On the streets of Academy City, Mikoto is chasing after Touma and manages to corner him in an alleyway. When she uses her powers against him though, he protects himself with his right hand and then escapes. By the time Mikoto realizes that he’s gone, she runs into Uiharu and Saten. Back at her dorm room, Kuroko is preparing for a one-month anniversary with Mikoto and is devastated when Mikoto arrives back with the other two girls. In checking out the room, the curious Saten makes her way into Kuroko’s underwear collection and finds it all to be quite risqué, with the exception of the pair of Mikoto’s underwear that Kuroko has. The girls also look at Mikoto’s childhood photos and the secret photo book that Kuroko keeps of her. To make matters worse for Kuroko, Mikoto appears not to remember their anniversary and pays more attention to the other girls than to her. When Kuroko finally points it out, Mikoto reminds her that she forced her way into being roommates. Mikoto also isn’t happy when she finds out that Kuroko has bought an aphrodisiac for this occasion, and she tries to blast her with electricity. Kuroko teleports into the hallway to get away, and before a fight can really break out, the two are found by their dorm supervisor.

Because they broke the rules, the two are punished by being forced to clean the school pool. Kuroko sees this as an opportunity and has brought along a bottle spiked with some of the aphrodisiac, but Mikoto knows better than to drink it. While they’re working, they’re found by two of Kuroko’s classmates, and the two girls hit it off with Mikoto. This bothers Kuroko because she feels like she’s being left out of the conversation again, and she watches in horror as Mikoto accepts a drink from one of the girls and then accepts their help cleaning the pool. After those two girls go off for a bit, Mikoto notices Kuroko acting despondent, and Kuroko cries because she feels that she doesn’t deserve to be with Mikoto. Mikoto responds by reminding Kuroko of how, exactly one month ago, they were punished and had to clean the dining hall together, and Mikoto had actually bought a t-shirt for Kuroko as an anniversary present. This plus the fact that Mikoto considers them partners who’ll always be together makes Kuroko quite happy, and the two drink in celebration. Kuroko, however, accidentally drinks the bottle with the aphrodisiac, and because of it, she uses her teleport powers to steal Mikoto’s inner shirt and shorts, which have the same pattern as the t-shirt she bought. When the two girls from before return, they find Mikoto shocking a very happy Kuroko.

ED Sequence

OP: 「Dear My Friend -まだ見ぬ未来へ-」 (-Mada Minu Mirai e-) by ELISA
Watch the OP! Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Streaming ▼

As expected, last week’s ED was the OP, and the actual ending sequence turned out to be a nice ELISA song that makes for a pleasant way to finish the episode. It’s hard for me to describe, but it’s definitely a different feel than the two IKU songs that Index ended with.


After the great start the series got off to, this was definitely not what I expected for a second episode. It certainly started out promising enough with Mikoto going after Touma, but the bulk of the episode turned out to be about Kuroko. That’s not to say that this was a bad episode because I definitely enjoyed all the humor, however if you were hoping for the story to get off to a fast start like I was (after having read some of the manga), then you might be a little disappointed. It doesn’t help either that I’m still annoyed by how Arai Satomi voices Kuroko. Also, because of her antics throughout most of the episode, I found it hard to take her seriously every time she was actually sad or crying, so it was that much harder to actually grow to like her character. Ultimately, what this indicates to me is that J.C.Staff is probably planning on a two-cour run for this show and is okay with adding in some extra character development and humor, and thus I should adjust my expectations accordingly.

I did really enjoy seeing the pictures of young Mikoto though. She was very, very cute, and seeing that reminded me of Last Order.


  1. I like Kuroko’s voice as well, and while I thought the episode would be action filled, seeing the way it started off, I got my dose of fan-service instead. (which I honestly don’t mind)

  2. The joke is that Mikoto said zutto issho ni, which can mean “always together”, as in “the two of us are always hanging out together” which is how Mikoto meant it, but it can also mean “together forever” which is how Kuroko interpreted it.

