Bakemonogatari – Complete Music Works Songs & Soundtracks Disc 1

This time around, I’ll be focusing on a soundtrack by Kousaki Satoru, a member of MONACA – a specialised music outsourcing studio notable for working on things such as the recently concluded Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and the brilliant soundtrack to Nier. As for Kousaki himself, his notable works include Haruhi (all three series), Kannagi and of course, the entire Monogatari series to date.

Warning: Potential spoilers. Probably.

Bakemonogatari – 15 (END)

「つばさキャット其ノ伍」 (Tsubasa Kyatto Sono Go)
“Tsubasa Cat Part 5”

It was delayed enough times for me to stop caring when it would come out, but SHAFT finally got around to airing the last episode of the Bakemonogatari anime. Remember six months ago when everyone voted it as the best anime of 2009? Well, this series probably should’ve been saved for 2010 consideration given how late this aired.

Bakemonogatari Episode 13 Delayed To Next Week

The official site updated to announce that episode 13 would not be available this week as originally planned but would instead be coming out next Monday, November 2nd because of production scheduling reasons. Somehow I’m not too surprised that this is the case given SHAFT’s history, but hopefully this means episode 13 won’t be like episode 10 was.

Bakemonogatari Episode 13 on October 28th

Bakemonogatari’s official website announced today that the 13th episode, part 3 of Tsubasa Cat, will be available online on Wednesday October 28th. That’s the same day that the second DVD/Blu-ray covering the Mayoi arc will be out, and I suspect demand will be very high and that their online streaming might be swarmed on the first day. In fact, the first Bakemonogatari DVD/Blu-ray volume came out last week and sold out instantly, and Patrik tells me that a big reason for the remarkable popularity is the inclusion of a secondary audio track where Hitagi and Tsubasa comment on what happens on-screen, in a completely original in-character conversation written by NisiOisiN himself. In any case, mark your calendars for October 28th if you like Bakemonogatari.