Despite the fact that the pond is gated off-limits, Haruhi doesn’t let that stop her and leads the group to the water to shoot another battle scene. To everyone’s surprise, Haruhi has another contact lens for Mikuru to wear, and that leads to Yuki tackling Mikuru and removing it again. Kyon worries about what kinds of things will happen if they keep shooting, but Itsuki worries about what Haruhi will do if they refuse to continue. Haruhi then has Taniguchi, Kunikida, and Tsuruya throw Mikuru into the pond, and afterward, she decides that they should shoot the indoor scene between Itsuki and Mikuru. Since Mikuru is still wet, Tsuruya offers the use of her nearby home, and it turns out to be huge. Mikuru later emerges from the bath wearing only a t-shirt, and after gulping down the drink Tsuruya gives her, Haruhi has her shoot the next scene. In it, Haruhi tries to have Itsuki kiss Mikuru, but before they can, Kyon stops them. He gets even more angry when he realizes that Haruhi had Tsuruya put alcohol in Mikuru’s drink, and Haruhi’s treatment of Mikuru leads to an argument between him and Haruhi.

Kyon feels that Mikuru isn’t Haruhi’s toy, and when Haruhi declares that Mikuru is, Kyon nearly hits her. He’s stopped by Itsuki, but after Haruhi declares again that she’s in charge and that defying her isn’t allowed, Kyon wants to discipline her even more. The situation is ultimately defused by the drunk Mikuru who doesn’t want them to fight and falls asleep at Kyon’s feet. After leaving Tsuruya’s home, Itsuki takes Kyon back to the shrine and shows him the white pigeons that have suddenly shown up there, just like Haruhi had wanted. Itsuki goes on to suggest that their current world is a failure, and Haruhi’s mission is to correct this. He thinks that they might be the ones who are wrong and that they might not be part of the correct world. The next day at school, Itsuki explains to Kyon that Haruhi thought that he’d always take her side, and Itsuki wants Kyon to cheer her up. It’s not until Kyon hears Taniguchi complaining about yesterday that he realizes that he’s the same way, and this irritates him enough to find Haruhi and declare that they should make this movie a success. Haruhi is happy to hear this, but she acts as if he’s saying something that was a given.

Unfortunately, the next thing Haruhi brings into reality is cherry blossoms blooming even though it’s autumn. She also decides that they need a cat for Yuki.


This was another good episode, but I really wish Kyon had actually hit Haruhi. She really deserved it, and I would have loved to see her reaction and what would have happened to the world as a result. Then again, I would also love to see Kyon kiss Mikuru in front of Haruhi just to piss her off. In any case, I’m disappointed that Haruhi ultimately got her way again, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since we all know that the movie eventually got made. At the very least, this conflict certainly kept this part of the story from being boring, though I will say that some of Itsuki’s conjectures about Haruhi and the world came close. Along those lines, I also enjoyed seeing drunk Mikuru and was amused by how Yuki grabbed her face and tackled her again earlier in the episode, and I’m looking forward to seeing the cat Shamisen next week. As I mentioned last week though, that’ll probably be the last new episode because this broadcast run will likely finish out with four episodes from the original run.


  1. I really wish Kyon would quit the club. Truth be told, if I found out that I’m stuck with an eccentric egotistical bitch – who isn’t afraid to commit date rape – I’d quit that club, despite knowing that the world may very well end. As much as I like Haruhi, she’s basically a spoiled child at heart and it’s fine time someone started showing her the consequences to her actions. Itsuki’s group pamper to her every whim. The time travelers are too afraid and too incompetent to do anything. And the aliens will just stand by and watch the world go to hell without batting an eye.

    Kyon needs to start stepping up to the plate a bit more and realize that when God is getting out of hand, someone needs to roll up the newspaper and bop God on the nose.

  2. I enjoyed reading this part quite a bit, so I’m looking forward to watching. Kyon, ballsy raised fist is ballsy.
    Also, “I really wish Kyon had actually hit Haruhi.” Shame on you, a slap would have sufficed – she did get you that drunk Mikuru scene, after all.

