「全裸王(ユウシャ)世界に起つ!」 (Zenra Ou (Yuusha) Sekai ni Tatsu!)
“A Naked King (Hero) Arises in the World!”

Where can I get my own Hayami Saori sounding Ikaros? If there’s a sign-up sheet for Pet-class Angeloid Type Alphas around, please pass on the info!

Sora no Otoshimono (lit. the fallen thing/person from the sky) centers around a small town teenager named Sakurai Tomoki (Hoshi Souichirou), who’s been having strange dreams about a mysterious girl every since he was a kid. The outcome of the dream is always the same — the girl is taken away into the sky in spite of the love they have for one another. Due to overwhelming sadness the dream causes him, Tomoki is threateningly convinced by his childhood friend Mitsuki Sohara (Mina) to consult with the president and sole member of the New World Discovery Club 「新大陸発見部」 (Shin Tairiku Hakken Bu), Sugata Eishirou (Suzuki Tatsuhisa).

From this self-absorbed, seemingly-perverted, Aizawa Kouichi lookalike, Tomoki learns that the “new world” orbiting the Earth may be connected to his dreams. Despite being completely skeptical, he heads out to the local sakura tree that night only to be bombarded with meteorites from the gigantic mass in space. With them falls a beautiful, angelic-looking girl named Ikaros (Hayami Saori), who identifies Tomoki as her new master after he rescues her. Ikaros introduces herself as a Pet-class Angeloid Type Alpha 「愛玩用エンジェロイドタイプα」 (Aiganyou Enjeroido Taipu Arufa) and says she’ll fulfill Tomoki’s every desire.

And by every desire, I mean every desire. Tomoki starts off with a tame request for money, to which Ikaros magically gives him 100 billion yen using her teleportation-like device. Enthused, Tomoki’s perverted side takes over as he pulls off the stint you’ve probably thought about doing if you could turn invisible. His mayhem doesn’t stop there though, as he runs around town bucknaked after freezing time and even gets Ikaros to strip for him — something she gladly complies to. However, things get a tad bit serious when Tomoki accidentally wishes for world domination and Ikaros wipes every human being from the face of the planet. Much to Tomoki’s surprise though, things are rectified by simply wishing that all of this is just a bad dream.


So with Seitokai no Ichizon, I talked about needing some plot to tie my comedy series together, no matter how over-the-top it may be. Well this just so happens to be one of those over-the-top scenarios. While I’m sure they’ll delve into Tomoki’s dream, its the connection to Ikaros, and the “Synapse” she’s from later on, it was fun how they just dove into the comedic aspects right away. Tomoki prancing around town as a naked pervert was amusing, mainly because it was reminiscent of Kawashira Keita from Inukami. For those who of you hate indecisive male protagonists, fear not — Tomoki knows exactly how to abuse power once he gets it!

Produced by AIC ASTA and directed by Saitou Hisashi, the studio/director combination behind the ever-so-awesome Bamboo Blade anime, this series has amazing production quality and an absolutely adorable comedic style. In particular, I love all the scenes with the super-deformed characters and goofy facial expressions. In contrast to that, we also get some amazing looking animation along with some emotional scenes to round out the entire package. Ikaros’ character design is just stunning, although I would’ve preferred her with a slightly smaller bust size. She looks so sad all the time though, so here’s to hoping that Tomoki can make her happy later on.

Cast-wise, we have Hoshi Souichirou playing the perverted male lead. I’m always a bit apprehensive when it comes to Souichirou playing comedic roles since he tends to get a bit obnoxious when he goes off on a rant (think Maebara Keiichi from Higurashi) or when he does his fake crying (think Kira Yamato from Gundam SEED). Luckily though, both aspects have gotten better here and I don’t mind either so much anymore. Hayami Saori as Ikaros is reminiscent of her role as Kou in Wagaya no Oinari-sama and not her similarly big-busted role in SEKIREI. Perverted connotations notwithstanding, Saori’s voice is just perfect for those submissive, lost-about-the-real-world type of roles due to how soft her voice can sound. Takagaki Ayahi also has a role here as the quirky, yakuza-affiliated (?), student council president Satsukitane Mikako, who was really funny in the little screentime she had this episode.

Music-wise, the soundtrack is suprisingly good for a show of this nature. The tracks just fit the scenes very well, whether they’re humorous or serious. To get a feel for that though, you’ll just have to watch the episode yourself. There was no opening sequence this week, but they did have the ending sequence/theme. Performed by Yoshida Hitomi and Hayami Saori, a.k.a. “blue drops”, the song reminded me how much I like Saori’s singing in particular. As such, I can’t wait to hear the opening theme performed by these two.

