A third commercial for the new Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini series aired after today’s episode of Basquash. This one focuses on the new girl Suou talking about the stars and has a nice piano piece in the background, but it’s again stuff that was already shown in the longer promo video that’s available on the official site.

Perhaps more important is the news that, based on a comment Kuwashima Houko made during an event last week, Ryuusei no Gemini might only be one season/cour long. I haven’t seen any official confirmation of this, but MOON PHASE seems to think that it’s one season as well, so it’s likely true.


  1. But aren’t they sometimes 25 episodes long? Even when they talk about one season?
    Though I suppose it’s only going to be about 13 episodes long since they are informing people of it like this. :/ Oh well, hopefully this is going to go well. I like how she talks in the commercial. 🙂

  2. Hope it’s not 13 eps. With DTB you expect a collection of mini-arc’s that in the end link upto to one big conclusion. There’s no way they could achieve that with 13 eps.
    Time will tell I guess…

  3. Tuuli: It depends on who you’re talking to and how they define it. In all my years watching and writing about anime, I’ve tried to be very consistent in saying that 1 season = 13 episodes, because that’s what’s always made sense to me. In some cases though (Gundam 00 comes to mind), they call it a “second season” when it’s really more than that.

    blinx01: The fact that all of the promo material has focused on the new characters (particularly Suou) and not on Hei makes me think that these new characters will be there for the entire 12/13 episodes, meaning that it won’t be the mini-arc format of the first series.

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