  3. I’m almost wondering if Haruhi’s motivation behind all this is just simply jealousy. She noticed him aiming the camera at Mikuru’s chest and that he’s been somewhat protecting her. His outright defiance of Haruhi near the end of the episode (to protect Mikuru) likely redoubled her jealousy. She’s depressed because she’s not being noticed (by the one person she wants to notice her), she’s showing signs that she’s interested in his attention by trying to put her hair in a ponytail at the end, noticing Kyon she quickly stops.

    Alexander Morou
  4. @Alexander Morou
    Huh, I noticed she was putting her hair up but I didn’t think about the whole Kyon liking ponytails thing. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    All in all, I liked this episode quite a bit. Lots of Kyon x Haruhi tension.

  5. Thanks Alexander Morou for the interesting point of view; I haven’t thought of it that way. It certainly seems logical (I don’t remember enough of the novels to know the reason behind Haruhi’s actions).
    I also like Kyon standing up to Haruhi again; spoiled brats are too troublesome :S

  6. That scene really brought some much needed drama into the comical nature of the series. Personally I’m glad he didn’t hit here, sure the ways she acts is annoying and downright odd but even that doesn’t qualify a smacking. Personally I found here face at the moment Koizumi stopped Kyon really hit home what was going through her mind.

    My only misgiving was I would have preferred the reconciliation scene at the end was longer (and a little more heart-warming, I want a nervous / slightly scared Haruhi that needs consoling).

  7. frog212,

    If you’re hating Haruhi for being a spoiled brat, her deviant behavior is likely due to what was mentioned earlier, jealousy. If Kyon is her target and he’s sticking up for someone else, she’s going to dislike that other person, in a position of power over the one disliked (Mikuru), she’s likely to do things that will punish her, even though the one she’s really mad at is Kyon (Haruhi doesn’t punish him, not directly at least, because she prefers his favor towards her).

    She’s simply being human, motivations for actions are typically very plain to see. I think her indirect punishment towards Kyon is the entirely random scene with Koizumi at what was supposed to be his place. To place Mikuru in a scene that would really irk Kyon is his punishment, which is partly why I think she dismissed his arguments towards the randomness of the scene change (because of the diffusion of the previous scene at the lake.)

    Now this is purely conjecture, I could be completely off base.

    Alexander Morou
  8. ..i liked this episode, but still kyon is holding back about his feelings about haruhi…haruhi likes him, guess he likes her but asahina too..we’ll see in later acrs…can’t wait..i’m going to read the novels summary somewhere

  9. Hating Haruhi? Well, that is a good sign. I say, if you can make someone love or hate the character you have created, then you succeed. And after all, where else would you find an anime with moe alien, drunk time-traveler, gay-mage and a b*tch God in it?
    By the way, isn’t it interesting?
    The moment Haruhi saw a fist lifting up to hit her, her face made me think she was about to cry, but she decided to keep on her attack turning her resentment into anger.
    The next day Kyon makes it up with her, sakura blossoms (in autumn!). Of couse Haruhi understands she was not right bullying Mikuru to get Kyon’s interest, and she is kinda happy he has forgiven her. That just my point of view anyway. I think I like Haruhi even more now.

  10. @Actarus: You can read the first 9 novels, translated by Baka-Tsuki; I’ve been waiting forever for the 10th novel :S

    anyways, Koizumi actually says “Haruhi is a special person given god-like powers” (or something to that effect); could this mean that someone else is god? perhaps Kyon? I still believe Kyon is god, but that’s just my opinion.

    I would have stopped Kyon’s fist too – no need to resort to violence; and Yuki just observes like always…I want to see her in more action! 😀

  11. @Alexander Morou:
    I get that you like Haruhi and sympathizes with her, but it’s almost like you’re excusing her actions. She’s, as you said, in a position of power, yet even when she abuses it to the extreme, your post makes it seem like, somehow, all is excusable because she’s having a very “human” response. Kyon’s anger was also a very human response, and in his case, he’s actual doing the right thing. Jealousy isn’t a good enough excuse for abuse, especially when she’s taking it out on someone who’s essentially an innocent third party. While Future!Mikuru probably planned it, current!Mikuru can’t help the fact that Kyon’s attracted to her. And Haruhi has no right to take anything out on her because she’s displaying very human-like emotional responses.


