The official site updated to announce that episode 13 would not be available this week as originally planned but would instead be coming out next Monday, November 2nd because of production scheduling reasons. Somehow I’m not too surprised that this is the case given SHAFT’s history, but hopefully this means episode 13 won’t be like episode 10 was.


  1. They already have a month’s time since ep12 ended.. I suppose Natsu no Arashi!2 is their first priority then?
    I dunno what will happen next season since they (Shaft+Shinbo) are going to produce 2 TV anime simultaneously again..

  2. Not a huge shock.
    We already know SHAFT are desperate for new staff, so naturally their production will revolve around the show they are airing on TV, Natsu no Arashi 2, rather than providing new Bakemonogatari eps for free on their web page.

  3. Hmm… clicked around their official website and looked under the tab “broadcasting” they still have the webcasting date for Episode 13 as 2nd of November.

    Today is already 3rd of November… I want to watch this already…

    Hitagi-san is such a fascinating character… I don’t know why… maybe it is because all the teasing… if she was with me, I guess her teasing is fine because you know she is your girlfriend and she is just messing around with you and your mind…

    If she wasn’t your girlfriend but continued to tease, hmm… well… I’m not sure if I would still see her in the same light… really strange… I guess it also depends on how well you can cleverly fight back against her witty (sometimes abusive) words.


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