As Kagura tries to run far away, InuYasha and company head to the cave belonging to the Midoriko whose soul combined with demon souls to became the Shikon Jewel. They find that inside the remains of her body is a chrysalis, and there’s a barrier around it, so InuYasha decides to watch over it by himself. The chrysalis eventually turns into one of Kikyou’s Soul Collectors, and InuYasha chases it all the way to her. Kikyou explains that she needs the soul because of the wound she got from Naraku, and indeed, taking in the soul heals her. Kohaku also senses it though, and he follows it all the way to her. Kikyou in the meantime explains to InuYasha that they have to get rid of Naraku’s soul and need the Shikon Jewel to do so. Kikyou’s plan is to complete the Shikon Jewel, when Naraku obtains it and tries to absorb it, she’ll purify it and him in that instant. Kohaku overhears all this and decides to go off as well because of his own determination to bring down Naraku.

At around this same time, Kouga is going after the Goraishi weapon that’s guarded by a three-headed beast. He’s able to obtain it and defeat the beast only after showing that protecting his friends is more important than anything else. Kagura meanwhile runs into Naraku who claims he’s going to free her, and he returns her heart to her, but he also stabs her and leaves her filled with his miasma. Nearby, Sesshoumaru runs into Mouryoumaru who has absorbed another demon to obtain a super-strong armor, and unfortunately, Tokijin isn’t much use against this armor. During the battle, Sesshoumaru smells Kagura’s blood and Naraku’s miasma, and hearing Mouryoumaru insult her angers him. He now has the power to damage Mouryoumaru’s armor, however this also leads to Tokijin snapping in half. After Mouryoumaru retreats, Sesshoumaru discards Tokijin and heads towards the scent. He finds Kagura in a field and surprises her by revealing that he came even though he knew it was her and not Naraku. Kagura is content with seeing him again, and after she disappears into the wind, Sesshoumaru tells the just-arrived InuYasha and company that Kagura was smiling.


This second episode felt a little better paced than the first one – or maybe I’m just getting more used to it – but either way I still think they’re trying to cover too many things at once. It probably wouldn’t be quite so bad if they connected some of the story pieces a little better, particularly the segment with Kouga. I still really like the action scenes though, and that segment with Kouga delivered in that regard if nothing else. Sesshoumaru’s fight with Mouryoumaru was also nice, though the ending to that felt a little lame because Mouryoumaru retreated yet again. On that note, I have to say that Mouryoumaru doesn’t seem like a very good antagonist, and Naraku beats him out in every way, particularly after what he did to Kagura. Which brings me to Kagura’s death. It’s sad to see her go, but at least she was happy, and although the scene itself wasn’t the most emotional it could have been, it was sufficient and made me like Sesshoumaru’s character even more.

Incidentally, the broadcast version of this episode on NTV has no next episode preview (I’ve seen a few comments suggesting that it’s because NTV wants more revenue from commercials), but the other versions do, like the one being offered on Hulu. In any case, it looks like next episode will focus on Shippou and Sesshoumaru.


  1. aww dam i didnt really remember the manga so i actually thot that she might’ve been able to live for awhile =/. kagura chacracter is probably one of the biggest tragedies in the story i wish she could’ve atleast seen inyuasha and them before she died

  2. I really enjoyed the animation of this ep x3 very nice
    But I still think they’re rushing it D:
    Sango doesn’t ask where her brother went? xD
    Kagura’s death impacted me much more than the first time >:
    Sesshy’s also showing emotion here =P kinda sad >: even if we all knew it was coming

  3. I almost cried in the manga and in this episode when kagura dies + gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =( +
    Sesshoumaru is love XD
    the next episode is about shippo and sessh yeah…i hope they show the hell arc….

  4. I think I’m gunna Wallpaper the Screen Shot of Kagura’s death-strike. When I used to watch that show, a long-long time ago… I was always really annoyed on the endless cycle of her coming in and retreating.. her coming in and retreating.. well finally.. SHE’S DEAD! About F-ING TIME!!

  5. awwww kagura =(
    I cried when I read this part in the manga :< Personally loved Kagura’s character but I didn’t think her death would come so soon in the anime o.o;;
    On a side note…does anyone know why tenseiga wouldn’t save Kagura?

  6. “I think “rushing everything” is better than endless fillers…”

    Agreed to an extent.

    I also hate it when they put in a bunch of fillers that have little to no connection at all to the overall story (or too MUCH connection in that, if it kept going, it could’ve potentially ruined the canon plot) UNLESS it involves more character development/involvement unseen in the original story while, at the same time, NOT messing with the canon storyline (if anything, IMPROVING it a bit).

    Like the first filler in Naruto Shippuuden when we learn much more about Asuma’s past as one of the 12 Shinobi Guards; something we never truly learned about in the manga, but only heard little bits and pieces of. This helps further impact his death during the following Kakuzu/Hidan Arc since now we know more about him and his emotions during those times, so it gives much more feeling than his death in the manga where, up until then, he didn’t seem to be anything more than a filler Jounin a majority of the time, despite being Hiruzen’s son.

    Otherwise, yeah, I’d rather they simply skip more unimportant parts (main story or not) and just keep going quickly like that.

  7. At first I disliked Kagura’s character; she seemed like this annoyingly arrogant beeyah that would always attack, retreat, repeat ad nauseum. But with her struggling against Naraku to win her freedom and build up of her character being a more emotionally complex one than your run-of-the-mill just-won’t-die antagonist, she became interesting (particularly with the very subtle hints of her and Sesshy possibly sharing a connection with one another). That said, sad to see her go, but the plot marches on!

  8. The author Rumiko Takahashi was practically burnt out near the end of the Inuyasha series because she felt like she was being “interrogated” for the plot. She probably closed out everything in a bang in frustration. But, at least Inuyasha has a decently conclusive ending, unlike her other series such as Ranma 1/2.

    As for Kagura, her name means “godly happiness”, which has always been a bad omen. So she kind lived up to her name by dying for “freedom” (if you can call it that). Who knows? Perhaps if she lives on in the story she may end up being Inuyasha’s and Kogome’s sister-in-law. Maybe it is not a bad idea to let her die now from the perspective of the author.

  9. they are definitely going way too fast.
    When the first series ended they had covered 355 chapters of the manga. 167 episodes… which means they covered about two chapters (2.21 chapters to be more accurate) each episode.

    In these first two episodes, they have covered about 3 VOLUMES. they covered from 356 to 382… thats 26 chapters… in two episodes.. Mind you that I did include that chapters they skipped completely.
    in any case.. thats a speed up of 10x… thats just ridiculous…

    Not only that, but they change the story line. omit stories, change how battles happen, and they definitely completely omitted a battle.
    Moryomaru absorbs meioujuu(tutle shell guy) in chapter 403 after inuyasha battles him..


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