    I haven’t watched the episode yet so I don’t know, but was Haruhi shown to be repentant at all? By the summary, Kyon cheers her up later on because she ended up depressed when for all intents and purposes, Kyon’s anger was warranted. Apart from being a god-like being, was there a reason for Kyon being made the bad guy without any seeming mention of Haruhi realizing she was in the wrong?

  12. Calm down, dear ppl, remember this is only fiction. I can find that fight beetween Haruhi and Kyon in Tsuruya`s house in novels. KyoAni has altered the story a lot from novel.
    I guess we won`t see hot scenes with Yuki and Itsuki in Itsuki`s (?) school either. Next episode will be 00, which shows the whole (?) movie, followed by Live a Live (with Enoz`s concert), and The Day of Sagittarius.

  13. Savofenno, what do you mean? The fight between Haruhi and Kyon, including him trying to hit her, is exactly like that in the novel, volume 2, chapter 4. There’s no difference there, everything I read in the summaries here so far are things I actually read in the novels.

    Speaking of that chapter, here’s an interesting statement from our friendly Esper: “Someone granted Suzumiya-san omnipotent god-like powers, yet they did not allow her to become aware of it. If there were a God, then Suzumiya-san would be the person chosen by God. But no matter how you look at it, she’s just a normal person.”
    More material pointing at the Kyon is God theory. ^_^

    Michael Chandra
  14. Sorry, but i did read Baka-Tsuki`s Vol.6 chapter 3 “Asahina Mikuru`s Adventure Episode 00”. The house where filming is going on is called “Itsuki`s Enormous House”. Vol.2 ch 3 is as you said, and much more like anime`s story. Why is this filming-a-movie arc spreaded to several volumes in novels?

  15. To those who hate Haruhi (the person) I’d say: you were meant to. This story is meant to show her in a bad light: so out of control that even Kyon steps up against her. He is right in that left on her own Haruhi will become fully intolerable.

    Kyon just provided the first real reason for Haruhi to consider calming down: she could lose Kyon. Remember she was willing to destroy everything, EVERYTHING, except him. She gave up the world she wanted to make for him. He nearly hit her and yelled at her and her first response: look for sexy for him. Think about that.. she can change anything and anyone she wants but for Kyon she changes herself. There’s many who’ll do the exact opposite.

    She doesn’t know how to interact with people. Everyone’s been scared or put off by her, letting her get her way. The only message she hears is ‘Give up on Santa and conform’ (remember Kyon’s opening speech and Haruhi’s childhood). Many people rebel to that. Most people don’t have the god-like power to back it up though.

    So unconformity + power = abuse and she’s now the loathsome thing you see before you. Should you hate it? Of course. Think she won’t change? You forgot the Live Alive episode.. or else got too caught up by the music and cosplay to catch the meaning behind it. Did she get her way? Perhaps, but now she knows fear. She has a glimpse of what she REALLY wants and needs and it sure isn’t giant monsters and a remade world.

    It’ll take time for her to adjust to that and calm down. You may still not like her so much afterwards, but at least she won’t be as deserving of a punch to the face.

  16. Nope, doesn’t. I’ll just use the usual spoiler tag then.

    Allow me to quote this from Chapter 3 of Sighs, which was before Kyon was even compelled to beat up Haruhi.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I still remember this part vividly as I happen to translate this chapter before. As this really defines Kyon’s overall attitude when dealing with Haruhi.

    While it sounds like Kyon is extremely scornful of Haruhi, but by actually being concerned about Haruhi’s future, Kyon sure does not sound like someone who would abandon a troublesome friend/relative just because he/she is unreasonable, otherwise, he would have left Haruhi already.

