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Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ – 26 (END)

「江漣」 (Eren)

Oh no you didn’t just troll me after 26 episodes Bee Train.

First off, let’s talk about the actual episode. As you can probably tell from the action-packed screenshots, shit went down between Scythemaster’s new assassins and Reiji/Elen. Seeing as the girls were wearing really sexy backless dresses, a mask, and seemed to be completely devoid of emotions, I was really hoping Reiji would have a field day with them. That discussion (along with Scythemaster’s bottle of oil) will have to be saved for another day though. While it was pretty much six on two, it almost seemed too easy for “Zwei” and “Ein” to dispatch their counterparts. I mean, those rookies let the enemy get behind them way too many times. Granted, Reiji and Elen showed some ridiculous superhuman movement speeds this episode, but hey, so did those girls. That said, the part where Elen caught the knife and threw it back was still pretty absurd.

Anyway, Shiga’s blurb about of how Scythe’s plans won’t always go according to plan and will eventually bite him in the ass was basically the precursor for things to come. Elen was smart enough to realize that Scythe wanted to test out his new “work” on her and Reiji and dropped her gun when she confronted him. Pretty bold move right after declaring that she’s going to kill him. Regardless, she managed to knock one assassin out and kill the other fairly easily in hand-to-hand combat. Similarly, Reiji finished off the remaining two and felt bad about using Cal (as a decoy) even now.

With all his pet subjects down and out, Scythe was surprisingly confident that Elen wouldn’t shoot him if he wasn’t a threat to her so he dropped his gun. Boy was he wrong though, because she shot him right after letting him say his spiel, claiming she won’t forgive anyone who hurts Reiji. (Yea! He’s finally dead!) After all this time, it was surprisingly still hard for her to kill that manipulative bastard. Elen actually teared up both before and after firing. She also told him to go to hell first and that she’ll join him after spending a bit more time with Reiji. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this girl? Mio on the other hand was happy to know that the two of them escaped and was confident they’d meet again someday.

So, pretty sweet ending huh? I guess it would’ve been better if they managed to save Cal as well, but wait. Let’s get to the epilogue.


Timelapse to six months later. This time around we don’t have to deal with any ridiculous character growth. Reiji’s looking into Scythemaster’s past for possible leads into Elen’s. This leads them to Hong Kong and eventually Mongolia, where Elen and Scythe apparently met five years ago. Some old man on the street tells them that if they’re from Mongolia, they would never forget the sky and clouds after seeing them again. They trek out there, Elen gazes at the sky and claims she has memories of this place. (She’s Mongolian!?) As the sun sets, Elen reveals that she’s content with just learning this much and is happy about Reiji giving her a name. Reiji on the other hand is committed to making Elen smile her real smile again. All is well…

…Until this inconspicuous cart comes strolling along, you hear a silenced gunshot go off, and Reiji just curls over. He just got fucken shot! Why the hell is Elen smiling!? Is this her “real” smile, because I could care less at this point! Is she still not aware what happened as credits are rolling? Oh yeah, you lie there in the field like you’re on cloud nine. You’re so going to commit suicide when you turn around and realize that Reiji’s fucken dead! UGH, was this necessary in the very last minute of the episode!? Good god. I get the whole yeah, we’re phantoms, ghosts that can’t exist anywhere and have no identity blah blah, but did they have to really take it full circle on that notion? I can do without this “requiem for the phantom”!

AAAARGHHH!!! My one step up from Noir assassin anime ruined with this ending! Let the raging begin.


After watching that scene a few more times, I’m edging closer towards the idea that Elen did kill Reiji and commit suicide with the poisonous flowers afterward. She looked pretty lifeless while she was lying there. Zero Requiem? Phantom Requiem I guess.

The alternative of course is that Reiji was assassinated by Inferno, but it makes you wonder why they wouldn’t kill Elen as well then. If that is the case though, it’s hard to say how much time passed between Reiji getting shot, the credits, and then finally Elen lying on the field. She may have noticed that Reiji was dead within that time and then killed herself (something that Inferno was banking on?) or maybe she’s still alive and saw this coming. Which one is it? Pick your own interpretation.

September 25, 2009 at 2:14 am
  • February 1, 2010 at 2:46 amkoeix


    hmm interestin u pointed that out. examined the scene again, the grass is a bit too red for my liking and from the grass layout looks it IS coverin her neck lols

  • February 7, 2010 at 10:41 pmRequiem

    Hi~ n _ n I was just looking around on the internet after I finished watching this anime, I think I can help you a little to understand the ending since it is sometimes confusing.

