Episode 09 Comparison

Left side images are the original broadcast version, right side images are the DVD/BD version.

The fourth Bakemonogatari DVD was released this week, and, as anticipated, there were a lot of changes from the original broadcast of episodes nine and ten. For episode nine, I was a bit surprised to see that they re-animated most of the episode in terms of style and coloring and that they managed to keep everything consistent with the original TV broadcast (likely because it was based on the same storyboards). The original version actually comes out looking a bit more detailed than the redone one, which is more stylized. It’s also worth noting that they changed Hitagi’s facial expression, which you can see above, as well as Tsubasa’s which makes her look more sinister.

Episode 10 Comparison

Left side images are the original broadcast version, right side images are the DVD/BD version.

Episode 10 New Scenes


Episode ten felt like it had less redone than episode nine, but that’s mainly because there was less of it animated in the first place. Compared to the original broadcast version, the DVD/BD version featured a lot of new animation in place of all the stills. Some of that was fanservice, including some rather gratuitous camera work aimed at her crotch, and then there was this, but it also made a lot more sense what was going on in the action scene between Koyomi and the jagirinawa. Plus, they re-did Nadeko’s OP sequence for episode ten so that she’s no longer wearing her hat.

All in all, if you enjoyed Bakemonogatari, then it’s worth it to re-watch these two episodes to see what SHAFT changed and how episode ten was supposed to be. Now if only they would finish and release the final two episodes…


  1. Meh…really curious about Divine’s reactions for FF13…personally I was disappointed by it, so much potential I felt was just wasted for a blah plot. Though I’m always open to others opinions.

    On Topic – How is the BD version compared to the DVD, like is there really any significant visual improvements or roughly about the same? I really REALLY enjoyed Bakemonogatari because of the art style and was thinking about getting the BD edition, but is it worth the extra money?

    The extra/changed scenes are a nice touch though, thanks for comparing to the original.

  2. @akizuki09: if you slowed down and just took things slowly, it’s not that bad of a game, the design is frustrating sometimes, but I’m glad that at least they know which parts might be frustrating (since the game addresses those problems well enough). The story is meh, yeah, but I don’t hate it, at least. I think the main gripe I have with the game is that it’s not very engaging.

  3. Wow, so they actually did remake quite a few scenes. I mean, I know they were going to make some changes to the TV version, but never knew they were going for this many scenes. Anyways, I like the redid version more than the original TV one, especially the first set of images on the top left. The remade expression on Hitagi’s face is soooo seductive.

  4. lens flares……hat removed………..uhhhhh………??????………..WELL!! i think the original version will suffice fo me, I’m not sure if i can handle these seemingly unlimited extras.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. I don’t know, a substantial chunk of the redone scenes are rubbing me the wrong way. However I’m all for newly added material to do away with some of the still frames (unless of course they’re close-ups of someones crotch). The morphed facial expressions and color schemes give the animation a more vibrant exaggerated feel which was what this anime initially avoided thus why I enjoyed it so much. A smiling Hitagi and a snake-eyed Tsubasa is all wrong in my book. Perhaps if they release a blu-ray version identical to the television broadcast and leave the added scenes then I’ll be interested but I can’t help but get the feeling I’m asking for too much.

    Having said all that, have there been any alterations to the soundtrack? I hope not.

  6. I don’t like how they changed Hitagi’s expression. It doesn’t seem right. It would have been better if they retained her expression and just changed the background and her outfit. Some of the redone scenes are quite interesting though.


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