    Rather, he’s more like an annoyed parent genuinely worried about how his extremely misbehaving child will survive in the long term. Him being compelled to slap/beat her up also stems from that concern, even though it may not be the right solution.

    Kinny Riddle
  17. @Michael Chandra
    Its slightly different actually. From what I remember in the novel, Kyon WANTED to hit Haruhi and almost did, in the anime he actually TRIES to. Overall, I think it worked better in the anime because it got a genuine reaction from her.

    As for Haruhi, this is all based on the novel Sighs after all. On being a bitch, Haruhi was at her worse here. Fortunately she DOES get character development and gets better. A LOT better. The Live A Live episode is a crowning example of this. And in the novels she mellows out a lot too. The Valentine chapter in the novels for example was just so beautiful and shows how far Haruhi has grown.

    I wouldn’t feel sorry for Mikuru really because its pointless. Her future self clearly shows that she considers her time with the SOS as fond memories. So I’m pretty sure it would be water under the bridge for her at some point.

  18. ilya,

    No, not excusing. I’m merely analyzing her behavior, and saying that it’s not abnormal behavior. Jealousy brings out the worst in people.

    Kyon’s reaction was so severe because Haruhi was let go to such an extreme (her method of procuring the items for the movie, her outfits for Mikuru, the physically forceful nature at which she tries to coerce others, her tantrums towards being stopped by Kyon altering the world state such that harmful and dangerous effects resulted (Mikuru beam)), he was probably wanting someone else to step in and put a stop to her rampage sooner, or at least have someone back him up on the matter. Koizumi even stopped Kyon from objecting to throwing Mikuru into the lake/pond. You could tell by Kyon’s internal monologue that he was slowly getting fed up with the entire thing. He objected to parts of the scenes with bullying Mikuru but Haruhi merely turned her face away from him in defiance, dismissing it as if his opinion didn’t matter: this was her getting even with him.

    I’m glad that he didn’t hit her, he would’ve more than just startled her, since his fist was balled up, it would’ve given her a black eye, at least. While she was being a spoiled brat, it hardly warrants that level of physical abuse.

    Kyon’s only correct action was stopping her.

  19. Lessee, is it supposed to work like this?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Seems like he actually was trying.

    Michael Chandra
  20. He should have just hit the bitch instead of letting the yaoi-faggot stop him.

    Never really saw the appeal of this series. Haruhi has constantly annoyed me to death.

    I’m not even following this second season, just reading what’s said here to get an idea of how bad it is. Kyon was this series’ only saving grace, but he not beating the shit outta the bitch has just relegated him to froob protagonist in my book.

  21. To be honest, this was my favourite episode of the second season. Kyon doing what he did really put some drama as well as the excitement factor that the original haruhi had. Never would have expected Kyon to burst like that.

  22. I’m really 50/50 on whether it was a good idea to not hit haruhi and whether it was a good idea to hit haruhi. #1 Haruhi is obviously jealous, as many of u said, but slaps? punches? not the best ideas. Haruhi+Anger/Stress=Grave Danger for the world.

    P.S. anyone know if there’s gonna be an episode 14? or Season 3? If episode 13 was the ending, they DEFINATELY have to make a new season. The ending made no sense.

    P.S.S Anyone have any hints/details/forums/websites that tell u the dates for the next episode or season?

  23. (Bullshit! On) Kyon, just get it over already. Rape her; screw her over until yall both fall out. There, I said it. Shit if Haruhi was the god of this world, I would go find another world. But the only things that’s keeping this show from unraveling are Haruhi’s antics & Kyon’s reactions – but it is getting kinda boring. Whatever the true forces are behind this god-kid experiment mess needs their asses kicked (Bullshit! Off)

  24. Kyon needs to do something, fuck the fact that Haruhi is some kind of god, I would have hit her long ago or at least left her side and ignore her. She may be hot but her personality is annoying.

    the bitch needs some physical treatment.

