maybe he wants more ultimatium or whatever it’s called…I also think it’s no coincidence that same pattern is found in the RUINS. Definitely bad news.


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