After the final episode (Someday in the Rain) of the current broadcast run finished today, it was announced that there would be a movie version of the next volume, the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi, coming Spring 2010. No other important information is given, other than the extended shot of Yuki. I’m actually a bit apathetic towards more Haruhi at this point, but I guess we’ll see how it turns out.

More exciting to me right now is the first episode of Darker than BLACK Ryuusei no Gemini which just finished airing. I’ll have a full post up a little later, but it was as good as I’d hoped it’d be, and they did a nice job reintroducing the series and its concepts. It had a surprising amount of lighthearted moments in the first half, but then things got really exciting, building up to a great cliffhanger, and they even killed off some characters already (or so it would appear).


  1. Darker Than Black 2 is already out?!

    ….oh, yeah Haruhi.
    I guess that’s great news. KyoAni doesn’t surprise me anymore.
    If they want to redeem themselves for the series last season, it better be the best Haruhi movie ever. No buts.

  2. The disappearance arc from the book left me puzzled about the infinite loops and many other paradoxes but I can say it’s my favorite arc. So looking forward to the movie.

    Darker than black 2 airs today? Argh crap…I forgot T_T

  3. God, I’m so looking forward to Haruhi… Darker Than Black was alright… I’m looking forward to it… But personally, it doesn’t put a scratch on Haruhi… Despite having been trolled by KyoAni…

  4. oh dont try to play the apathetic card, im pretty sure everyone is excited. and if we get trolled again…. i dont know about about anyone else but im used to it. brink it, kadokawa.

  5. Disappearance is the best story in the series by a good distance, I think, so I am excited that we’ll FINALLY get to see it animated, but I am not too sure about it being a movie just yet. For now I am cautiously optimistic (which has burned me in the past, buy hey)!

  6. Seriously? I’m primed for this. Can’t wait to watch it.

    All the nay-sayers from “season 2” that were put off by endless eight… Just gonna say, there’s no way they can mess this one up. I think that anyone that read this book can vouch for that. But I hope they’ll have a new season after that…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. So if I got this right, first KyoAni trolls everybody with Endless Eight, and now they beg for forgiveness by announcing the movie? Will that really work on the already jaded fans?

    Y-… I dunno. It’d be interesting to watch what kind of troll tactics they’ll pull off their hats now. I’m excited but that’s because I cannot let go of the image of a train wreck waiting to happen. 🙂

  8. I just orgasmed at the sheer awesomeness of this news. I dont care how badly KyoAni screwed up season 2. A movie means movie style quality in animation. And KyoAni is AMAZING already. I can only imagine how AWESOME the movie is going to look. AHHHH! XD

  9. While Disappearence movie excites me (ive kept myself from reading the novel in hopes of experiencing it animated first), Im much more interested in DtB2 (especially after seeing those spoilers!)!

  10. Checky bastards.
    They could have cut the Endless Eight shite, which killed off the series, down to 2/3 eps and included this arc in the second season.
    Instead, they have the audacity to believe they have enough fans left to warrent a movie?
    Sorry KyoAni, but you fucked up and there’s no going back.
    ROLL ON DTB 2!

  11. @blinx01

    Say what you want, but youre still gonna watch it. And if a shit like Naruto still has enough fans to keep it serialized even though it starting sucking YEARS AGO, then Suzumiya Haruhi wont lose many fans due to one bad arc.

  12. haha!! finally a good call from those clowns over at kyo. i mean why waste more resources animating a whole season of a progressively dieing franchise? just dole out a nice juicy crack rock in an hour format movie to appease the fiends. and get cracking on what really matters FMP!!! FMP!!!!! FMP!!!!! FMP!!!! FMP!!!!! FMP!!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  13. Just watched Dtb2 RAW, so I didn’t understand anything they said. But wooh, it was more exciting then I expected. I had my doubts when I read the story, but this may actually be good. To bad there was no OP yet thou.


  14. Sigh, I’m seriously sick of people claiming to be fans of the first season of Haruhi while saying things like “the second season destroyed it for me” and so on. why would you stop liking Haruhi just because one arc were not as good as the first one? It’s not like endless eight have made the first season bad all of a sudden.
    Like mr. blinx01 up here. well some people like being negative…

  15. You’re kidding right? That’s not the trailer?

    Nande ya ne? We go from the lamest season ever to the lamest trailer ever.

    Honestly, I don’t think they should animate Disappearance. After Endless 8, I have no faith in their ability to tell the story effectively.

    As for Darker than Black. Where are those fansubs? I want to watch it NOW!

  16. it’s not a trailer… it’s a teaser for logic’s sake… it’s just an announcement, that’s why it’s lame… wait for about 9 more months and then we get the trailer…

    @BROOKLYN otaku: your dying franchise isn’t dead yet, there are still diehards who would want to fast forward time to see this movie.

    well, if ever this movie does exist, it better be worth it. disappearance is one of the best arcs that i’ve read, and seeing it animated is something that is making me anticipate it (kyoani has reputed animation quality on series, seeing it in movies will be something i can’t wait to see…). perhaps this is kyoani and kadokawa’s best shot for reviving haruhi fandom…

    …and then push on to a S3.

  17. damian, QFT concerning why Naruto and Bleach still manages to maintain their “fanbase” despite all its flaws.

    So I don’t see how one major fuckup (or eight-in-a-row if you want to interpret it that way) can ruin Haruhi once and for all either.

    People seem to forget that Anno Hideaki, the creator of Evangelion, was bashed badly for the ridiculously cryptic last 2 episodes, and now people are still queuing for the new Rebuild of Evangelion movies.

    Oh, and Kaioshin, glad to see that the usual Kyo-Ani bashing is still within you, or you won’t be Kaioshin, no? 😉

    I won’t argue about the “lame” part, but as Kakashi_Crusade so elegantly puts it, it’s a teaser, not a trailer.

    Kinny Riddle
  18. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and Endless Eight proves it.

    Sure, people are livid that it “ruined the show for them” or “pissed them off” or “wasted time that could have been better spent animating Disappearance” — oh wait….

    But the point is, people are STILL talking about it. It’s been, what? Three months now since it finished and people are STILL ranting about ENDLESS EIGHT this, ENDLESS EIGHT that, SCREW ENDLESS EIGHT, SCREW HARUHI FOREVER. Think about it this way. The anime of Haruhi ended in 2006, of course they had to do SOMETHING to spark interest again and get people talking about it. In that respect, you cannot say they failed. And now that everyone’s talking about it again, the fact that they’re revealing Disappearance -now- is not only a way to ease the pain, but ensure that everyone who paid any attention to the new episodes will know that it will soon exist.

    So, are KyoAni trolls out to destroy the world, or marketing geniuses and high-stakes gamblers? I guess it’s up to you.

    I’ll certainly be watching Disappearance when it comes out. 😀

  19. Well well well, I heard the rumors and I’m glad they were correct! This is awesome, I can’t wait for the Disappearance. I wish it would be released on December 18th. 🙂

    As for it being a movie, I feel like if Haruhi has to be made into a movie, the Disappearance is quite the pick. Its a story in and of itself. I hope that when the third season airs (whenever that will be) it will include the Disappearance in episode format, or perhaps a reanimation?? XD

    All I need now is for Tanigawa to give us a new volume!!

    Anyway, I do hope it blows us away, especially the fans that are so riffed about Endless Eight and trolling blah blah blah.

  20. Fuck yes, Disappearance, the best of the novels.
    I don’t think they’ll screw this up.
    Sure, they dragged out E8 until it hurt like a bitch to watch, but I know the movie is going to be the shit.
    Fucking excited for this.


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