  25. oh,every one,based on what i read,VOLUME 10 IS ON THE WAY NOW,the author had started it,who knows,it might come out next year,

    the most shocking part is,the author actually didnt continued it in the past 2 or 3 years,but im hoping that what i read is right,because i want to read the volume 10

    anyway,awsome episode,its even more intensed than the novel with the effects

  26. @Leon: In the ‘dream world’ he told Haruhi ponytails turned him on, he missed that part about when she was crazy with her hairdo. She had one the day after the ‘horrible dream’. During the baseball match Haruhi also decided not to give Mikuru a ponytail with a look at Kyon, to not turn him on. Apparently she had her hair in one now, most likely to get Kyon’s attention.

    As far as the people who say he should have hit her are concerned: Dudes. He almost punched her lights out. Seriously not cool. Slaps may be manga-material, but we’re talking about a punch in the face.

    Michael Chandra
  27. Remy- what the hell? If Kyon left the club there would be no fucking story anymore.
    You do realize that right?
    Sure, Haruhi may be a bitch but she’s a unique character that never lets you get bored. She’s not quiet or nice or caring, but she sure does hold your attention.
    She’s a bitch but she’s a damn interesting one.

    …Hate Haruhi? Ok, number one, how the fuck..she’s the main character. Without her, there would be no story. How can you hate her? She’s what keeps the show going. Imagine if Haruhi wasn’t there and it was just the other brigade members. I’m sorry, but I think that would be some of the most boring shit I would ever see in my life. She’s the reason I love watching it.

    And honestly, Remy, “Itsuki’s group pamper to her every whim. The time travelers are too afraid and too incompetent to do anything. And the aliens will just stand by and watch the world go to hell without batting an eye.”
    The world would go straight to hell if they opposed her, dumbass.
    That’s what they’ve been trying to explain the ENTIRE. FUCKING. TIME.
    She has the power to make a whole new world without them in it if they got her angry and I don’t think they want that to happen. She’s god and you don’t mess with god, dammit.

    And no matter how bitchy a girl is, I wouldn’t recommend you hit her.
    That’s just asking for fucking trouble. Especially this one.

    “poor Mikuru” – Mikuru’s character is too shy to do anything about anything. She could try being more confident in herself and it wouldn’t be that damn bad.
    Sure she can’t tell Haruhi “stop making me do this stuff” but crying and whining about it doesn’t help shit either.
    She’s a weak character. I dislike weak characters.
    That’s why they always fail in the end.

  28. foamer – Mikuru punching Haruhi wouldn’t happen unless she got a personality change and some courage.
    Seeing how that’s pretty much near damn impossible for her character, I wouldn’t count on it.

    I think it is just so damn hilarious how you’re all saying Haruhi needs help.
    If she was normal she’d be boring.
    But she isn’t normal. She’s fucking insane.

    And that’s what makes this show worth watching.

    I wish they would start Disappearance. I really want to see that adapted on the show.
    It was one of my favorite novels. It was certainly the most interesting.

  29. For me, being jealous is completely acceptable. If it’s too much, then…maybe not. But being jealous sometimes can simply come from affection towards that person. If you don’t like this person, you won’t get jealous of anyone else because you simply don’t care. Just my personal thoughts.

  30. @Rawr

    Been reading Sankaku Complex have you?

    @ everyone else hating on Haruhi

    This is just the second book in the series. If you have read them(hell, even if you just watched the anime and remember the melancholy episodes) when Haruhi met Kyon, he was the first person to ever listen to here without telling her to change. When Haruhi created the closed space and almost restarted the whole world, she kept Kyon with her. Even from the first book, it’s pretty obvious she is quite in love with him. So when she sees Kyon looking at Mikuru, defending her, etc, she gets jealous.

    Despite showing a happy go lucky, almost insane exterior, Haruhi is constantly shown throughout the novels to be unsure of how Kyon thinks of her, shown in this episode and also in book 5 in “Snow Mountain Syndrome” where even with the brigade lost in a strange mansion in a blizzard, her biggest concern is if Kyon is in love with Yuki. In these cases, Haruhi’s jealousy brings out this bad side in her.