    First of all we must understand what this anime normally does: in some episodes it shows the story from different perspectives (Claudia plotting against Scythe Master or Cal during the explosion of the apartment, then showing us that she wasn’t inside), the same happened in the last minutes of the story:

    The first scene is when they reach the place that Elen saw in her dreams (the sky is still blue), Elen says the searching is over, it is more than enough that they finally found the sky she dreamed about…

    Reiji’s perspective: In the next scene is already afternoon (the sunset appears) we can see there are no backpacks that means they have walked away leaving their belongings, also we can know they walked away because there is a tree at Reiji’s right which wasn’t when they were looking at the blue sky…they stop for a moment while Elen looks at some purple flowers. Now you gotta pay attention to the background, Im talking about the tree that is at Reiji’s right.

    We know Reiji is an expert in battle so he would easily notice someone pointing a gun at him, something made him feel so relieved that he actually didn’t notice the hitman on the cart: he saw that Elen finally smiled from the deepest part of her heart, you can even notice his eyes are a little glassy as if he wants to cry, he finally fulfilled a promise, in that moment he gets shot….finally falls after looking at Elen’s real smile.

    Elen’s perspective: She is looking at the flowers (we can see her moving her hand around a purple flower) we can know that Reiji is behind her because we see the top of the tree that is located at the right from Reiji.

    Look at the corner of the screencap:


    Elen stands up and finally smiles at Reiji, that was the moment when he is looking at her and wants to cry, after that the same bullet that pierced Reiji goes through her body , look that she didn’t turn completely at him, just enough so he could see her smile, that means the bullet got her from the left and pierced through her.

    Elen falls because of the gunshot after smiling at Reiji, her body is staring at the sky, notice she is neither blinking neither moving a finger. Also when she is lying on the grass her clothes are a little turned from the right to the left, that means after getting shot from her left side she fell looking at the sky, remember she turned a little to the left so she could smile at Reiji.

    We get to know it was the same bullet that killed both because the same purple flower is showed again after the gunshot, a petal is missing, caused by the bullet that went through both of them, also in the last seconds we see the bullet shell.

    It was inevitable that the mafia was gonna catch them someday, even when they had the skills to fight back, they decided it was more than enough for Reiji to make Elen smile, for Elen meeting Reiji was more than enough reason to have lived.

    For those who are confused because they see no blood on Elen’s body when she is looking at the sky, lets remember that in the last episodes there isnt blood on the bodies when they died: Cal wasn’t covered in blood when she died neither Lizzie.

  • February 9, 2010 at 5:44 amkoeix


    Awesome something new
    btw Requiem is this intepretation or fact? i cant rest at ease if its fact

  • February 9, 2010 at 5:46 amkoeix

    i meant to say can rest at ease if its fact
    i cant get over reading what you said Requiem cause i would have never thought the bullet would have pierced them both sorry for double posting.

  • February 12, 2010 at 2:25 amIchiban

    @koeix Its just another theory. There are a few, The ending really is down to interpretation. Nothing can be certain from the ending. Unless the Producters come out and explain it. Then its Fact. But that hasn’t happened, and wont.

  • February 14, 2010 at 5:05 pmRequiem

    @ Koeix, n _ n Hello…I really thank that you liked what i posted koeix, but I am also interpreting the ending. I just focused on what happened along the story, they always show it from different perspectives and everything with a meaning.

    There is an official guidebook for the anime, seems they explain some information of the story there, like the age of the characters and related to the EPISODES of the anime (includes episode 26 finale). Sadly I haven’t been able to find it through the internet, I would really appreaciate if someone would post a link in this treat telling where to download the official guidebook if finds out.

    n _ n Thanks~

  • February 14, 2010 at 8:56 pmRequiem

    There is an official guidebook for the anime, seems they explain some information of the story there, like the age of the characters and related to the EPISODES of the anime (includes episode 26 finale). Sadly I haven’t been able to find it through the internet, I would really appreaciate if someone would post a link in this thread (please excuse my mispelling in the last answer, also for doubleposting) telling where to download the official guidebook if finds out.

    n _ n Thanks~

  • February 26, 2010 at 7:06 pmNyctasia

    @ Requiem

    You are kind of forcing facts there. A bulet that goes through 2 bodies… All we know for sure is that the weapon fired was a semiautomatic, since we see the spent cartrige. Elen uses a revolver, so is not her shooting. Also, the trajectory of such a shot (that Requiem implies) would have to hit Reiji in the pelvic area and Elen in the upper body as she is admiring the flower. But then same bulet wouldn’t hit the flower.

    Actually, after considering Elen’s position, about 40 cm lower then Reiji, and considering that him is taller then her and close to the road, the guy in the cart would’t have had how to shoot and kill both Reiji and Elen.

    Now, considering a little the things, without phantoms the whole organization loses all it’s power that derived from the fear that same phantoms were creating in those standing against Inferno.

