OP Sequence

OP: 「君がいない未来」 (Kimi ga Inai Mirai) by Do As Infinity
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In charge of guarding Goryoumaru, Kagura wants to know why Naraku locked him up, and to her surprise, Hakudoushi appears and suggests that she release him. Hakudoushi and Goryoumaru appeal to her desire for freedom, and their plan is to go after the Shikon shards to gain more power to be able to go up against Naraku. Back in the present world, Kagome is doing poorly in school, and InuYasha’s appearance during her supplementary lessons doesn’t help. Because of this, she heads back through the well with a ton of books, and shortly after some of those books fall out of her backpack, she and InuYasha get ambushed by Hakudoushi. Hakudoushi is able to steal her shard and get away, so InuYasha and company give chase. Meanwhile, Kohaku battles a huge dog and cuts off its head, but the demon attached to its eye gets away. He’s then found and taken care of by a peasant, but that peasant’s son gets possessed by the same demon, so Kohaku goes after it yet again. He’s able to save the boy, and Kagura appears and destroys the demon first. Kagura explains that she’s found the location of Naraku’s heart, but because Kohaku can’t match up against him, she attacks him for his Shikon shard. Kohaku tries to appeal to Kagura with his own determination to take down Naraku, and although she’s not convinced, she decides to let him run away.

Unfortunately, Hakudoushi suddenly appears, so Kagura transports Kohaku away on a feather. She then tries to stop Hakudoushi, but he redirects her attack back at her, and she has to be saved by InuYasha who just arrived with the rest of his group. When the freed Goryoumaru shows up, having been injured in an earlier fight against Kouga that got interrupted by Kikyou, he proceeds to transform into Mouryoumaru. Hakudoushi has Mouryoumaru go after Kohaku while he handles InuYasha and company, and he first captures Kagura. Kagura, however, decides to tell InuYasha that Naraku’s heart is actually inside Mouryoumaru and that Hakudoushi’s plan is to make Mouryoumaru stronger and have him overthrow Naraku. Hakudoushi confirms this and explains how he and the Infant came up with the plan to have Mouryoumaru take in the dead Goryoumaru. Hakudoushi is confident that he can’t be killed, but Naraku has other plans, and Hakudoushi’s barrier suddenly disappears. InuYasha uses this opportunity to blow away Hakudoushi’s body, leaving just his head, and Miroku readies his Wind Tunnel. Hakudoushi thinks that he’s protected by the Saimyoushou, but they suddenly abandon him, and he subsequently gets sucked into the Wind Tunnel. Afterward, Kagura turns down an offer to join Kagome and the others, and she leaves as they go after Kohaku. Mouryoumaru has actually captured Kohaku already, but Sango and InuYasha save him, and Mouryoumaru has no choice but to retreat. By now, Sango has realized that Kohaku has his memories back, but Kohaku resists the idea of staying with her because it’s too painful. Kagome, however, points out that no one could take his place.

ED Sequence

ED: 「With you」 by AAA
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For once I actually like both the opening and ending songs. The opening song is catchy and upbeat, and I get nostalgic because it’s Do As Infinity (and it’s been years since I listened to their music). The ending song isn’t bad either, but I am a bit amused by the first parts because it sounds like they’re trying too hard with the Eurobeat thing and because the English isn’t that good.


Well that was quite a first episode. I thought they might have a simple reintroduction episode after so many years off the air, kind of like the new Fullmetal Alchemist series did, but they just jumped right back into the story. And they didn’t spend any time fooling around either – this episode felt like it was going at a lightning pace and involved almost all the major characters and plot points, and it got to the point where it felt like some characters were appearing just for the sake of showing up. There’s no way someone new to the series would be able to just pick this up, but then again, I guess this series is mainly aimed for people who watched the entire first series. It’s a good thing I had spent some time catching up with the manga (though of course I didn’t go too far so as not to spoil myself).

That isn’t to say that this was a bad episode though. Not only was there a certain sense of nostalgia helping things for me, there was also a ton of action here, and the animation quality and music were all pretty good. I always tend to forget that it’s Sunrise animating this. And because they dived right into the story, this rightfully felt like an episode you’d see towards the middle or end of a series, where big climaxes are looming. I like the fact that things are exciting right off the bat and will probably stay that way, especially given that the preview seemed to hint at Kagura’s end and at Sesshoumaru getting more involved. And so all this is really to say that I’m worried about the pacing, but I’ll definitely keep watching this for the time being.


  1. I’m kinda upset… They’re skipping right over chapters I enjoyed…chap 358…;_; MirokuSango… would it hurt them to just stop trying to push this into 26 eps? >: *sniffle* I don’t see why they waited so long to continue the anime just to cram ;_; BONES totally should have rights to this! With such a great job they’re doing on FMA XD
    Also, Kagome’s friends noticed NOTHING wrong when she said “sit boy” and he crashed to the floor? XD
    Voice acting was nice, I loved Kohaku’s voice, so cute~ *o*
    Anyways, thanks for blogging <3

    and @UnknownSoldier
    Rotfl, it’s like 2 volumes of chaps….try around 350-400, it mixes chapters within them

  2. Ugh, the gap is too long. But Inuyasha was so boring at times that I forgot most of what happened out of pure necessity. As long as they really end it this time I really don’t care one way or another – I didn’t watch most of the 1st batch to begin with. But I did watch the 166 & 167 (last episode) & I feel like I’m completely caught up 😛

  3. I might watch this or maybe wait till it gets dubbed or something.
    But yeah, I kinda forgot about what happened last time since my disappoint in the series got in the way & I just didn’t want to remember.

