Before leaving to go save Charlotte, Teppei first meets with his grandfather. Isshin tries to endow upon him the wisdom that a fortune is worth the same as a way of life, and he equates those riches to a sword. Seika then sees Teppei off at the airport, but before he goes, she tries to ask him if he’d come save her if she got kidnapped. She gets embarrassed saying this though and just hugs him instead, but Teppei still answers that he would. Sometime later, he arrives in Sylvia’s home country and stays with her and Vincent. He’s surprised to find out that she’s the leader of a cavalry unit there and that Vincent is holding a party that night. Sylvia explains to Teppei that night that her father has always held parties when times were serious, ever since her mother died. She also shows him the locket with her mother’s picture, and Teppei embarrasses her by observing that she resembles her mother. He then reminisces about how it was at a party where he first met her, and that prompts her to invite him to spar again like they did back then. Teppei knows that he has to talk with her about Charlotte, but she takes the initiative and wins the fight first. She ultimately decides that, since she likes strong men and since he’s lost to her twice, they should void the engagement. This doesn’t, however, stop her from giving Teppei one last kiss.

The next day, Teppei works together with Alfred and Sylvia to attack the train. Alfred boards first by leaping from his motorcycle, and he starts taking out the guards at the back of the train. While this is going on, Teppei jumps in one of the front cars and slows the train down enough for Sylvia’s cavalry unit to board. In response, Hartmann sends Josephine to the front of the train, and she takes Charlotte with her so that she can keep Teppei from doing anything stupid. Once she gets control of the train again, Josephine decides to shoot both Teppei and Charlotte, but before she can, she gets shot in the back. The person who shot her is none other than Hartmann, and he quickly finishes her off. Hartmann then reveals to Teppei that back when he was a boy, he was poor and had been a pickpocket at a hotel. He had been caught when he tried to pickpocket Teppei’s grandfather, and Isshin had shamed him so much that he still carries a grudge. Hartmann had vowed to rise up in the world and get back at Isshin, and he now detaches the rear cars of the train so that Alfred and Sylvia can’t come help. Knowing that he has to do something, Teppei tries to attack Hartmann, and although Hartmann’s bullets don’t hit him, they do cause electrical wiring to come loose near Charlotte. She almost falls off of the train due to this, but Teppei grabs her just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, Hartmann then shoots him off the train and pulls Charlotte back in.


Well for starters, it’s obvious that Teppei isn’t dead. I didn’t think it was a very good cliffhanger because a series like this would never have the death of the main character – and if it did, it wouldn’t be because of something like getting shot off a train. If I had to guess, I’d say that the wad of bills that his grandfather gave him stopped the bullet (even though I’m pretty sure it’s technically impossible, but this is anime, so who cares about science). I’m more curious about how the hell Charlotte got back onto the train after Teppei fell off, if this is how they were positioned prior to him getting shot.

As for the person who did the shooting, I laughed when Hartmann killed Josephine, and I thought Hartmann’s motivations were about as silly as that random soldier guy at Arima Hills a few episodes ago. At this point, I just want Hartmann to die next episode and for them to wrap up all the loose ends nicely. Along those lines, it’s good at least to see them resolve the engagement thing with Sylvia, so now there’s really nothing stopping a Charlotte ending (not that there was any doubt since they didn’t really develop this as a love triangle story). I do wish Sylvia and Yuu had gotten more character development, but oh well. Next week is the finale, and hopefully it won’t be too bad.


  1. Oh… I was so embarassed… I was a pickpocket, and an adult actually told me what I was doing was wrong. To get revenge on the man who did this, I will orchestrate a plan to ruin him, and oh, it’s all the damn grandson’s fault that I can’t inherit the Arima group…

    WTF?!? Could this have been any dumber? Hartman wants to destroy a man that did him a huge favor by not turning him over to the cops. He forms a business relationship with the Arima group, and thinks that an engagement with the daughter of HAZELRINK, will give him leverage into the ARIMA group. Gee, could the writers have done even less of a job thinking this through?

    Also, I too am disappointed that Sylvia and Yuu didn’t get more development. Seika is the only one that seems to be putting up somewhat of a fight. She at least is honest with her feelings, and shows her dissapointment that Teppei has chosen Charlotte.

    Canaan Rocks
  2. Well, it’s quite difficult to make a good plot if the idea of the series is filling everithing with tons of enormous, bouncing, zero gravity fan service. I never expected much about this series, it’s true it began quite well and promised to be something more like a pure fan sevice, but at the end it was as I expected. In this moments I really miss Cowboy Bebop…

    BTW, Hartman being a dumbass is something new to anime. In anime the bad guys usually have good reasons to be bad or are well developed. Hartman does not have any good reason and has the personality of a brick, so in that way this series is original xDDD

  3. At this point I feel pretty confident he won’t choose anyone. The obvious favorite is Charlotte but each girl was given a chance to “shine” and show him how they feel about him so in typical anime fashion he most likely will end the series being “just friends” with all of them. I also have a gut feeling in the end if he does make a choice and it isn’t Charlotte he will choose the maid. Sylvia and Seika have like no shot.

