On this very rainy day, Sayaka brings Kobato to her friend Chitose’s apartment building so that Kobato can have a place to stay. After Kobato sees her new room, she rushes to go help at the nursery school, and in the process she accidentally bumps into a girl. This girl is nice enough to clean off the dirtied Ioryogi, and afterward Kobato continues on her way. The next day is a day off, so Kobato decides to try to collect more konpeitou, but it turns out to be raining again, and Kobato neglects to bring her umbrella. Fortunately, the owner of a bakery lends her one, and Kobato is able to go look for people to heal at a convenience store. She isn’t able to find anyone though, and to make things worse, the borrowed umbrella is gone by the time she emerges from the store. By chance, Kobato runs into the girl from before, and when Kobato explains her situation, the girl decides to lend her an umbrella. The girl then runs off after a boy who likes to tease her.

The next day, Kobato waits at the girl’s school to give back her umbrella, and finds out that the girl’s name is Tadokoro Mutsumi. She runs into Mutsumi again later that afternoon when it’s raining again, and she also finds the umbrella that had disappeared. While together, the two girls see the boy who teased Mutsumi sharing his umbrella with another girl, and Kobato notices how sad Mutsumi looks. She thus wants to try to cheer Mutsumi up, and her method for doing so is to track down the boy the following day to directly ask him to share his umbrella with Mutsumi. By chance, Mutsumi overhears them and interrupts, so Kobato tries to explain everything and encourages them to share an umbrella. The boy is actually willing and reveals that he isn’t going out with the other girl – he was just helping her because she had just forgotten her umbrella. Mutsumi and the boy thus walk off together, and in the aftermath, Kobato discovers that her bottle now contains another konpeitou. Unbeknownst to her, she’s sensed by a certain someone nearby.


This was a really nice episode, and I liked it a lot more than last week’s. I didn’t think Kobato’s direct approach to solving Mutsumi’s relationship problem would go well, but it did, and the scene with Mutsumi and the boy turned out to be very sweet in the end – they make a very cute couple. It was icing on the cake that Mutsumi was voiced by Inoue Marina, though I suspect that, given how the plot appears to be set up for a bunch of stand-alone stories as Kobato collects konpeitou, Mutsumi might not show up again.

On the other hand, it was nice to see some familiar scenery and some familiar faces in the recurring cast, namely Chitose, Chiho, and Chise from Chobits. I will say though that it was sort of odd to hear Nakajima Megumi voicing Chiho and Chise, mainly since I can still vaguely remember how Tanaka Rie voiced the original Chii. Kohaku and Shuuichirou from Wish also showed up at the end, though I’m not sure if they’ll be recurring characters or how they’ll be involved. I guess we’ll find out next week since Kohaku is in the preview.


  1. Looks adorable can’t wait to watch it after exams.
    I would assume Kohaku has a major or semi-major role since Ioryogi mentioned Kohaku in the first episode after Kobato sang to the little baby.
    Wish was a great series but seriously CLAMP should finish X!

  2. Ooh!! Real life Chii and Freya~~wonder if their father, Icchan, gonna show up as well.

    I like this episode. It’s cute in all sorts of ways. Seeing more of CLAMP’s characters was quite refreshing oddly enough. I haven’t seen Ueda (the baker) since Chobits.
    It also seemed like it’s becoming a trend for Kobato to get her candy without realizing it…
    And does she need to pay rent? Hmm…

    yea, I’ve been craving for X to be completed. It’s driving me nuts when it’s stopped halfway and right at the climax T_T

  3. I’m thinking Kobato is some sort of an angel. The intermission usually shows a rabbit with angel wings dancing around so I’m wondering if that is a hint as to who and what Kobato really is?

  4. Damn, I knew that apartment looked familiar & then the damn Chi-twins show up. Now I got horrible nightmares & flashbacks of that shitty Chobits that stole a half-a-day out of my life – I STILL WANT MY HALF-A-DAY BACK CLAMP!!!

  5. It really is a Chobits cross-over episode! The apartment even has the same name as it had in Chobits (Gabu Jogosaki) and even Chiroru the bakery is present (including the baker Ueda Hiroyasu).

  6. Clamp really likes recycling their characters and settings, don’t they? For Chobits there’s Chitose (and the exact same apartment block, down to the architecture, which she manages), the two Chiis (apparently not persocon robots in this world), as well as the baker Ueda (and his bakery Tirol). Before the two Chiis appeared, I almost thought Kobato was staying in the room which Hideki used to stay in.

    And then there’s the genderless angel Kohaku from Wish. Considering Kobato herself is on a quest to fulfill wishes for people, who knows if Clamp is trying to imply something by having Kohaku vaguely recognizing Kobato?

    The similarities in these cross-over characters down to their personalities can be explained away with Clamp’s ever useful Tsubasa Chronicle theory: the same characters in parallel “Clamp multiverses” all share the same “soul”, despite residing in different bodies dimensions apart. But I’m going way off-topic here.

    Kinny Riddle
  7. @Splash:
    The rabbit with wings in the intermission is God’s messenger, Ushagi-san. He comes from Wish, suggesting Kohaku and Shuichiro’s appearance, which did occur this episode.

  8. the rabbit..

    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. Why are people saying they’ll see a sakura lookalike soon? I see her right there as the main character. Isn’t the Syaoran lookalike there as well? The guy with the glasses. They just changed the hairstyles a bit.

  10. i loved the ep.. but every time they mention wish it enfuriates me.. probably cause i didn’t care for the ‘end’ (c’mon, tying his SHOE?!). i’m curious to see where it goes, but god i hope they don’t stick with wish too much..


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