Sheryl Nome rises high above the crowd and welcomes them to her fan club’s night.


In part 3, we’ll take a look at May’n’s return to the stage. After a costume change, she comes back in Sheryl Nome-like fashion with a dominating presence care of the big screen. While the crowd gets excited about her performance of “Welcome to My FanClub’s Night!”, it’s not until the start of “Northern Cross” did they get really fired up. For that performance, they even had the air blowers going to give May’n’s hair and fluffy clothes that extra angelic touch. Surprisingly, Megumi returns to the stage right after (costume change and all) in a never before seen Aimo acappella performance. May’n also adds in her Aimo acappella bit, before Megumi takes us into a full-blown Aimo O.C. It was amazing to see the captivated crowd of 14,000+ go completely silent for the acappella performances.


“Welcome To My FanClub’s Night!”


“Northern Cross”


Ranka Aimo acappella, Sheryl Aimo acappella, followed by a full-blown Aimo O.C.


Both Megumi and May’n looked very solemn for the Aimo performance, which made it sound like a song for the dead. (I guess it sort of is…?).




May’n then performs “Infinity”, the song that opens strikingly similar to See-Saw‘s Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru (Gundam SEED Destiny ED4).


“Tsuioku no Trumpet” (Trumpet of Reminiscence)


Let’s not count out the instrumental music composed by Kanno Youko though. Macross’ music always tends to give me goosebumps, much like this performance of “Tsuioku no Trumpet” did. While this particular piece is short, the twin trumpets sounded awesome. Judging by the title and the army uniforms, this really did come off as a salute to fallen soldiers. :'(


“Ao no Ether”


Continuing on with that tone, Megumi returns all dressed in white to serenade us with “Ao no Ether”. Both her and the song are just beautiful.


  1. cool! I just noticed May’n wearing the earing…..LOL. It was like, glittering in the camera just like in the anime =D
    both their singing are so good considering it’s live 🙂
    thanks for posting!!! =)

  2. “Ao no Ether”‘s one of the better songs i’ve been listening to (soothing), too beautiful for words

    …on the other hand, the “Aimo acappella” performances really sent a chilling note onto myself, though May’n has some skills to sing without the hand-held mic (maybe she was using the lapel mic on her belt, I dono)

  3. Wow, Megumi’s just too awesome in that last one. She’s pretty on tone for a live 😀

    …and May’n completely blew me away (lol literally), with Northern Cross, but she’s a bit too nasal for my liking, but that’s part of what makes her voice special. 🙂


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