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Kannagi – 12


Continuing his search to find out the truth about Nagi, Jin asks another teacher at school for help, and receives the name and address of the people who used to take care of Nagi’s shrine. In the hallway, Daitetsu stops him to talk (despite the obvious dangers) and gives him Nagi’s wand that he found on the roof that day.

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Kannagi – 11


One day while Nagi absorbs herself with her favorite TV show, Loliko Cutie, Jin wonders exactly why Loliko has to fight off those wimpy bad guys one by one.

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Kannagi – 10


In a very familiar setting, the entire Art Club goes out for a couple of hours of good, clean, Karaoke fun.

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Kannagi – 09

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Kannagi – 08


One quiet and rainy evening, Jin and Nagi are sitting at home watching the news when a knock comes at the door.

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Kannagi – 07

Focusing on an old closet door handle, Jin walks into his bedroom with a Capirus* Water and starts yelling at the closet after a moment of strained silence. With no reply, he tries unsuccessfully to open the door. Pissed at Jin for whatever he did to her yesterday night, Nagi refuses to come out of the closet for anything. Not swayed at all by Jin’s arguments about food or toilet, she’ll just live in there instead..

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Kannagi – 06

Episode Summary:

One day while Tsugumi is flipping through a shopping magazine on her bed, she gets a phone call from Jin. He asks her if she’d like to help him out by going shopping today, and if so please wait in front of the mall in a couple of hours. Eventually realizing she’s been tricked, she curses Jin as only Nagi arrives ready to shop her heart out.

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Kannagi – 02

「玉音アタック!」 (Gyokuon Atakku!)
“Attack of the Emperor’s Voice!”

Episode at a Glance:
After Nagi breaks her magic wand in the morning, Jin refuses to buy her a new one since it’s too embarrassing and gives her a tube of instant glue instead.

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Snapshot: Kannagi – 01

「神籬の娘」 (Himorogi no Musume)
“Sacred Shrine Girl”

First Glance:
From a statue carved out of a sacred tree’s wood comes the blue-haired goddess Nagi bursting to life in Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens.

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