Lucy is enjoying her new home when Natsu and Happy come barging in. Natsu wants to see her spirits, so she explains that she has six and decides to make a contract now with the new one she bought earlier. It turns out to be more of a pet than a fighter though, and Lucy names it Plue. Natsu then asks Lucy to join with him on a team, and he’s already found their first job: taking a book from the mansion of Duke Everlue. The reward is fairly high, but Lucy quickly realizes that Natsu is using her because Duke Everlue is perverted and looking for a blonde maid. Nevertheless, she goes through with it, and the two visit the man who posted the job, Kaby Melon. Kaby wants the destruction of the book Daybreak, and he reveals that the reward has been raised even higher. Natsu becomes quite motivated, so the group attempts their first plan to get Lucy hired as a maid.

Duke Everlue, however, turns out to have a twisted sense of beauty and rejects her. Lucy, Natsu, and Happy are thus forced to sneak into the house to try to find the book, and Natsu has to defeat the maids. They then find the library, and Natsu locates the book. Before he can burn it though, Lucy realizes that Daybreak is written by the famous novelist Kemu Zaleon, and since she’s a fan, she doesn’t want to destroy it. Duke Everlue then shows up, and even though he thinks the book is worthless, he won’t let them have it and calls in a pair of strong mercenaries. Given this and given that her job is to destroy the book, Lucy decides to read it first, so she escapes to an underground area and uses a magic item to speed-read it. Duke Everlue follows her though and captures her after she appears to find the book’s secret. Natsu meanwhile lives through the mercenaries’ attack and defeats them both of them in a giant explosion.


Well it’s good to see that, unlike last week, this week’s episode turned out to be a multi-parter, and I actually ended up enjoying this episode. In fact, they seemed to dial up the humor quite a bit, and for the most part it was pretty amusing – some of it due to Happy even. There was still some good action towards the end there too, though it’s a shame the Vanish brothers went down so easily to Natsu’s attack despite seeming initially prepared. It’s still relatively early, but I wonder when we’ll see some opponents who will prove to be a challenge for him (note: I’ve intentionally kept myself from reading too far into the manga). Like I said though, it was still a decent fight, and the bigger issue now is how Lucy will fare against Duke Everlue and the secret behind the book.


  1. @Omni:
    Really recommend keeping up with the manga (even if it spoils the plot a little) because I think the charm of FT comes across much more strongly in the manga and might actually help enhance your enjoyment of the show..or at least read to the end of Grey’s Arc Dx

  2. I think they are speeding too much, I mean 4 chapters in one episode come on. Plus they cut a lot of the fighting scene with the v bros that’s why it felt they were really weak. One more thought: They are really on to the luigi pun I wouldn’t be surprised if we get one each episode from here after

  3. While they did speed through several chapters this episode, I believe they should to introduce the rest of the main cast (Grey and Erza). The Vanish Bros. fight was quick, but it was meant to be ; they underestimated Natsu. I did think this was the best episode so far though.

  4. Enoyable ep. Love the OTT reactions.
    Even so, I’m still waiting for the series to really grip me.
    It took Naruto 17 eps, One Piece over 20, and Bleach around the same, so I have plently of time for the show, just hope it’ll be worth it in the long run.

  5. This post doesn’t give me any more enthusiasm for this show than the last one did. But it’s always nice to see that show business has been good to Plue over the last decade or so, and is now making a comeback.

  6. @Who: very nice joke
    @sly: that’s exactly what happens.
    @Splash/Kenji: it’s kind of like the emperor from Geass (and many other villains) being the narrator for Hayate. completely different situations and thus amusing

    curious one
  7. Is Natsu and Happy’s version of a ninja supposed to be a parody of Kaede from Negima? It just seems rather odd that they’re going out of their way to use “-de gozaru” and “nin nin.” Fun episode though.


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