Lucy arrives with Natsu at the Fairy Tail guild house, only to find a lot of eccentric characters who all seem inclined to brawl. Fortunately, the guild master Makarov shows up to quiet them down, and he inspires them with a speech about ignoring the governing magic council and following their own path. Afterward, Lucy gets stamped with the Fairy Tail symbol on the back of her hand, and Natsu tries to figure out what job off the request board he wants to take next. At around the same time, a young kid is bothering Makarov about his missing father Macao who had gone off on a job and still hasn’t returned. Given his own history of being raised by a dragon and then abandoned, Natsu decides to try to find Macao, and Lucy goes with him.

The two end up on top of a mountain, and after Lucy takes refuge inside of one of her spirits, a giant gorilla-like Vulcan monster – the same one that Macao was supposed to be fighting – shows up and carries her away. Natsu follows them but falls for a trap and appears to get knocked off the side of the mountain, leaving Lucy to fend for herself. She attempts to fight the Vulcan by summoning the spirit Taurus, but Natsu suddenly returns and accidentally knocks Taurus out. The Vulcan then tries to use Taurus’ giant axe against Natsu, but Natsu is able to defeat it with his fire powers, and afterward, the Vulcan changes into Macao. It turns out that Vulcans have the ability to take over people’s bodies, and Macao was able to defeat 19 of them before the 20th took him over. He, Natsu, and Lucy now return to town, and father and son are reunited.


They covered a lot more material in this episode than I expected. I thought that they’d spend more time on introducing the members of Fairy Tail and thus try to extend this into two episodes, but they got through it all in just one. I wouldn’t say it felt rushed though, and I can’t really complain because the Vulcan/Macao stuff wasn’t exactly the most interesting material in the first place, aside from giving Natsu some character development (I did laugh though at Natsu’s nakama speech because it’s become so standard for shounen series). They’ll probably (hopefully) spend more time developing the individual members of Fairy Tail later. And fortunately, Happy didn’t have too many lines this time around, though regardless I think I’m getting a little more used to the voice. That alone might be why I liked the second episode a bit more than the first.

Oh, and uh, Ichigo is that you?



    In all seriousness, my hopes for this series still aren’t raised. But I really like the pastel palette, and the detail they put in the backgrounds waaaaaaaaaaaaay back.

    He in NU WAY looks like Ichigu.

  2. @Cherubium..what u mean playa??? i thought it followed everything “although abit compressed” pretty well. ummmm the fights are kinda kiddy??…. WACK!!! big punch!! WHAMMO!!! magic slam!!! but that’s pretty much how it goes. kinda like one piece “I’ll give it THAT, and ONLY THAT” it may not have the great story,scope and humor of OP, BUT… it definitely gives u dat quick action fix. It seems that the “Purists” a.k.a- real fairy tail fans be saying that it will get better, or it should be better..well that all depends on ONE THING… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. then maybe you’ll get those exclusive high quality animation fight sequences….good luck to yall

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. Mistgun will propably have the same voice as Gerard/Sieg.

    Loki and Ichigo has nothing to do with each other, they don’t even look alike (especially not after Loki becomes Leo again).

    Well, I’m waiting for the 4th episode, where Erza enters and the first bigger arc starts.

  4. hahaha im a sucker for nakama speech :$ makes me eyes watery..sometimes… especially one piece… hence why i watch bleach, naruto, one peice, katekyo HR… and now this XD
    so far quite easily engaged… ep 1-20 usually suck for shounen series XD but ppl like me still watches them >:)

  5. haha pimp ichigo is win…I wish he d man the fk up in bleach and give the women that surround him (orihime, tatsuki and, rukia) some sexual healing…oh well, at least in this alternate universe, hes strong AND knows how to use the cock.

    oh yeah and…fuck mentar

    fk mentar

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