「愛と三角地帯(トライアングル)ふたたび」 (Ai to Sankaku Chitai (Toraianguru) Futatabi)
“Love and a Triangle, Again”

The return of the flying pantsu! It’s rare when a male protagonist seizes the opportunity I have in mind, but Tomoki delivers here as he pulls a quick one on Sohara with exploding pantsu.

It was like a tear to my eye seeing the huge flock of pantsu fly back to Tomoki. It was not so much for the obvious reason, but the fact that it got my expectations up given how funny the second episode was. Much like that episode, this one is completely ludicrous and doesn’t progress much of anything. However, we do get to see Sohara being the subject of nopan again, which is surprisingly more her fault this time than Tomoki’s, and that’s always a lot of fun.

The premise is simple. Having toured the world, the flock of pantsu from before returns “home” to Tomoki. Seeing as most of them were hers, Sohara unleashes hell on Tomoki with her deadly karate chop. After the original card’s powers wear off and the mountain of underwear stops moving, Sohara tells Tomoki to throw them all out even though she doesn’t trust that he will. As a precautionary measure, she enlists the help of Ikaros to make any pantsu Tomoki sees within the vacinity of his house explode. Needless to say, Sohara was right not give Tomoki the benefit of the doubt, as it turns out he had ladened his entire place with the huge collection of pantsu overnight. Unfortunately for him, they’ve now become the deadliest of traps right in his own home. Not only can he not set sight on them, he can’t touch them either.

With the help of the sadistic Mikako spurring Tomoki on (M4 carbine, bulletproof vest, nightvision goggles and all), things go out with a huge bang at the cost of Tomoki’s house. Granted, it was more his own fault because of the Pantsu Robo he left to guard his insane porn collection. Unsurprisingly, Tomoki spent must of the episode super deformed for his pantsu bomb gauntlet runs, but there was a moment of seriousness at the end where he manned up. That said, I don’t think it was necessary for AIC ASTA to draw in Tomoki’s nipples when he was carrying Sohara admist the rubble, but that they did. As if to punish us viewers though, they decided to reveal Tomoki’s “package” rather than Sohara’s nopan “goods”. Anime is cruel isn’t it?

It wasn’t all fun and games here, as they set things up for some plot progression at the very end. The girl from Tomoki’s dream revealed that she didn’t send him an angel to get him caught up in whatever’s going to happen now that Ikaros has been spotted. While we’re busy taking in that revelation, they also gave us a glimpse of Nymph, who’s apparently been observing Tomoki from afar. I hope to see a proper introduction of her next time, as well as some more about Tomoki’s dream and Synapse.

New ending theme again (4-for-4 now), featuring Tomoki’s song “Senshi no Kyuusoku” (A Warrior’s Relief). Based on the ending sequence, this actually refers to his porn mags and not the underwear collection.


ED4 Sequence

ED4: 「戦士の休息」 (Senshi no Kyuusoku) by 桜井智樹(保志総一朗) (Sakurai Tomoki (Hoshi Souichirou)
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  1. It didn’t exactly follow the manga but funny nevertheless, so I have no complains, they did miss the part on manhatten 2007 thou. But this anime sure deserve credit for its ending thou, first is flying pantsu now is flying porn mag haha.

  2. Just wow. I may be forced to buckle down and watch the last four eps now. Serious “wtflol?” moment I had once I saw…Pantsu Robo. Can’t forget the subsequent epic heroic-rescue pose slash man-package show. Brilliant.

  3. My only concern is that they will have too many useless episodes like this one and then in last episode cram tons of storyline into it to try and explain everything and it be a confusing mess. They need to slowly start explaining stuff like where the angel comes from, whats that black spot, etc…

  4. kwantum0:
    Not sure if I should be proud of that, but thanks regardless. =)

    I’ve been watching anime for over 15 years now, well before it was popular overseas anyway. I guess you could say I’ve been watching anime before many of the current fans were even born.

    Granted, I could only watch a lot of stuff when anime was more “widely available”. Back then when I got into it, I was limited to whatever was available at the local anime store on VHS and fansubbed, since my Japanese was pretty pathetic back then. (I knew the kana alphabets pretty well, but that’s about it.)

    However, I can say that I hate English dubs from my experience with them back then. If you think they’re bad now, you can only imagine what they were like before when North American anime companies were pretty low budget and would get anyone they could to do voiceover work.

  5. Tomoki got a mokkori XD

    The return of the flying pantsu. It felt heartwarming (must be that scenes with bubbles) a minute ago and we all know what happens after that.

    When Tomoki enters the warzone and encountered his guardian robot, the recollection scene of his grandfather makes me wonder if he was the cause of Tomoki’s pervertedness. *shrugs*

    It is fun and all but I wonder of the proper plot gonna come in soon…it’s already episode 4 and there’s not much going on.

  6. @divine “The girl from Tomoki’s dream revealed that all this nonsense isn’t what she sent him an angel for and that “they” have caught on to Ikaros”

    i think what the girl from his dream meant was just, she didnt mean to get tomoki into trouble from the main plot, rather then this isnt what ikaros was meant to do.

  7. I bow to tomoki ^_^ My japanese is so basic -_- I’m taking japanese classes so its getting there but I love that scene when he remembered his grandpa and the after sequence of that awakening lol. I officially have a hero to look up to a man willing to wear a explosive underwear on his head is truly a man among men. As a girl I’m proud of finally finding a man suited to my taste.

    Divine I bow to your chose of anime bravo bravo keep bringing us manly men for as many years to come.

    (bows to your excellentness).


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