「エンジェロイド初体験(0シレイ)」 (Enjeroido Hatsutaiken (0 Shirei))
“An Angeloid’s First Time (0 Command)”

It’s not all about nopan and handcuffs here, as this week has one of the cutest moments with Ikaros.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t mind seeing some more of the former though. As memorable as it was hilarious, it’s nice to see that Mikako won’t let Tomoki and Sohara forget about the pantsu incident either. Anyway, this episode has Tomoki and Sohara struggling with some Calculus math homework (ah, it’s been a while since I’ve touched this stuff), so they decide to seek out Eishirou for help. Much to their surprise, their new world obsessed senpai lives in a tent out in the wild. While Eishirou’s able to breeze through the math problems, he’s intrigued by the fact that Ikaros doesn’t seem to possess any super computer-like computational ability. Similarly, he’s puzzled by how the gigantic floating mass in space has halted its orbit over Japan and is no longer visible.

With everyone staying overnight to help Eishirou with an experiment the next morning, the rest of the episode revolves around Ikaros shopping for curry ingredients to assess her abilities. While she mistakes konjac noodles for onions and a poor chick for meat, she does a decent job on her own. Albeit a failure in Tomoki’s eyes, he comforts her for a good first attempt. Ikaros makes up for this by flying across the globe to the Amazon at a blazing Mach 24 (twenty-four times the speed of sound) and brings back a Pirarucu, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Needless to say, this makes Eishirou even more suspicious of her abilities and real purpose. However, he eventually concludes that she really has no idea and encourages her to be happy with Tomoki instead. The real question now is who sent her and why.


Much like we’ve seen, AIC ASTA continues to impress with this series. Ikaros in particular looked really good in numerous shots, including this really cute one. (Her sad puppy dog eyes really do make her seem like a pet.) It was also nice to see her in some normal clothes for a change, which were a lot less revealing than her usual outfit but much cuter. Her childish writing and interest in a watermelon on the other hand just make you want to hug her and never let her go.

Comedy-wise, the liberal use of super-deformed characters was awesome as usual, as was our scary cold-hearted student council president. Sohara’s killer karate chop still hasn’t gotten old either, since they’ve done a good job limiting the Tomoki abuse so far. I also enjoyed watching Tomoki drag Ikaros down not once, but twice as she tried to fly away to go grocery shopping. The other humour was more subtle (e.g. “very soft) but prevalent throughout, making this come off as a very lighthearted series.

And that’s where they throw you in for a loop. Amidst all the comedy, they’ve managed to slip in a more serious side of things. While I can’t say if the mystery behind Ikaros will be a pivotal part of the story, they’ve done a good job playing it up to be. To that end, I felt the music helped a lot. As I mentioned before, the music in this series probably deserves a bit more attention, so it’s definitely worth taking notice to if you haven’t already. This goes for comedic scenes too.

Much like the first two episodes, we have another new ending sequence and theme this time around. It’s sung by the entire cast, but I can’t say I really care for the song itself. As for the sequence, it’s kind of nice seeing all the extra things that happened at Eishirou’s place, but it’s definitely not at the same level as flying pantsu.

In any case, things weren’t as funny this time around, but it was cute, cute, cute, a bit serious, and more cute, which is perfectly fine with me.


ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「太陽がくれた季節」 (Taiyou ga Kureta Kisetsu) by イカロス(早見沙織), 見月そはら(美名), 五月田根美香子(高垣彩陽), 桜井智樹(保志総一朗),
Ikaros (Hayami Saori), Mitsuki Sohara (Mina), Satsukitane Mikako (Takagaki Ayahi), Sakurai Tomoki (Hoshi Souichirou), Sugata Eishirou (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
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  1. for all I know, they may reserve an entire episode for ecchi-fest (for details go for manga)

    one interesting thing: they used a manga special (or 2) for a part of the episode (idea wise anyway)

  2. Well, after a couple of episodes of utter silliness I suppose they wanted to prove to their audience they are least trying to take it seriously. So this episode succeeds in landing some interesting story elements, which goes goo things to an audience. This will provide some questions, which will likely gain a viewer’s interest. If they keep down this path, I may actually find myself watching more. 🙂 So far, good Episode.

  3. Damn, & I thought she could reach escape velocity. But if that’s a pet-class angelroid I would love to see the stats of a war-class or even a work-class angelroid. Maybe in a few episodes I won’t think this anime is dumb as hell, but they have alot of work to do after the uber-BS that was the 2nd episode.

    Given that, this crap isn’t serious at all, even when they tried for some seriousness it still seemed plain. But the series is interesting because it does have an abstract plot – something I can’t say for most of the BS this season. As long as they get into Tomoki’s dream crap at some point or another, they can ecchi-fest us to death. However, this anime definitely qualifies as being so bad that it’s good – not great, but good & funny as hell.

  4. Heh having an insane plot-line doesn’t instantly mean this show is bad. It has great animation, and hilarious humor. Even though the plot is crazy and cliched as long as it’s done well then that’s great. At least I’m enjoying it a lot.

  5. This series is starting to get better and better : )

    Im curious, do you guys know a fansubber that releases HD quality of this anime? Im not complaining about the quick subber I currently use but It would be nice to have nice quality for my collection =D

  6. Here’s a weird point I’m impressed over: clothing fashion. Visual novels and many other anime, visual novels especially, often dress their characters in clothing that NO ONE in the real world will wear. Either they stand out too much or they’re too complex.

    Everyone in Sora no Otoshimono so far is wearing very regular clothing we could imagine people wearing in real-life, but they still make it all look good. Ikaros’ casual wear is especially nice.

  7. Ikaros is just so cute. Her (face) cheeks looks so fat and soft I just wanna press them and squeeze them and chew on ’em.

    So sue me, I got a thing for girls with cute cheeks. There’s a guy here with a thing for ankles, so it ain’t wierd, is it?

    @Mearex: every good comedy show needs an animal mascot

  8. Liberta:
    Short of someone eventually putting CR’s subs onto a high quality raw, you probably won’t be seeing anything for the next bit. Fansub groups tend to avoid anything that’s being simulcasted. Groups like HorribleSubs only rip from CR (i.e. they don’t fansub) and CR only has SoraOto in 480p. However, I believe HorribleSubs has an HD counterpart that does the above.

    I actually see reasonable fashion sense in quite a few shows. Sakuya in Hayate no Gotoku for example is always seen wearing something fashionable (and different) every time she shows up. That said, I do agree that Ikaros’ outfit here is really nice.

  9. Speaking of School Days, what was up with what appeared to be one of Eishirou’s handlers of whatever sort not only checking up on the camp, but saying that nothing was out of the ordinary when there was, you know, a robot girl with wings standing just a few dozen feet away at most? It reminds me very much of some moments early on in the other which become significant toward the end.

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  10. The first one didn’t surprise me, it’s the fact that the second one behaved so casually that has me a bit perplexed. I’m not really concerned about the reasons why yet as those should become clear later, it’s just interesting to me that these details are there, and another element reminiscent of School Days.

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  11. In the manga, those people in the town just don’t care much about people having wings flying around. It is actually used as a gag device. When the Prez first saw Ikaros flying (the Prez character appears much later in manga and didn’t know about the Ikaros), she remarks, “So young people these days can fly now?”. There was also an old woman who said something like, “Oh I don’t care about girl with wings. There are too many strange things going on in this world to worry about.”


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