While Flora, Rouge, and the others head to the ruins to meet up with Miyuki, up on the moon, the Legend League competition begins. The competition involves measuring the energy level of each team’s legendary power as they score goals, and for the time being, there’s four teams, one of which is the Iceman and Falcon team. Back on Earthdash, Haruka goes to see Nike about adding Ultimite into shoes and discovers that it was James all along. James explains that it was all to understand her better, and the two start to realize each others’ true feelings. Over at the ruins, Miyuki finishes repairing Dan’s Bigfoot and decides afterward to take Dan for a ride. When Rouge and the others realize that Dan is gone, they go after the Bigfoot, but Miyuki doesn’t stop. She instead talks to the still-unconscious Dan about the first time he rode this Bigfoot and how she was waiting for him. She’s interrupted though by a mysterious voice, and the others can hear it as well. Flora identifies it as the voice of the ruins, and as it turns out, Iceman on the moon can hear it too.

Giant columns then rise from the ruins, and Dan’s Bigfoot gets carried up on one of them, but it falls off at the top. Miyuki doesn’t know what to do while in free-fall, and it’s the voice of the ruins asking the Basquasher who he is that finally wakes Dan. Dan’s answer is to perform his trademark move, and after landing safely, he announces himself as Dan JD, a genuine Basquasher. Able to see Dan’s ball of thunder from the moon, Iceman announces himself and performs a similar move. The combination of these techniques causes all the Ultimite on the two planets to react, and after Dan’s ball hits the center of the ruins, the voices appear to accept his answer. Afterward, Flora explains that they need a certain singing voice in order to awaken the star ferry to get to the moon. Violette and Citron realize that they can do this, and Rouge stares at Dan and Miyuki for a moment before joining the girls. The result of the song is the entire group and their equipment being carried towards the moon.


This episode has it’s high points – cheesy as it was, I liked the scene where Dan reawakened, and the Citron song at the end was nice as well – but I’m not thrilled at all that they decided to bring back the Miyuki and Rouge conflict. If they really wanted to go down this route, they should have used the opportunity to develop the Miyuki and Dan’s relationship back in episode 20. But they didn’t, so Miyuki hasn’t been given nearly enough time with Dan for me to consider her a viable choice for him, and it seems like a waste to spend more time on this potential love triangle. I have similar feelings about Flora’s apparent crush on Dan, and hopefully nothing more comes of that. They should just let Rouge end up with Dan and be done with it.

As for the rest of the episode, I liked the scene between Haruka and James, and it’s interesting to note that Regalia called Slash his older brother. I assume Slash will get more character development in the final two episodes for all of this to make sense, but for the most part, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for everything to end well without huge plot holes.


  1. i apologize for this USELESS post, lawd knows i’m 2 ep’s behind but i saw the pic with miyuki and dan in the big-foot, and i gotta say “B.B.B” Brown-Boobs-on ur Back!!!!!!! forget the “on ur” part, either way ITS A WIN!!!!! i apologize again. good night

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. Episode 20? If they wanted to bring in a love triangle, then Miyuki and Dan’s relationship should have been developed in episode NINE, where Miyuki first got jealous over Rouge kissing Dan. Only…they decided not to make anything of it. Miyuki immediately fell to the side, and didn’t get any character development for half of the series.

  3. Agreed.I mean I think we all know where Dan and Rouge pretty much,in the ballpark kind of way stand on the whole matter so at this point, the other 2 potential girls would be unnessesary extra drama that contributes very little to if any needed development.I think the phrase,” falling on deaf ears” places what I think of throwing Flora or Miyuki into the mix now. Especially at EP24,practicallly at the end of the whole season.Miyuki’s development focused alot on her personally like with her father and her engineering.minus some jealousy here and there.Flora got thrown in barely in the whole “Dan” thing.She’s got her whole “personal journey” thing more. Rouge seems like the only to really have any development mostly in the “Dan/Rouge” direction. Subtle or no subtle,Like Omni said, if they were going in a direction with miyuki/Flora, Should’ve put more into it as much as rouge or more. If the direction falls toward Flora or Miyuki, won’t that just basically make a big,”well WTF did we have so many Dan and rouge moments/episodes for then???” Ol’ well though. Overall, I still enjoy the series enough to not be bothered by tidbits like this.I will be a bit P’O’ed if they pull a macross frontier indecisive end though. Is it me, or does that sorta thing strike anyone else with a big VOID over little or any character development that the protaganist gains by the end of a series? I mean If your big development is confidence gained and becoming decisive over your choices,then not deciding on a choice that’s been hanging overhead for 20 something episodes kinda makes your development,well in a word,crap.Right??Well, Dan doesn’t have the same quips as Alto so hopefully no “Basquash! Frontier” ending.

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