    Another point here. The head of Inferno (the blue haired guy) is told something regarding Scyte Master and Phantom. He’s words “So Scyte Master and the Phantoms …”. At this point we know nothing about what he has been told. However, considering that he puts all the phantoms (Elen, Reiji and Cal) and Scyte Master in the same proposition sugest that he ment “o Scyte Master and the Phantoms are dead (or are finished)”. His majordome asks “How should deal with it?”. Perhaps is ment as “What should we do now that we now lost our most prized posesion and most powerfull weapons, and our enemies are ready to take on us?”. He also mentiones “Flowers that fade away…Ghost that don’t exist. We have things that we have to do.” Play translation for me> “With or without phantoms, Inferno is still powerfull and follows my will.” At this point it is obvious that Inferno is moving forward without relying on phantoms, thus for them phantoms are irelevant whatever alive or dead.

    Another interpretation for that last shot could be this. The guy in the cart was a hitman and Reiji shot him. As the cart passes, we don’t see Reiji’s right arm. His fall could be that he finally saw her smile and now he can rest (remember, he was’t sleeping on the bus). That would also explain Elen’s moves after, like seeing him lying on the grass she folows his example.

    Lastly, in the shot with the spent cartrige, we see the blue flowers in front of the cartrige. I interpret that as the shot came not from the cart, not from the road, not from behind them, but rather from someone in front of them. (maybe someone shot Elen first and the bulet hit Reiji after. This would explain why a silencer was used, as not to alert the passing cart.)

    As is the practice at BeeTrain, they make up stories when drunk, soo… logics are not really important. All we can do is to speculate and wait for an official explanation. Still, both Elen and Reiji were conditioned to not let themselves killed, plus both were shot more then once and left for dead only to get back alive. In the end, they are Phantom.

  • February 26, 2010 at 7:13 pmNyctasia

    “Play translation for me” was ment as “Plain translation for me”

    “remember, he was’t sleeping on the bus” was ment as “remember, he wasn’t sleeping on the bus”

    English is not my native language, so there are still words misspelled. I appologise for that.

  • February 27, 2010 at 1:01 pmMarr

    There’s a cart in Code Geass R2 too….

  • February 28, 2010 at 10:22 ammeow

    i have a feeling Elen smelled the poisonous flower petal after she shot reiji.
    Or she smelled the poisonous flower after she found out that reiji had been shot.
    Either way , what a very fucked up ending.

  • March 2, 2010 at 7:40 pmNyctasia

    Why is that everyone assumes the flower was poisonous?!?

  • March 3, 2010 at 8:07 amIchiban

    I think its pretty clear ellen didn’t commit Suicide, if she did she really didn’t change from her persona at the start of the show that could only live for someone and not herself. Plus with what she said “these memories…” I very much doubt it.

    “His fall could be that he finally saw her smile and now he can rest (remember, he was’t sleeping on the bus)”

    Bee train did a fantastic job on letting the animation tell the story. Plus its nice that there is alot in the show that can be interpreted in different ways.

  • March 7, 2010 at 9:02 pmPPP

    i think inferno killed reiji and elen…
    flashback about what mcguire said…
    i didn’t think that elen will killed reijì. cause’ elen need reiji…

  • March 10, 2010 at 9:47 pmb

    I loved it then it sucked at the end WTF man really really not cool man not cool

  • March 21, 2010 at 3:29 amacadian

    ok… when i saw ending i was like wait… i did not sit thru 25 episodes of this shit for Reiji to fucking die in like the last couple of minutes of the last episode!!!! WTF IS THIS SHIT!!! ARE U serious A FUCKING CART!!! I OFFICIALLY HATE THIS SERIES NOW!! RAGEEE!!!

  • March 23, 2010 at 9:26 amanonlol

    lelouch shot reiji from the cart lol and as for elen she commited suicide

  • March 26, 2010 at 3:04 amdarkprince

    @ Time

    OMG i just finished watching this shit anime.. i was liking it to the point until cal died. I was going to watch Pandora Hearts after it also. lol.. i would recommend Higurashi Koro Naru Ni Kai and Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro also they’re good oh and shakugnan no shana… really good anime.. im about to watch Night Wizard also

  • March 31, 2010 at 7:00 pmNyctasia

    This was the most original ending. Think about a little. If Elen and Reiji are left alive at the end, everyone will this is just another happy ending action anime, nothing to remember by. If both would have been killed at the end, everyone will think they were deceived, like “WTF is this ending…”.

    Instead, Bee Train got all of you (and me) still talking about how it ended and about the anime. But I am sure Elen did not die, as she had no reason to. And I don’t see a reason why anyone would kill Reiji and then leave Elen alive. Plus, the cart, the flower, all seem to be props ment to distract attention and misdirect. Think a little: even cyanide takes a bit to work. If those flowers were that poisonous the whole area would be littered with carcasses from various herbivores. Plus, there are no poisonous flowers, to my knowledge, that are so powerfull as to kill an athletic person with just a petal. (no, oleander is not a flower, is a shrub and those flowers are not oleander)

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