Shortly after Gluttony and Al arrive at Father’s lair, Gluttony’s stomach opens up, and Envy, Ling, and Ed emerge. Al is ecstatic to see his brother again, but what really gets Ed’s attention is how Father looks exactly like Hohenheim. Father is surprised to learn that Hohenheim actually had children, and when he sees that both brothers are injured, he repairs Al’s armor and heals Ed with alchemy because the two are important human resources. As a result, the brothers realize that Father’s alchemy is special and doesn’t obey the rules of equivalent exchange. Father, however, has no need for Ling and wants Gluttony to eat him. His views on the insignificance of humans in general angers Ed into attacking him, but Father easily counters everything the brothers and Ling throw at him. Feeling that this is a waste of time, Father takes away Ed and Al’s alchemy with one step of his foot, making them powerless against Envy and Gluttony. He’s changed his mind about Ling though and decides to make him into a Homunculus by dropping a Philosopher’s Stone into his body. Much to Ed and Al’s surprise, Ling is willing to go through with this, and he soon finds himself face-to-face with Greed. Ling’s desire for absolute power leads to him giving up his body, and so Greed takes over, though this Greed has no memories of the previous Greed.

Greed’s appearance is interrupted by the arrival of Scar and May Chang to the lair. Though initially fearful of Father, May Chang is happy to be reunited with Shao May, and she’s shocked to see what Edward Elric is really like. To everyone’s surprise, both Scar and May Chang are still able to use their alchemy, and Ed decides to use this to his advantage by telling Scar that Envy was responsible for what happened to his people. This succeeds in turning Scar against Father and the Homunculus, but even Scar can’t seem to harm Father and barely escapes with his life. Al meanwhile saves May Chang from Gluttony and escapes as well, but he and Scar get sandwiched between the Chimera horde and the Homunculus. Because he knows that he’s important to Father, Al decides to help Scar and May Chang get away even though that means he himself will get caught, and Gluttony can’t give chase because he’s got no more regenerative powers since he’s died so much. Ed meanwhile fights Greed, and even though he lands a punch after invoking Ling’s country and Lan Fan, Greed is eventually able to restrain him, and Father orders the brothers taken to Wrath. Despite the fact that Greed appears to have completely taken control of Ling’s body, Ed still believes that Ling is somewhere inside. In the aftermath, Father removes a Philosopher’s Stone from Gluttony and decides to remake him.


Although this was a pretty good episode overall, Ling becoming a Homunculus should have been a huge surprise, and while it was still interesting how he became Greed, the impact was lessened thanks to how the OP sequence gave away the fact that he’d be joining the Homunculus side. They really should have delayed the OP a week or just not have had a recap last week. Nevertheless, this raises a lot of questions about if Ling himself is ever going to be able to take back control (odds are yes), whose side he’ll end up on, and how Lan Fan will react. The latter might be addressed as soon as next week if the preview is any indicator.

It was also fun to see Scar showing up and wreaking a little havoc, and May Chang’s reaction to the real Ed was amusing as well. It’s a shame they couldn’t do much against Father, but I assume Scar is going to be on Ed and Al’s side a lot more from now on. Speaking of Father, it’s interesting that he didn’t seem to know what was going on with Hohenheim, and I wonder when they’ll reveal the connection between them. I also question if Gluttony is going to get a new form or something since he’s apparently going to be remade now. The one thing that seems clear is that Father is able to do all that effortless alchemy without having to obey equivalent exchange because the price has already been paid for with human lives for the Philosopher’s Stone(s) that appear to be inside of him. I’m curious to see how someone with that much power is defeated.

Oh and on one final note, I have to say that the new OP and ED songs have really grown on me, and I’ve been listening to them all week.


  1. Did they change the op sequence? If they did, then I really don’t understand, why they’ve showed 3rd OP in the previous episode.
    I mean, of course they didn’t change the whole sequence, but is there a new scene or sth?

  2. I’m of two minds on this part of the story.

    On the one hand, Greed is my favorite Fullmetal Alchemist. On the other, Ling is my least favorite. Not to mention it’s utter nonsense that Father would be stupid enough to resurrect an openly rebellious element like Greed.

    But it’s good we still get Greed again, in some form. He may not be the old pimping Greed, but he’s there.

    In the meantime, the OP has grown on me, but still not the ED. Especially since the credits have mostly just Winry and then show flashes of Ranfan and Mei. They should have done an entire ending about all the female characters. The song I can take or leave.

  3. My Jesus that was alot to take in, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I like the fact that greed is back because he wasn’t shown much in this series, but too bad Ling will be out of it hopefully not for good.

  4. Grin, my favorite character in the series has arrived!

    I was actually hoping Ling’s VA would do the Greed voice as well, but in a more KIRA-like kind of voice. I guess it’ll just take some time getting used to hearing Greed’s voice coming out of Ling’s mouth.

  5. I was a little disappointed by the music they played during lins transformation. when i first read it in the manga, it was a really surprising plot twist and i excpected some epic music would be playing when it happened. but, i guess thanks to the new OP spoiling it they just wanted to get it over with. Why did they relase the new OP and ED last week anyway? why not just wait till this week so that Lin/Greed is a surprise?. Also did anyone else feel like the pacing spead up again? they got through the whole thing in fathers house in one episode! it felt really rushed to me. Other than that it was a great episode as always.

