Two years ago, on the night of the Tokyo Explosion incident, twins Suou and Shion Pavlichenko had been with their father during a meteor shower, and an actual meteor had crashed into their Siberian campsite. As a result, Shion had become a Contractor. Back in the present, Suou is at school and accidentally overhears her friend Tanya get confessed to by her other friend Nika. Tanya agrees to go out with him, making Nika quite happy, and Suou gets it all on camera. At home, Suou shoos away a black cat and chats with Bella, one of the scientists working with her father. Suou then brings dinner to Shion and tells him about what happened with Tanya and Nika. She also shows him the copy of their mother’s photobook that she bought earlier, and she wants to go visit her in Japan, but Shion feels that he doesn’t need her. When their father realizes that Suou has been in Shion’s room, he scolds Suou and warns her not to get involved or else risk getting hurt. He also sees the photobook and suggests that they have to move forward instead of back in regard to his wife.

The next day at school, Tanya is late for class, and her friends notice something strange about her after she does show up. When Nika tries to talk to her after school, she attacks him a swarm of locusts that she summons with her Contractor powers. The price she has to pay is pulling out some of her own hair, and after doing this and calling off the locusts, she hurries away. Suou tries to follow her and can only watch as she boards the vehicle of some armed men. Back at their home, Shion goes into their father’s lab and, as he stands up out of his wheelchair, he announces that it’s time and that the remuneration is paid off. By the time Suou returns home, she sees military vehicles around, and she decides to enter the house through a secret passage. At the same time, soldiers enter her house, and Shion telepathically tells Suou to go to his room, change clothes, and to take a certain amulet. He also tells her that Bella knows the way to escape, and unbeknownst to Suou, Bella is actually April from MI6.

Suou doesn’t run into April right away though and instead overhears someone interrogating her father about the meteor core and Shion. When her father explains that it’s not there anymore, the other person electrocutes him. Suou emerges from the passage to find the body of her father, and moments later, April arrives there as well. April thinks that Suou is Shion at first, and when she realizes the truth, she has no choice but to flee with Suou. Outside, the two are met by FSB‘s Goran, and he uses his super-speed to capture Suou. Since her gun is useless, April responds by using her water powers on him, and because of his super-speed, Goran gets holes punched in him by the droplets. Afterward, April has to drink, and while she’s doing so, she gets attacked from behind by Hei. She tries to counter by surrounding his head with water, but he proceeds to electrocute her. As she dies, April recognizes him as BK-201, and this leaves Suou alone with him.

ED Sequence

ED: 「From Dusk Till Dawn」 by abingdon boys school
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There was no OP sequence this week, so all we got was the abingdon boys school ending song. It’s a pretty good one though, and a bit slower of a song than I’m used to hearing from them. I find it particularly interesting that the animation sequence that went with it focused on Tokyo, which might mean that the story will move back there soon. The shot of flowers at the end also reminded me of the first ED sequence.


As I mentioned earlier, I was very happy with this first episode. The first half was mostly light-hearted and even featured an insert song, but it fulfilled its purpose showing Suou’s relatively peaceful life while at the same time reintroducing some of the concepts of the show (of which there are quite a few). Suou managed to be quite cute in the process and spent a lot of time blushing, but there was still a foreboding air around everything. Things then really picked up in the second half, and I was surprised to see them kill off so many characters already, including April. Since she was a holdover from last series, I never thought that she’d meet her end so soon like this, particularly since I was just starting to really like her again. I guess August 7 will fill the MI6 agent void now, but I wonder what will happen to July.

It also took some getting used to the story not following Hei, especially since his character is being portrayed as something of a villain here. Obviously there’s some back-story that’s still missing to fill the gaps, but he appears to really want to get his hands on the Meteor core and Shion. The good thing is that, regardless of who the focus is on, the story doesn’t look to be divided into mini-arcs like the first series was, so it should end up better on the whole. They certainly have the production quality to back it up too – it appeared to be every bit as good as the original, so kudos to BONES for that. My only real complaint about the episode was with the music. I mentioned in my Fall Preview that Kanno Yoko wasn’t composing for this series, and while that wasn’t a huge deal because most of the background music was fine, I found the song that played whenever Hei appeared to be really obnoxious. That’s a pretty minor thing though in the scheme of things, and this was still a very entertaining first episode. There’s no question that I’ll continue to watch and blog this.