    However, in later novels, as she calms down due to having met Kyon and having the SOS Brigade, she does some really heartwarming things. Anyone who read Disappearance remembers the part near the end when Kyon wakes up in the Hospital ward and he learns Haruhi had been watching over him for the past 3 days by his bedside. I nearly cried tears of sappy happiness when Haruhi gave Kyon that lunchbox hidden under the gourd rock in book 7. So for all you people angry at Haruhi’s behavior now, don’t worry, it gets better.

  31. to have drunk the whole glass of milk without realising, there must have been minimal amount of alcohol in it, and to get drunk with such small amount………………… im lost for words… it looks like anime characters are either so light weight that they get drunk on half a shot of vodka, or so heavy weight that they can down gallons of tequila and they will still be sober. Think the only moderately heavy weight that actually get drunk is Yuuko from Clamp series… @@?! but then, im not complaining, without these light weight characters, a lot of embaressing/naught scene wud of never appeared on my screen.

  32. Is Haruhi really considered a God? As Itsuki mentioned in this episode, she was just a special human “whom was given god-like powers”. So she never was a good to begin with, just an eccentric girl, but i think 3 years ago or something i dont really remember, where she gained that ability. I know this is still a mystery, but wouldnt the one who gave that power to Haruhi, considered the real GOD? Just my thoughts, but I honestly believe that it is Kyon.

    Spoilers based on novels:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  33. @Kinny Riddle – Your excellent points made me see what a positive influence Kyon is on Haruhi. Another telling scene for me was when Haruhi unconsciously made the flowers bloom after she and Kyon made up. It makes me think that the best thing that Kyon could do for the world would be to bed Haruhi – for that small sacrifice, he could turn the world into an Eden.

  34. @X

    I actually kept my own analysis in this ‘early’ stage because what you’re talking about is just BEARLY hinted at for the moment.

    By how it looks, the whole Haruhi/Kyon thing goes WAY beyond jealous, bossy lover/sarcastic, disagreeable, question mark.

    For now we can just see Haruhi as a girl with hyperpowers that’s trying to grow up.

    As for the folks who don’t like the anime due to the characters.. best to just let the whole thing go until you hear us saying “OMG DISAPPEARANCE IS HERE!” Not much else will change your mind (coming from someone who read a good bit of the novels). If it does, you should be fine watching the rest so long as the company stops trolling. If it doesn’t hten best to just keep it dropped.

    For now, though, unless you’re still enjoying this, there’s no point with coming back to see what’s next.

  35. Newsflash:

    ”Kyon = True God” is not a new or radical theory. Maybe it would have been when this flailing series was first started but that is not the case now. You have overt lines in the media itself for the hell of it and some pretty heavy sub-text that a blind man could pick up on. Whether it is actually the case or not, whether the author planned it all along or just goes with it because it’s plausible enough, please be aware that this particular insight is not one that will change the world forever.

    Sorry about that, just a bit quirked with seeing the same thing brought up time and time again in a lot of forums/blogs and most of the time people thinking that they’d discovered something new. Geez, this ”theory” is one that should have occured to just about everyone once they get past certain parts of the series >__>

  36. This is by far my favorite episode this season.
    I watched this episode again and again, and whenever “that scene” comes in, it’s always tense and i can feel the strong emotions from both kyon and haruhi.
    although kyon did the right thing by telling haruhi to stop abusing mikuru (with all the pointless scene of throwing her in dirty water, spiking her drink, and bopping her on the head, AND telling her its her own fault for getting drunk too easily) his actions was rather… extreme.

    i mean punching a girl?? right in the face? i mean, kyon has the strength to hold down haruhi, but to use his fist? the guy has lost it.
    and he realizes this the next day.
    in haruhi’s POV, seeing someone you secretly love about to knock you out, she’d feel heartbroken/betrayed/shocked. you can almost see her trying her best not to cry and instead try to act strong as she usually is.
    bottom line is, the girl is obviously JEALOUS.
    remember the time she grabbed the drink mikuru was about to hand to kyon? that’s how over protective she is to him.
    each time kyon defended mikuru, haruhi feels more and more jealous. i guess that’s why she’s abusing mikuru by making her do all that.