Given the premise for this series, it’ll undoubtedly come off as something created by a lonely individual for lonely individuals. While that may very well be the case, you aren’t what you watch so I won’t let that stop me from enjoying this series. In short, character designs: good, production: good, cast: good, comedy: good, music: good. What’s there not to like?


* Crunchyroll seems to be going crazy with anime this season. Sora no Otoshimono is also simulcasted with official subs.


ED Sequence

ED: 「そばにいられるだけで 」 (Soba ni Irareru Dake de) by blue drops — 吉田仁美 & 早見沙織 (Yoshida Hitomi & Hayami Saori)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Streaming ▼


  1. I have waited for this.
    The mangaka of this is a crazy guy and I think is hard to bring his manga in animation but they have done a good work on this.
    I are following this manga raw and the story is like I have already said…..crazy, in a good way.

  2. Yea that’s what i’m talking about, i really like the super-deformed look. And i’m glad your back to blogging with the regular format, hope you pick up some really awsome shows.

  3. I’ve read the first few manga chapters for this series. I must say, this episode had excellent animation and it really impressed me.(all us guys would probably do the same things if we got that kind of power lol!)

    I thought Tomo’s seiyuu sounded familar. He certainly has a trademark laugh. 🙂

  4. This crap is almost too funny. I was even dying when his wish killed everyone. I know I’m heartless but I just say that I was laughing at that time from a continuation of the prior stunt *blatant lie*

  5. I’m a fan of this mangaka after reading “watashi no messiah-sama”.
    Yap, his peaceful life will become pretty crazy after his encounter with Ikaros. This is just the beginning of the end…

  6. Both because we get to see more of the episode and so I could follow along with your impressions of the show. I didn’t mind what you did with Hayate, but sometimes I couldn’t get all of what you were saying. >.<

  7. With my Hayate posts, I was definitely banking on the reader having seen the episode first so they know what I’m talking about. I figured I could get away with less talk about exactly what happened in a comedy-heavy series.

    But I guess with readers such as yourself, they like to come here and get an idea of what’s going to happen before they watch the episode themselves (if at all).

    I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.

  8. *Ninja Penguin goes to crunchyroll*

    “Sorry, this video is not available in your region due to licensing restrictions. We are trying to obtain worldwide rights for this title.”

    DOH!!! 🙁

    Ninja Penguin
  9. Ninja Penguin:

    Oh yeah, I forgot that CR isn’t available to all countries. You’ll still have access to their subs via “other” means though.


    I haven’t seen DearS, but now that you mention it it is somewhat similar to Chobits. Except here, I see the ecchi comedy being a fair bit higher and Ikaros can grant any wish unlike Chii. The whole idea of a beautiful, quiet, lost-about-the-world “girl” falling into the lap of your everyday guy matches up though. It looks like he may fall in love with her too.

  10. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of emotional episodes for this. I know because the first one just really got to me there. Btw when I saw that sakura blossom (the only one) I couldn’t stop thinking it wasn’t Da Capo rofl xD

  11. Terrible generic characters (the angelpet is attractive, but otherwise) and yet another super-maid-genie-goddess-doormat. The be-careful-what-you-wish was amusing, but if he can just have her run the “it-was-a-dream” program anytime he wants, where’s the suspense? How does this get better? So far, epic fail.

  12. I admit the dream thing was a pretty cheap cop-out, but I don’t see it being a problem in the long run unless they use it again.

    If they do, it would be quite the epic fail. For now, I think it’s alright.

  13. They had me at the “World Domination Wish” scene, but lost me at the “I wish it was a dream” scene which follows. The potential came and went. The entire series could have been contained in that one, single episode. This is why I have Anime a “Two Episode to Judgement” rule. I can’t say whether or not this just good to watch. In my honest opinion, it would have been rather amusing to have an aftermath scene after which he just ‘got it on’ with the ‘alien girl’. — They’ll have to do something very impressive in Episode Two to win back their audience, else this’ll just a well animated excuse for a whole additional wave of slave related hentai.

  14. strongly suggest to watch it if u are a guy. this is every man;s dream come true.
    this can be one of the best comedy for 2009 list. ( if there is going to be one )

    p.s i still dont know who is that blue girl in his dream.


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