  4. I’d be kind of disappointed if he didn’t choose Charlotte at this point, and I’m not even a Charlotte supporter. It’s a pretty big stretch to say each girl was given a chance to shine. Those sequences generally did little other than free Teppei to choose Charlotte. And beyond that, even with shine, it wouldn’t erase the fact the none of the other 3 got any development all series long. An episode’s worth here and there, but by far the Charlotte angle was rammed down the pipe so far that if he didn’t pick Charlotte at this point, that would feel more out of place than all the crappy writing that filled the second half of the series.

  5. eek!!! I need to improve my japanese. The Sub didn’t say they cancelled the engagement, now I’m totally confused.

    Well I’m going to hold a vendetta with the subbers become rich and kidnap a random girl for revenge ….. lame

    the series is going spinning to the ugly side. At this point I’m sure he will be good friends with all 4 girls. There was a lot of black spots at the airport guess is part of the fan service the dvd will have. still not enough to the lack of coherence

    island espaer
  6. lol, imagine how the onsen episode would look uncensored 😛

    anyways, there are really only two endings: friends with all or choose Charlotte
    actually, Teppei already chose Charlotte; it just needs to be official
    maybe there will be one more girl added to his harem? lol, Maria marrying Teppei

  7. As Omni said the title was a dead giveaway of who Teppei was going to be with. But before Charlotte kisses Teppei, Yuu has to after he recovers from falling off the train. “Rescue the princess” always mean “That’s wifey right there!!”.

  8. im sure isshin totally knows hartman is that pickpocket kid. that 1 million yen he gave teppei was probably the same exact amount that was in his wallet when young hartman tried to steal it. i could totally see hartman breaking down after realizing how isshin was trying to motivate him to become rich.

  9. Im just waiting what is the reason for Teppeis parents death or supposed death. This show has been so funny, that I can imagine they will be alive or Hartman got they killed for same silly season. Oldman caught him pickpocketing xD

    Oh well atleast dvd version could be nice when I can watch this without those “nice” blackholes which appears below skirts! 😀

  10. Yeah, Hartmann was pretty much just a kid throwing a tantrum overall.

    “I was a pickpocket, but got caught and was humiliated by being told I was wrong, so now I’m going to resort to terrorism, kidnapping, and other felonies just to take away everything Isshin holds close and get my ultimate revenge even though I’m really doing exactly what he thought I should in a very twisted and evil way!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

    Anyway, I agree in that Sylvia and Yuu didn’t get nearly enough screentime. I think they should’ve spent something like 4-6 episodes with each girl to allow some decent development. At least then, we’d get a 20-24 episode series and all (4-6 x4). But yeah, it seems they were more focused on the ecchi rather than the actual story and whatnot.

    *sigh* It may not seem like it, but A LOT of people DO want a decent plot and character development alongside the ecchi!!! lol

    I think it’d be such an epic win if those 2 perverted guards ended up helping to save the day somehow. Doubtful, but it’d own! XDXDXDXD

  11. The impression I got was Sylvia wanted to hold off on the fiancé discussion. Did the subbers get it wrong? A bit of a mixed message and it did seem Teppei wanted to end it. Since both Charlotte and Sylvia are princesses, it really could have played out either way. If the source materials are any indication, each heroine gets picked in one novel or another. It’s never open ended but who knows what the anime will do.

    I have a gut feeling he will pick Charlotte like we all expect but it won’t eliminate the others. Don’t expect a proposal or engagement. Just seems like each girl made a late run and he didn’t exactly tell them to stop.

    As to the train, is it possible (in anime world) that Teppei pulled Charlotte in just before he fell off himself. Impossible by human standards but seems like what occurred. I enjoyed the episode and look forward to a worthwhile finale.

  12. This crap never fails to live up to expectations. Its an anime that is much like a train (no reference to the runaway transport that the characters find themselves on). It has a set destination & who gives a damn where it started from. But the last 2 episodes completely made me forget what this junk was about. The only thing that I do know was that it was funny. So instead of trying to re-live the past antics of this series, I’ll just let them finish it so I can let it sleep on a nice DVD, forever. *Or until the DVD version comes out 😛

  13. “If I had to guess, I’d say that the wad of bills that his grandfather gave him stopped the bullet (even though I’m pretty sure it’s technically impossible, but this is anime, so who cares about science).”

    It wouldn’t have to stop the bullet, just slow it down enough to not kill him. Hell, that’s how Teddy Roosevelt was able to survive being shot.

  14. brianleung: I hate to say it, but if his mom caught him, that would make more sense for him going nuts and committing multiple homicides (presuming that his embarrassment led him to kill Teppei’s parents), and attempting several more homicides by blowing up a condominium and shopping complex.

    As for the material dedicated to Sylvia, it seems that she did say, oh well, most of this saw this coming, despite our hope otherwise. All we can hope for is something like a lingerie cat fight where the winner ends up with Teppei. Why not? The whole series went down the ecchi path, so might as well end on a high note.

    Yuri Rocks
  15. At this point the only thing i can think of those 2 gaurds will stop hartman and save the day along with Teppei, i mean why the hell not? the villains barely justify their actions.. though i laughed when Josephine got killed. I would have preffered more character development for the other girls but as long as they can end it decently im content.

    Precise Moment

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