  1. I enjoyed this first episode a lot. Interesting that Suou uses Boku though…and all this time I kept wondering if that was her or her brother in the trailers.

    Can’t wait for number two. Shame that this one’s only 12+4 episodes apparently…

    Bomber D Rufi
  2. This was a very good 1st episode, the only let down and shocking moment was April dying. I also didn’t really like the way Hei is being portrayed, but there surely are reasons for his behavior. I’m really looking forward to learning those reasons.
    Btw, maybe I forgot or I’m just not thinking straight but how did April kill the high speed contractor? If anyone knows don’t hesitate to inform me.

    Wiru BK-201
  3. @arlber the impact and the storyline will be much less effective if u didnt watch the first one so i would ver highly reccommend u watch it or itll just seem like an action anime but its so much more then that. The first one was very good and u shuld watch ALL OF IT before watching this one

  4. @Wiru BK-201: April’s ability was two-fold. She was able to conjure up a giant circular rain cloud/storm then had a gravitational disparity of some sorts to be able to control the water the cloud created (ep.5). In other words, she sped up the rain droplets decent so much that they went right through the high speed contractor. But she’s dead now so who cares.

    We need more Hei!!!

  5. November in season 1 was the man. With April gone I feel bad for July as he’s lost his two only friends now. That cat looked exactly like Mao, which was odd. Hei looks like hell while he drinks in the preview. I hope this isn’t going to be a redemption story of some kind, a focus on Suou would also be disappointing. Hopefully season 2 can come close or even match season 1, particularly in regards to the many existential motifs.

    So Very Odd
  6. The cat had the exact same collar as Mao’s, and the fact that so much attention was paid to the cat dying is probably implying it was him.

    He could possibly survive due to his contract though.

  7. Adding on to what I said before, April did have a gravity manipulation of the water but she only used it in ep.5.

    It really looks like the speedster’s own power did him in. When he first used his powers to avoid Apirl’s bullet, he ran into a tree – but that was when he was moving at normal speed at the end of his run. So that means that he could only use his ability in open space. If anything got in his way at ther beginning of his run he would plow right through it. So the slower water droplets was as fatal to him as buckshot.

    Now enough of that – Give us Hei!!!

  8. the cat died….

    but i don´t think its mao, maybe he already switched/possesed another cat/animal
    so its probably just your average poor dead cat
    …or its really mao and he died -OH NOES!!-

    lol i´d love to see a bird mao

  9. So happy you’re set on following this! Though I liked season 1’s direction of not having a single story-line I’ll be relieved if this season does. Poor Hei looks like shit- holding out that he isn’t the bad guy, just misunderstood at this point until we see more of the story, though I do like that the focus shift is on a new character, I really like Suou. Disappointed in April’s death but could see it coming way back in season 1 (where I was sure she’d be a goner). Mao! Let’s hope it is! The silent and often heaviness of Hei’s character needs that counterpart of Mao.

  10. 1. Hei looks haggard
    2. Mao died (again??!)
    3. Where is yin?!? they were supposed to be inseparable lovers! lol. ok fanwail.
    4. Tanya looks like amber
    5. How come april became so powerful at the end? If she could drown everyone in a globe of water in the first place, she wouldn’t be relegated to being nov 11’s support!
    6. I liked the ‘obnoxious’ music. It sounded pumped up, and i would like it if it’s the starting part of the opening.

    I am sad that they portrayed Hei as the bad guy and at the start of the series, to boot! :S

  11. lol i think the focus on Suou is similar to how it focused on the woman (android with implanted memories) in the first series. pretty sure Hei will be the main focus after the next ep or so. Also, the cat that died couldn’t be Mao… Mao ran off outside the gates which infers a permanent MIA.

    Overall i thought it was a good ep, the music seemed odd but it really did help pump things up when Hei pops out of nowhere to neckline April. Kinda got me thinking what would have happened if April hadn’t attacked him (gun + water globe)…..

  12. no opening?? hmmm, i hope its as cool as that badminton boy’s intro, damn!! they murked out the chick with the best power trade off!! ohh well as T-PAIN SAY’S “BLAME IT ON THE a-a-a-a–a-ALCOHOL!!”

    BROOKLYN otaku
  13. The best first episode of the season for me so far, even if it is a sequel. Animation quality was so good, doubly so after watching the majority of stuff that’s come out for the past few months.