    and as someone said, haruhi can change anything under a whim, but when it comes to kyon… she tries to change for him. (as proven at that brief moment where kyon walks in on her putting her hair up to a ponytail)
    and i guess this episode is the pivitol point in the story where haruhi becomes more lovable, and less… bitchy.

    this episode is a 10/10. best episode since season 1 :p

  37. This is one episode where I actually hate Kyon, and like Haruhi better.

    Kyon have been getting on my nerves, always trying to take the moral high ground. Hit Haruhi to protect Mikuru?

    In my opinion, he is just as irresponsible as Haruhi. But at least Haruhi never pretends. Kyon does realise that his actions might cause the untimely destruction of the entire universe, right? And he’s not the ONLY one living in the world?

    If I were Koizumi, I’ll use a much more underhand comment, like “Sure, hit Haruhi if you want. But remember that if she does destroy the world, it’s not just Mikuru that’ll disappear, but so will everyone else. I don’t suppose you live alone, do you?”

    Sure, it’s unfair that it is Kyon’s responsibility to appease Haruhi. But hey, since when was life fair? Koizumi, Yuki and even Mikuru are doing their best in a bad situation. Why can’t Kyon? He reminds me of that queen who said “let them eat cake”. His arrogance is just appalling.

    And anyone who say that Kyon should’ve hit Haruhi… I think they’re just as irresponsible as Kyon. He should teach her a lesson? She deserved it? Maybe so. But not when lives are at stake. I wish Asakura Ryoko was still around to snuff Kyon. Sure, it’ll make a great impact on Haruhi. But I think that’s a well-calculated risk (Haruhi might get upset), but at least we’ll no longer have to worry about a self-righteous idiot who might do/say something that’ll trigger the destruction of the entire universe. I would hate to see Mikuru’s efforts go to waste.

  38. yes, this was quite a good episode however it was also kind of uncomfortable to watch. I’ve never seen Kyon lose it and I’d rather not see it happen again. but yes I do think haruhi was bieng a super b!tch

  39. Seeing Kyon get mad in the anime had a lot more of an impact than it did on the novel. However, I couldn’t watch it with a serious face and was sorta cracking up >.>” I have no idea why. Maybe cause drunk moe blob was still clouding my thoughts.

  40. I understand that Haruhi’s powers can affect the entire universe if she wants to, but she needs to understand that she can’t just go around treating Mikuru or anyone else like they are just objects that she can do anything with. Its bound to upset Mikuru to the point where she won’t want to go to school anymore.

    Matt Gross
  41. Tee hee~ Wanted to see Itsuki kiss Mikuru. I unusually want them together. Kyon was great! Standing up to Haruhi is was amazing (LOL) and he’s the only one in their group that had the guts to. And didn’t know that was Tsuruya’s house. Niiiceee~ NYAHAHAHA Drunk Mikuru-chan. xDDD

  42. @Nalface
    Settle down. While I agree, in the long run hitting Haruhi isn’t at all wise or right, Kyon clearly said he lost control of himself and that he let his anger get the best of him so he wasn’t thinking about the “God” stuff. The fact that whether or not he was justified is so greatly debated just goes to show that he had some justification for what he did just like others justify Haruhi’s extremely abusive and phenomenally selfish behavior simply because she’s insecure and jealous.
    I hate it when people hate other people just for taking “the moral high ground”. He was just trying to do what he thought was right and that was stop the Mikuru abuse which he’s let go on far too long. Arrogance? The whole freakin world is in the hands of a teenage girl who dishes out abuse and expects obedience-that’s beyond unfair! Kyon is blameless in his actions and if you were him you know you would have done the same thing. Forget that, you might have just used your other arm when Itsuki would get hold of you. Settle down because right now it sounds like you’re taking the so-called “moral high ground”.


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