  6. I always wondered why Father would resurrect Greed if the last incarnation of him was a rebellious traitor. Still, Ling+Greed=badass. It’s a proven equation. Can’t wait to see Greed go all out for revenge against a certain someone.

  7. @Raika,
    It’s a new version of Greed. Father likely erased the memories of the old Greed, and recreated Greed via Phil stone + Ling

    I think it’s suppose to be Wrath not Los, sounds close but there’s no one named Los.

  8. Didn’t Ling match swordsmanship with the Fuhrer? Ling, with Greed’s power, the previous Greed will get his revenge for Bradley killing him over 14 times, even if the current Greed doesn’t remember it. Karma coming back around for Bradley finally? Ling+Greed may be too much for the Ultimate Eye alone!

  9. Good episode, the only thing I didn’t like was they clouded Father’s very important line about Hohenheim under Ed’s arguing.

    In the manga, it was like, a full shot on him “Of course he wouldn’t have died”
    And it’s supposed to be very cryptic, like, Hohenheim has been alive for that long? But in this, it’s clouded by Ed’s arguing and it’s just “He wouldn’t have died”

    It just didn’t have the same impact. Other than that, it was right on.

  10. Now here’s some shocking seiyuu trivia for all you Gundam 00 yaoi fangirls: Setsuna (Ling) has now finally fused with Graham (Greed)! No prizes for guessing what I’m referring to. 🙂

    Anyway, though I was expecting Miyano Mamoru in his evil Yagami Light voice when he returns as Greed, but I guess it’s still good to hear Nakamura Yuuichi back as the new Greed, in fact, his voice now sounded more natural as Ling/Greed than the previous Greed.

    Does Father’s inability to cancel out Scar and May’s powers have something to do with their alchemy being Eastern-based? (Scar’s arm is a fusion of both Eastern and Western alchemy, so the Eastern part is still usable) This might mean Father’s seemingly invincible alchemy is Western-based, and that might be the key to defeating him – Hohenheim most probably holds that key.

    LOL at May’s fantasies about her and Ed being shattered.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. very good episode… now that i thought about it we havent had much Major armstrong action… A fight i would wanna see is him vs. that bulky sloth guy (daaaym that would be epic).. i really wanna see that guy in action…. anyways this was my favorite episode by far.

  12. sup everyone, anyways i thought this was good episode. everything wasn’t exactly like the manga (which i read and don’t want to spoil it to anyone), but it was a solid episode.I also like that little small smooth fight between ed vs ling around the end of the episode.

  13. cant wait what happens the next episodes but Father takes both brothers and May to Bradley. By threatening to kill Winry, Bradley orders Ed to keep working for the State Military. As they return to the city, Ed discovers that all of Mustang’s subordinates have been reassigned. Meanwhile, Alphonse meets with Lan Fan and May Chang, who are being treated by Doctor Knox. Scar finds Tim Marcoh, who has been kidnapped by the homunculi, and orders Marcoh to tell him what happened during the Ishbal war.

  14. Can’t agree with BONES’ placement of the recap last week, it really screwed up the breakneck rhythm they had going. Maybe they needed more time to finish up this episode, which was definitely one of the more awesome and action-packed episodes yet. Ling turning into Greed was awesome, even if it’d been spoiled beforehand by manga fanboys on here and the new OP. Changing VAs is a little odd but I’m sure they’re going to start fighting each other at some point so this way it’ll be two voices coming out of the same throat. Sides, Greedo’s VA is f’ing awesome and it’s good to see him return. And I’m glad to see Scar making a face turn, since I always thought him a pretty cool and sympathetic villain/antihero in the first series. May is helping, I’m sure.

    I noticed that despite all the questions Ed fired at him, Father didn’t give so much as a hint as to his origin or his plans. Not that I expect him to be a Bond villain who explains his entire evil plan to the hero the first chance he gets, but all he did was talk about how humans suck and ask questions himself.

    So is Envy going to be stomping around in true form all the time from now on? Seems that’d be a little unsubtle, even if the military elites do all know about the Homunculi …

    I’m interested in the upcoming arc, also, and how this ties in with the Homunculi (I’m guessing the heroes don’t manage to kill them all and foil Father’s plans before the Briggs arc happens …)

  15. Oh, and the new OP’s really grown on me, too. It’s catchy as hell and I love the animation that goes along with it. The new ED I’m not too enthused about but I don’t usually care much for FMA’s ending themes.

  16. Nah, Envy reverts back. I honestly don’t know why he was waiting so long, especially considering he hates it so much. Though, I’m sure having that size advantage against the Elrics for that battle was useful.

  17. @Guardian

    “God”Can’t agree with BONES’ placement of the recap last week, it really screwed up the breakneck rhythm they had going. Maybe they needed more time to finish up this episode, which was definitely one of the more awesome and action-packed episodes yet.”

    You do know episodes are finished weeks ahead of schedule right? Its not like Bones was panicking last week that this episode wasn’t done and so they decided to pull a recap out in the last second.

  18. Oh, I read the translation of the lyrics in the opening this time, and *sob* I like the song even better now!

    omg, when Ed and company jumped out of gluttony, it freaking scared me to death!

    the second half of the episode went ballistic and epic! Scar was awesome, Ling and Ed was super exciting and Al was amazing! And Mei Chan (?) was also awseome!

    and Ed, IDK, he looked so extremly good in the preview. Like EXTREMLY handsome, in a white shirt and all.


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