    Hence, Kuroko babbling about the red string of fate, while Mikoto comments that they are roommates.

    spaced out
  3. Kuroko may be annoying, her lesbianism is definitely over the top and used for comic relief. Yet I think it is refreshing to see a character who is openly aggressive in trying to win over their love interest.

    It makes a change from all those indecisive anime characters who just freeze up/deny everything when the person of their desires so much as looks at them.

    Ninja Penguin
  4. Incidentally, Omni, yes — all indications so far are that this will be a two-cour show, and I think you’re right that this is reflected in the pacing and the content so far.

  5. Kuroko’s goofball just went up 100%. This episode was just awesome. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    That carotid pressure point knockout that dormitory bitch did on Kuroko was pure gold – I prefer that one over the wrist knockout since that one doesn’t hurt like hell when you wake up. But she cheated though by pulling down her head into her hand. But the true way to do it is to just push the carotid art. into the jugular vein with your open palm – the faster the better.

    That last scene was purely the best. I’m starting to love this show – unlike the slow, boorish Index.

  6. This episode should have been broadcast after the first major arc of the story, I think they move it around a bit.
    I personally prefer it the way they have it in the manga, cause after the first major arc this episode should have been use as a relaxation sort of an episode after the more series episode of the first arc. Now I wonder what they goner show after the first major arc.

  7. @anon234

    These eps take place before Index. Eventually the story reaches the point where Index starts.


    That’s part of why unlike Omni and relentlessflame, I think they will only adapt one arc into one coul.

    spaced out
  8. I hope this series picks up quickly, Index might have had tons of exposition but it moved along quickly. This so far is just inane. I haven’t read the manga, but I hope the anime isn’t just one long fan service induced yuri love-a-thon, or I will be sorely disappointed.

    So Very Odd
  9. I definitely enjoyed the little cameo by Toma; in my opinion, his brief entrance and exit was far more enjoyable than his speeches in Index, and I think a lot of people will agree with me. Otherwise, I’m fine with his character.

    But now I’m detracting. It was fairly enjoyable but Kuroko is slightly getting on my nerves. Slightly though, as I agree with Ninja Penguin says as long as it doesn’t become too much of a punch line.

  10. I loved Arai Satomi’s work as Kozue (and her four alter egos) in Mahoraba. But this voice, which I first heard her use in Nijuumensou no Musume, doesn’t do anything for me. And her antics were cute, but even I wanted to see more plot.

  11. Kuroko, you’re a pain in the backside, but you’re a VERY AMUSING pain in the backside. lol

    The dorm warden is voiced by Nabatame Hitomi, and as expected of any haughty looking characters voiced by her, she easily makes Biribiri tremble in fear. xD

    Another interesting cameo is Tomatsu Haruka as Kuruko’s friend in the swimming club, Wannai Kinoho (the wavy-haired girl with water-wielding powers).

    The swimming pool cleaning scene came from later in the manga, while not exactly plot-important, it still feels odd to see this placed so early, but I’ll have to wait and see. Comedy series like Lucky Star and Hayate no Gotoku have no problem shuffling chapters in random order, but it won’t be the first time I’ve seen non-comedy series mixing scenes up in random either.

    Kinny Riddle
  12. This episode occurred later in the Manga so it’s good that it’s out of the way and we can now concentrate on the plot.

    I liked the beginning with Touma desperately trying to mind his own business and biri biri determined to pin him down.

    The time frames for Index and Railgun soon start to overlap so expect more of these confrontations.

    p.s. I hope the translators call Mikoto biri biri and not shocker as in some versions of Index (that just seems plain wrong)

  13. Such an annoying episode- especially after the great action we saw in episode 1, definitely a disappointment. The ero beginning was humorous at the beginning but I wish it would have stayed there and the episode not been about Kuroko.

  14. The beginning with touma was highly entertaining, although it only lasted a few moments, still I remember reading the manga version of this episode so I didn’t really mind it. Next episode should be fun.

  15. I’m liking this series so far but I hope we see more Mikoto and Touma interaction. They were always the funnest pair, mainly cause Touma wasn’t just a victim in their feuds and Mikoto isn’t the helpless observer.

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