    At least there won’t be any fillers? Right?
    Hope it doesn’t disappoint…again.

  4. wow so nice ^^. the op is ok, but the last scene of the op (shippo and jaken) is really funny haha. i cant wait to watch the series. well, just like naruto and bleach, they may be the most famous anime recently but not all of us will like it. the same goes for inuyasha, as long as i like it then im fine with it

  5. On a more positive note, though, I thought the animators did a very good job keeping the character designs and color palette as they were years ago. I really liked that they used familiar music from the first anime, too.

  6. it has been a long time since i finish reading inuyasha manga… although i cant rmb vividly, i do agree they rush too much in this episode. i do hope they slow down, and really hope they will make a good closure for kikyo and kagura

  7. Mixed feelings on this.
    One one hand, awesome to see the final manga content animated.
    On the other, it just feels so rushed and throws you in at the deep end.
    BONES had the right idea with FMA 2. You need to give the viewers a chance to get back upto speed and not just pick straight up from where they abrupting ended years ago.
    Fair enough in they re-ran the series on TV in the same timeslot before this started, but that’s not the case.
    Just seems like they wanna get this over and done with asap.

  8. The pacing will likely be the show’s greatest flaw, but I’ll still be watching.

    @Mark: Hakudoushi’s death is anticlamactic because he’s a little brat who means nothing. he gets offed in the manga without much fanfare too. next week will be a different story, however.

    curious one
  9. that was a whole bunch of manga chapters in 1 episode, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they wrap it up in a 26 episodes season. It gets so awesome towards the end so keep at it Omni.

  10. @Curios, I know he’s just a detachment, and I’ve read the manga to the end, but eh.

    @Kain, OP and InuYasha are really nothing alike. The pacing, setting, character development and so on are all different.

  11. A rushed Inuyasha is much better than one that takes 20 episodes to finish one lousy arc. I don’t really hate or like this show, but it kinda got on my nerves so much that I’m completely unbiased about it. They really want to end it this time & the change of pace is incredible – if they want to finish this just let ’em do it. Complaining about it now is nonsense. I never thought they would do it anyway.

  12. I totally agree with omni, it went so fast, it make a “woooooosh” sound XD apparently there are going to be only 26 episodes to this. NOT ENOUGH!!! im not asking to drag it, just make it slow enough for people to feel involved in the episode. i had to re-watch it.

  13. @bearzerger
    if u realized it was crappy the first time, why F did u come check the new episode along, OH did u really thing it was going to be something New, ya right, read, research, and learn.
    same thing to u Puce @Kain
    Ya BONES did not have a completely finished series to make in to anime so of course they chose the restart idea. What is there to do that for Inu, manga is complete, they need no fillers, they just need it fully done in anime form now. so ya i think they do want this to get over with.

    for me: oh its back. yea. time to watch it now.

  14. @Chinamasternmay
    Well, I simply had forgotten how crappy the show was. It’s been several years since I lost saw anything of Inuyasha, so sue me for giving it another chance. I didn’t realize the story would be jumping around like an ADD kid on speed.

  15. OHHH BROTHER…. here we go again…….. WIND SCAR!!!!!!!! what??? i missed??? …WIND SCAR!!!!!!!…. missed again?!?!? alright !!! YOSH!!! here goes!! WIND SCAR!!!!!!!!…… ineffective!?!??? one more time!!!! WIND SCAR!!!!!! etc….. etc…. etc….
    @Kain….buddy, are u FU@KING serious??? same as one piece?!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  16. It would be good if somebody could see until where episode of the old series i have to see, to see this Final Arc, because, i didn’t saw almost anything of the old series.

    Can somebody knowleadgeble can do that??? (sorry if my english is not that proper)

  17. Yep this is most definitely going to be really rushed; it’ll be fine as long as they don’t fill every waking moment of the anime with fighting and such. It was still a shock to see Hakudoshi die so fast already, they really are wasting no time in getting to that lame “and they lived happily ever after” ending haha! I’m most definitely going to keep watching this!

  18. Well, considering how upset tons of people were with how the first part was going and ended and all, they probably figured people wouldn’t WANT to have to sit through a recap episode(s) before starting off slow and steady to back into things.

    Personally, I’m glad that they’re not taking similar routes as Bleach, Naruto, DB/Z, One Piece, etc where it just seems like they throw out a bunch of episodes JUST to take up space and extend the series and/or simply to match the manga in every single way and then some. Add on the bunches of fillers in between all that and people would get bored relatively quickly.

    Despite how rushed the 1st episode may have been to some people, I didn’t really mind it at all and, as said, it’s quite surprising and unexpected and will help grasp peoples’ attention so they can see what else goes on afterwards. They just need to make sure to pace it well enough.

  19. I got interested in InuYasha and other anime derived from the works of Takahashi Rumiko after watching Ranma ½ this yearm and now I can only hope that it too will be getting another TV season SOON. ^^

  20. why we do not have the images from the first TV series anime for INUYASHA, especially the opening and ending pictures. I want to find them. who knows where i can find them? I very appreciate.


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