OP Sequence

OP: 「Ring My Bell」 by blue drops — 吉田仁美 & 早見沙織 (Yoshida Hitomi & Hayami Saori)
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「天翔ける虹色下着(ロマン)」 (Amakakeru Nijiiro Shitagi (Roman))
“Soaring Rainbow-Colored Underwear (Romance)”

No pantsu and handcuffs. Whether you have these fetishes or not, Sora no Otoshimono will have you talking about this week’s episode one way or another.

From a blogging perspective, I rather enjoy these completely ludicrous, over-the-top, “omg you did not just air that” type of episodes because they pretty much speak for themselves. I don’t have to explain much here, other than a bit about the older style card Ikaros gives to Tomoki this time. Being the goofball that he is, Tomoki cuts Ikaros off again before she can give a proper explanation of the card. Only later does he find out it grants the user compulsary wishes. Much to Sohara’s misfortune, the card notices Tomoki’s distaste in her choice of underwear and strips her of it, along with anything else she tries to put on in its place. To make matters even worse later on, Tomoki handcuffs her out of the blue when the card gives him a pair. An absolutely gorgeous girl in a short skirt, no pantsu, handcuffed. Oh snap.

Needless to say, hilarity ensues if you’re not uptight about this form of ecchi comedy. Personally, I really prefer this kind over the boobs-in-your-face version, since the latter lacks subtlety and “class”, for lack of a better word. Here, much is left to the imagination and could even make for a funny story without the visuals. While the visuals definitely help in the fan-service department, the wacky premise holds the comedy down on its own. Throw in a seemingly perverted female character with Mikako, who’s the student council president no less, and it only gets better. They were pretty clever with the no pantsu comedy too, coming up with scenarios such as walking over a shallow puddle and then Tomoki’s solution for it. Aside from Sohara going commando against her will, the fan-service was pretty good with her trying on almost anything and everything, including a fundoshi provided by Eishirou. Retelling jokes never seems to have the same effect, so you’ll just have to see this one on your own.

Absent from the first episode was the series’ opening sequence and theme song. In addition to featuring music by Yoshida Hitomi and Hayami Saori, it also has one of the best and cutest sequences I’ve seen this season. They even managed to fit in a bit of choreography to the music, except for Mikako who just likes to wiggle her fingers for fun. Surprisingly, we got a new ending sequence/theme already, making me wonder if they’re going to have a character song every week. Like last time, the sequence corresponds to what happened in the episode, so we have flying pantsu here. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

For me, Sora no Otoshimono and Nyan Koi are tops for comedies this season. The difference is, I get to enjoy the “tasteful”, ecchi-er side of things here. I admit it’s pretty stupid at times, but boy is it ever entertaining. It never hurts when production looks fantastic either.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「岬めぐり 」 (Misaki Meguri) by 見月そはら(美名) (Mitsuki Sohara (Mina))
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  1. if u already think this is funny the follow up of this episode will have u dying and roll on the floor, not gonna spoil it but i not sure if they gonna broadcast next week or they follow the manga order and cast it later. All i will say is this episode feel tame compare to the follow up.

  2. bualeminkrali:
    If it’s a matter of tastes, I’m watching Asura Cryin’ 2, Bakemonogatari, Darker than Black, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kimi ni Todoke, Kobato, NEEDLESS, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, and WHITE ALBUM as well, so you better skip all those ones too.

  3. Lol, quite cute. 😛 And yes Divine. More Kimi Ni Todoke. 😀 Can’t wait for the subs. Also…the manga is very good, and despite the cute beginnings, does get serious, much like the other series the creator did, Watashi No Messiah Sama. Onemanga has it and it’s quite a dramatic series when it needs to. Wish they’d make an anime out of it too.

  4. Matter of taste aside, this anime is perfect. Animation quality, pacing, humor, character, class, overall enjoyment factor, everything. After the likes of Asura Cryin and Tayutama, it’s such a wonderful breath of fresh air to once again encounter a series that does everything right. And for me, Sora no Otoshimono deserves nothing less.

  5. @ Darma Shoten

    You serious?! Wow, that is surprising! This series so far seems just crazy while Watashi no Messiah-sama like you said was quite depressing. Not only that, but it seems the character designs are different too although that’s probably because the animation team might have changed it.

  6. Divine:

    i said the ones u blog 😛 fortunatelly bakemonogatari and fmb were good enough to get some omni love 🙂 and yes all others are crap(well maybe kobata, havent tried yet), and sorry if u feel offended, thats just a matter of taste 😛

  7. The opening is great! 🙂

    There’s a lot of good comedy this season with Sora no Otoshimono, Setokai no Ichizon, Nyan Koi, Kampfer and even Railgun, and I like good comedy. Sometimes you just need to get away from the serious plot animes, sit down, relax, and have a good laugh. 😀

    Ninja Penguin
  8. I can’t believe people are dismissing this series already. If you read the manga, you’ll realize that all this comedy is to help set you up from some of the drama ahead. This series is more serious than it looks, and I suspect by the end you’ll look back at these early episodes with a different eye.

    Oh well, I also like Itoshi no Kana, so I guess my tastes are more of the acquired variety.

  9. I found the scene where the class president said, “Is this going just as planned,” freaking hilarious. Frankly I could see Light also declaring his famous catchphrase during this predicament. “No panties? Just as planned.”

  10. @ bualeminkrali

    Way to base all your decisions in life on what everyone else is doing.

    …and yeah, it IS a matter of taste(lessness) since you dared to call “all others” (Railgun, Darker than Black, etc) crap.

  11. Hahaha this show is so over the top that it’s effing hilarious. Originally I was VERY turned off by the whole cliched magic super girl out of nowhere premise. However a combination of good production values, decent fan service, and hilarious jokes have put this show on the top of my watch list. Seems like even the stupidest concepts can be GOLD if well executed.

    Heh Tomoki isn’t all that annoying either, I actually kind of like his over-the-top fantasys. Well a lot of people hate him too. Seems like if the male lead is too cowardly, everyone hates him, but if he’s too perverted everyone hates him too. You need a good balance and for a likable lead. Tomoki fails at this, but at least he provides good comedy without detracting from the show. In this show a “Cool/Mature” male lead like the ones in key anime wouldn’t fit in well.

  12. The ending seemed to imply an 80s setting with a Russian Mi-24 shot down over Afghanistan and a U.S. SR-71 Blackbird (now retired) being overtaken by hypersonic underwear! Then again, I don’t think laptops like that were around in those days.

    An enjoyable episode, but the “pantsless-blocking” moves Tomoki did were a bit over the top in my eyes.

  13. Divine – No, it’s at 57 seconds. the main male character holds up a card during the opening, and then a skirt magically transforms on a new girl that looks like a female version of the male lead!

  14. Good lord, flying panties. LMAO.

    Has wanted to comment on this sooner, but I’ve been having problems with my internet connection lately, so that Random Curiosity became frustratingly impossible to access.

    @ bualeminkrali, you dislike divine’s choices? That’s fine with me, but cut it out with the abrasiveness, it’s not gonna win you respect here.

    I’m only posting here because I heard of the infamous flying panties ED. Needless to say, this show too isn’t my cup of tea, but I don’t go around saying divine has poor judgment in what he blogs, since I do like to read about divine’s insights on these nonsensical humour.

    Kinny Riddle
  15. two words for this series so far, ‘wow’ and ‘LOL’

    fyi, the OP has some good teasers Show Spoiler ▼

    and about those pantsu…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    …and I like the constant chibi moments cause they just make a number of not-so-funny scenes funny to watch (though we need a touch more fan service, but that’s my perverted side talking xD )


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