After having gotten herself incredibly worked up over some pudding, Ascoeur finally gets her chance to eat it. Unfortunately, Q-feuille sneezes and causes a chain reaction that leads to the pudding spilling all over the floor. Determined to get some pudding, Ascoeur decides to raid the cafe kitchen, but to get there during the after-hours, she and Q-feuille have to overcome the security system upgrades that Tweedledee made. Q-feuille’s expertise and memory helps them get through most of the traps, but they are eventually faced with an army of Tweedledee dolls that soon overwhelm them. Q-feuille sacrifices herself so that Ascoeur can go ahead, but Ascoeur ends up tripping and falling into another trap. By the time the girls finally reach the kitchen, it’s already daytime, and the puddings have all been consumed.

ED Sequence

ED: 「月と太陽」 (Tsuki to Taiyou) by 合田彩 (Gouda Aya)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Streaming ▼

This ED isn’t that great, but it’s better than the Ascoeur version for the simple reason that it’s not sung by Ascoeur. I’m also still waiting for them to do something about the OP since it still just shows scenes from the episodes instead of regular opening sequence. Maybe they’re hiding the fact that Eclair and Lumiere come back or something.


I’ve been rather busy recently and didn’t get a chance to watch this episode until now, but I had heard from multiple people that it was awful and that I should set my expectations really low. After watching it, I didn’t think the episode was that bad, as long as you didn’t expect anything to happen in the plot (which I’m quickly learning not to). The pudding thing was really, really stupid, but around that there were a ton of jokes and internet memes, and some of them were surprisingly hilarious. In fact, the whole Hokuto no Ken scene made me wish that Ascoeur stayed in her male voice for the rest of the episode. Q-feuille also had a bigger part in this episode, and that was great because it meant less of Ascoeur. All in all, I think I actually liked this episode more than the first one, but as I mentioned, that’s partially because I’ve adjusted my expectations. I’m still hoping that there’s some plot eventually though – assuming I can stick with this series for that long.


  1. Personally, I believe there’s a difference between a stupid episode and a bad episode.

    An bad episode is just that: bad, probably because of poor pacing, bad timing, poor VA, etc.

    A stupid episode, however, undermines itself and the viewer. Shows like these rarely take themselves seriously, and as such, are much harder to be taken seriously later.

    The first 2 episodes of KGA so far, in my opinion, are stupid/silly episodes. Sure, the series could turn serious later. However, I won’t be surprised if the transition was awkward. But then again, there are always exceptions (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni FTW)

    Anyway, regarding this episode…

    She just needs to sit back a little bit.

  2. After watching the 1st 2 episodes I decided to give this series up. It seems more like a lil kids (5 – 10 year old) saturday morning cartoon then an anime and I’m gonna pass on it.

  3. I thought it was alright, I agree that this episode probably would’ve been better if it was shown later in the series. I actually expected it to be a serious episode.
    I’m gonna continue watching this show until the end, but I just hope they get some serious episodes soon.

  4. I agree with those who who said this episode should appear later. I’m still gonna continue with this series (probably because I like Kiddy Grade) and give it a chance. Hope there’s gonna be some serious scenes soon.

  5. That’s why I’m doing it too, out of respect for Kiddy Grade and because I actually like Q-feuille, it’s just I can’t stand Ascouer. I can tolerate certain scenes with her, but there are scenes where I just want her to stay quiet cause she’s too loud.

  6. its like from the original kiddy grade, in the beginning half of the serie its pointless plot. Then it’ll have an actual plot, a lot of animes are like that. sigh. why can’t they just have one whole big plot.

  7. I’m actually enjoying this series, especially Ascoeur and her voice. I’ve never heard this voice before, and I like characters like her very much, even more than Q-feuille.

    I hope this show doesn’t become serious, but if it does (and I have a feeling it will), I hope that it doesn’t affect its humor significantly.

  8. Anyone know what that song was that Tweedledee always hums? Having a brain fart.. I liked this episode, besides the part where Ascoeur was supposed to be quiet but kept getting louder. I just wanted to punch her.

  9. Now I just hope that they are doing the same thing with Kiddy Grade and not be silly throughout the entire series. Kiddy Grade took a while to become good, hope this one is better and not worse.

  10. I like Kiddy Girl-and so far. Okay, so it’s not Kiddy Grade, and more like Sora Kake Girl, but so what? It’s Keiji Gotoh’s creation, he can do what he damn well wants with it (anime’s made purely for the Japanese market, and their otaku’s tastes & mores. Do you think they care about a few baka gaijin who don’t like it?).

    I’m a Keiji Gotoh completionist anyway, and anything new by him & Megumi Kadonosono can only be a *good* thing IMO.

    I loved how gimik took the you-know-what out of Yaranaika. I never liked that in the first place. Abe only likes girls now.

    KG-a has top priority for me (along with Kobato & Queen’s Blade II). The seven year wait has been worth it.

  11. Phoenix– Thanks!!! I was wondering.. because the other day it was either Nick or Disney but they used the song in one of their shows too. Might be another song that just has a very similar melody.. but was just surprised to hear it being used so much. 😀


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