Bakemonogatari’s official website announced today that the 13th episode, part 3 of Tsubasa Cat, will be available online on Wednesday October 28th. That’s the same day that the second DVD/Blu-ray covering the Mayoi arc will be out, and I suspect demand will be very high and that their online streaming might be swarmed on the first day. In fact, the first Bakemonogatari DVD/Blu-ray volume came out last week and sold out instantly, and Patrik tells me that a big reason for the remarkable popularity is the inclusion of a secondary audio track where Hitagi and Tsubasa comment on what happens on-screen, in a completely original in-character conversation written by NisiOisiN himself. In any case, mark your calendars for October 28th if you like Bakemonogatari.


  1. I don’t know, I listened to both, and it felt like I got ensnared on the first episode only to hear a tedious-too-hard-for-me-Japanese-semantics-lecture from Hanekawa WHILE the show was on the naked scenes.

    It was still pretty entertaining, though, hopefully next arc will be just as.

  2. The 28th? Aww, why the long wait?

    Oh, and the fact that there’s only 3 episodes left makes me very sad (Y_Y).

    Just stay calm and try not to be nervous (i know it’s hard to not be), it’s not that hard.

  3. I really can’t wait for this, bakemonogatari is one of my all time favourite animes, one i can’t get enough of. It’s a shame we have to wait so long for the next episode, also a shame that if it is streamed, the quality won’t be very good, for some people this may not be a problem, but this show can have some really beautiful scenes, which i’d hate to miss.

    Well either way i’m happy we get to see the rest rather than waiting for the dvd release, it’s probably unlikely, but it would be great if this anime got another season once more of the novels are released.

  4. “Has Hitagi and Tsubasa ever met onscreen and had a conversation my mind is a bit fuzzy.”

    Don’t believe they have. Probably why the first volume’s Drama CD where they finally do interact was so popular.

  5. WEAK!!! why the wait!!? man!! and here i am putting many “new” series in the Fail-bucket, and at the same time expecting the tried a true ones..ohh well, too bad about that DVD
    ONLY commentary , i mean i doubt they’ll translate that. i got tons of foreign movies and always feel left out when it comes to the DVD commentary “LOVE THEM”.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. will they be released w/ english subs… if not, is it possible for it to be subbed by funsubs like GG, in good quality, BEFORE the DVD comes out? there’s no way i can wait for the DVD version…

    the story you don't know
  7. Hopefully with the long wait they’ll put out some better quality episodes than they have the past few. Not that they were bad or anything- just with a little more action and movement is what I mean.



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