Nakajima Megumi, Kanno Youko, and May’n serenading us with a piano version of Diamond Crevasse.


In pure anime-like fashion, the Macross Frontier colony landed in Budokan last November 5th, 2008. Almost a full year later, we finally get to see what what down there in our very own homes and almost a week ahead of its scheduled release! (DVD: 09-10-30, Blu-ray: 09-11-27.) Starring May’n as Sheryl Nome and Nakajima Megumi as Ranka Lee, this huge concert marks the long-awaited onstage duet I’ve been absolutely dying to see since Macross Frontier was still airing. With over FOUR hours of footage (150 min concert, 90 min specials), this gigantic two disc DVD release doesn’t disappoint. It wasn’t all about these two singing princesses though, as the concert featured the one and only Kanno Youko. In addition to conducting her beautifully arranged score, Youko was also center stage on the piano for a lot of the songs.


Captain Jeffrey Wilder addresses the crowd as Macross lands in Budokan! “Watashi no Uta wo Kike!” “Kira~!”


Kanno Youko conducting “Prologue F” and “Take Off” followed by May’n and Megumi’s “What ’bout my star? @Formo”.


A Macross F medley of galactic proportions.


The concert starts off with a bang too with an orchestral lead in of “Prologue F” to my favorite song of the series, “What ’bout my star?” @Formo style. It’s immediately followed up by an insane medley of galactic proportions that even puts the Nyan Nyan Service ones to shame. With Megumi in a complete sweat after the first two marathon songs, I really had no idea how she was going to keep things up, but persevere she did.



Things get even better though with the appearance of Nakamura Yuuichi and Kamiya Hiroshi in character as Alto and Mikhail respectively, pilot uniforms and all. To top it off, “Ranka” gets them to dance to her “Chou Jikuu Hanten Nyan Nyan” CM song. Not long after, even Miyake Kenta (Bobby Margot) shows up to join in on the fun — and to be made fun of. I noticed some other seiyuu in the later parts of the concert as well, such as Hoshi Souichirou (Brera Sterne), plus I’ve read something about Sakamoto Maaya making an appearance as well.

This concert is huge, so getting videos up takes a fair bit of time, but I’ll try to have a part 2 up sooner rather than later. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it in full yet since I’m swamped by other things going on, so consider this an early preview for now. Also, if you’re disappointed by May’n and Megumi’s outfits, don’t worry, they change frequently throughout the concert.


  1. Movie’s coming soon don’t worry… in Japan. Then we’ll have to wait another year for the DVDs and crap…
    I’m really hoping Maaya Sakamoto actually made an appearance!!

  2. Sorry to disappoint guys but Maaya Sakamoto doesn’t show up in this concert. For the whole performance it’s just May’n, Megumi, Youko and the whole orchestra band. It’s still EPIC win though! Especially the Diamond Crevasse Acoustic Duet!!

    I can’t wait for my DVD to come in mail. I already watched the whole DVD video like 4 times! X3

  3. Hmm, having just seen it all, Maaya Sakamoto doesn’t make an appearance and Souichiro Houshi only came on at the end with the rest of the anime cast members(Which was missing Tomokazu Sugita!).

  4. Heh this was an epic concert – put the Perfume concert the next day to shame, although it would have been cool if the Macross concert had the lasers from the Perfume concert. I’ve been waiting for this to come out on dvd ever since the event. I’d actually given up to be honest.

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