    Hopefully Yin comes back, but given the plethora of new characters introduced though, that may be unlikely which is a shame.

    The first season was decent, but could’ve been a lot better. From what I recall, it started off well but started to drag and stray from the main plot. It only picked up again near the end when they started to actually explain a few things.

    Hopefully they’ll pull together a tighter script and more action – within reason of their budget of course.

  14. No mentions on the bum-looking Hei in the preview? Also, so sad that idiot speed-user died so quick. He actually looked pretty interesting. BTW, there’s a manga made by Yuji Iwahara (creator of Chikyu Misaki and King of Thorn) called DTB: Shikkoku no Hana and unlike the other manga that was a spin-off the original series, this one is a sequel of the first series, directly after the ending, so before the second season. It’s still running, but some chapters have been scanlated and it looks AWESOME!!! XD

  15. @joe:
    As far as I remember Hei doesn’t have remuneration, since he is not a real contractor, but his sister was one and she somehow fused with him. Thus, he has contractor powers without having to pay anything.

  16. I don’t what all you guys are talking about Mao popping up. Yes, I’ll agree with you all that the cat look exactly like Mao but, if you remember from the first season. Mao could only stay “human” as long as he link up with the system. Since he was cut off from the system, his human side practically died and he just became a normal cat. It’ll be quite amazing if that was THE Mao, but I highly doubt.

    As for Yin, most likely Yin is gonna be with Hei since there the only two surviving members and where else will Yin be? I’m damn sure that Yin will eventually pop up.

    @joe: Just to add to what Darklord said. Hei is a normal human being and before his sister died, she pretty much implanted her powers into Hei. So, Hei is pretty much a normal human with Contractor powers and thus he has to pay no remuneration and maintains his human emotions. Don’t let his over-eating trick you.

    @Zaresh: I’m pretty sure that was Hei who killed Suou’s father. Hei killed the only Contractor with electric powers and by knowledge, each Contractor has their own unique abilities. So, that had to be Hei and July even describe it was Hei. Asian wearing a mask.

  17. I just realized that this show will not be the same without Mao, Lin and that other geezer.

    I hope DtB2 can once again create fantastic characters, and can execute an excellent plot. C’mon Bones, don’t disappoint.

    Btw, is this going to be a short 13-episode series or 26 like the original?

  18. And I always thought that Hei’s renumeration was eating since he always eats like a truckload.

    I don’t think he’s an alcoholic, didn’t some other contractor already have that? BONES can be original, I hope.

  19. Yes Hei is not a full contractor, he has the powers of a contractor (which he obtained from his Sister) whilst still remaining human (emotionally speaking). Mao died whilst they were traveling to the Hell’s Gate since he was cut off from the system-link which kept his human consciousness alive. This is also proven when Hei encounters all the dead contractors at the end in Hell’s Gate for their final discussion on what should be done, in which Mao is present.

    I wonder what has pushed Hei over the edge, BK201 had done some really shady things in his time but he always kept his composure (except when he tortured that broad in order to find out what happened to his sister). That disheveled look and the drinking from a flask, those are signs of a man crumbling under the weight of reality.

    So Very Odd
  20. Just watched the episode, and I LOVED it. I wanted more Hei but I really like Suou and Shion. And isn’t that blonde guy with the flower in the preview from the Shikkoku no Hana manga?

  21. Damn, it’s so excruciating to watch Hei being portrayed as a drugged up villian. Then again it’s nice to have a change in perspectives/protagonists, and I think it’ll be pretty hard for Suou to get along with Hei after her father’s death..

  22. Yin should be popping up anytime. She is in some of the image advertisements for the second season. Maybe someone captured her and Hei is trying to get the meteor and Shion to trade for her safe return to him.

  23. Woah. This takes me back. Darker than BLACK ftw!

    Just two questions:
    1: Are all the stars falling due to the deaths of the dolls? Or what? Cuz we only saw, like, 10 contracters die, and there was way more than that many falling stars.
    2: Seeing as Hei is supposed to change Suou’s life (it was mentioned once or twice), how is going to do it? She appears to meet most of the MI6 gang too…

    Also, cheers to April. Good character till the end.
    I burst out laughing at Nov. 11 joke. Like I said- it’s been a while.


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