One morning, Kobato comes across a girl in front of a church who is staring up at the falling leaves and crying. When Kobato asks why, the girl thinks that it’s because the leaves are pretty. Kobato then introduces herself, so the girl reveals that she’s called Kohaku, and this triggers Ioryogi’s memory. He recognizes her as being from Heaven and is fine with speaking in front of her, and she eventually recognizes him as Iorogi. After Kohaku excuses herself, Kobato heads to the nursery school and spends the day staring at the trees because she wants to understand why Kohaku was crying. She doesn’t figure it out though and decides to go see Kohaku again the next day. Instead of running into Kohaku, Kobato overhears Kohaku with a doctor named Shuuichirou, and the two seem happy together. She follows them home, and after Shuuichirou leaves again, Kobato watches as Kohaku uses her powers to water her garden. Once Kohaku realizes that they’re there, Kobato tries to find out again why Kohaku had been crying, and the way Kohaku describes her feelings makes Ioryogi conclude that it’s love.

Eager to heal Kohaku, Kobato tries to figure out what’s troubling her, and Kohaku thinks that it’s the fact that Shuuichirou is always busy. Since Shuuichirou and Kohaku haven’t been on a date, Kobato decides to help them out by getting them tickets to an amusement park. This proves to be harder than expected though because Kobato has no money, but as it turns out, Kiyokazu happens to have a pair of tickets. Kobato is able to convince him to give them to her if she helps him with his newspaper delivery job, and she brings the tickets to Kohaku. Kohaku doesn’t accept them because the bigger problem is that Shuuichirou is busy, but Shuuichirou then returns and asks for the tickets. He ends up taking Kohaku to the amusement park, and Kobato watches from outside the park. In the middle of this, a flying rabbit from Heaven appears, and it conveys a message to Ioryogi that Kobato has to fill the bottle in four seasons’ time. Unfortunately, Kobato finds out later that she didn’t get a konpeitou from Kohaku because Kohaku didn’t actually need healing, but she doesn’t let this faze her and remains determined to do her best.


This wasn’t a bad episode, but I didn’t like it as much as last week’s. Certainly it was nice to see characters from another CLAMP title present, but the story here didn’t feel as satisfying because Kohaku and Shuuichirou were already in love, and Kobato’s helping didn’t get her any closer to her goal. It’s also partially disappointment about how it doesn’t look like these characters are going to be used as part of a larger story arc, at least not in the immediate future if the next episode preview is any indicator.

On the other hand, I did find this episode intriguing in terms of the overarching story. The fact that Ioryogi is implied to be from Heaven seems rather important – particularly since we don’t know much about Kobato’s origins – as does the fact that Kobato has only a year to fill up the bottle. Given the time limit (both in series time and in total episodes) and given how I don’t think there’ll be hundreds of separate stories of Kobato healing people, I suspect that at some point she’ll either get a ton of konpeitou at once, or she’ll end up falling well short of the goal.


  1. Baka-Kobato Lesson #1: You can’t heal whose already happy!

    Baka-Kobato Lesson #2: Leave other angels alone!

    Baka-Kobato Lesson #3: Don’t stare at trees when you only have a year to fill the bottle 😛

  2. Guess I was right after all. Didn’t know anything about the series except what we saw in the few anime episodes and figured Heaven was involved. Either she is an angel in training or some other such thing.

  3. I am wondering when the difficulty is going to ramp up! Although that isn’t the direction of the anime seeing she solves it being almost random and pure probability. Either way, it was a “meh” compared to the ones before. I had a feeling that bunny was going to deliver something bad and I was right. You could feel the evil! Maybe because it reminded me of Kampfer.

  4. A year’s time to fill the bottle, does this mean there’ll be a year’s worth of episodes?

    The message couldn’t be more simple enough: Kobato, stop dilly-dallying around like Sakura did with her Clow Card collecting and get your arse moving. lol

    While the casual viewer can see Kohaku as a girl, I think Kohaku’s gender is purposely kept ambiguous (never seen wearing a skirt, and has a flat chest :p ) as a homage to those who know about “her” origin in Wish.

    As in Wish, the bunny messenger carries messages of doom, sorry, messages from heaven as well.

    Kinny Riddle
  5. The people of CLAMP: Oh, let’s toss in anothercharacter from one of our series and see if people can get that character…again!

    Seriously, CLAMP, if you like your other characters so much, why don’t you just make another season for either of them?

    This whole “CLAMP universe” thing made more sense on Tsubasa.

  6. WISH is more involved in Kobato than we will expect, according to the last chapter of the manga and because they’ve said that WISH is going to have its arc in kobato, but the main story will still be kobato’s not kohaku’s.

  7. Alright, hang on a sec…

    Did the guy (who is a doctor) who live in a mansion just accept 2x $30~ amusement park tickets from a girl who was homeless just a little while ago without offering anything in return?

    I’m gonna have to *rage* for Kobato if she doesn’t do it herself. >_>;;

  8. double post, but…

    since the size of the bottle and the “candy” in the show and in the ending sequence are inconsistent, it’s hard to estimate how many it’d take to fill the thing up…but I’d say somewhere around maybe 500(?).
    Is she going to heal 500 people? o__o or are certain people’s “candies” going to be the size of jawbreakers?

  9. Would someone care to explain to me how what CLAMPS character crossover policy is? in complete detail? i mean are we gonn end up seeing some tsubas RC, Code Geass, etc.. characters in the show at any point ( explain in detail please?)

  10. Okay, I’m starting to feel really annoyed at people complaining about CLAMPS crossover. We definitely won’t see Code Geass characters as they were only designing the characters for that series. Anyway, the main idea is that there all many universes and in each universes, there is another “you”. You share the same soul with all these other you in those alternate dimension/universe. That’s pretty much it. Also, so far only the humans do not know of this connection (there are some exceptions such as Clow Reed, Yuuko, Fei Wong, and some others) which is pretty much more in depth in Tsubasa and some hints here and there in other series including this one.

    Just understand that each series in itself is a separate series but that there will be characters that from other series appearing from time to time although they are not the exact same characters from other series, they all share the same soul and existence.

  11. dont really like kobato’s clothes ~”~ ……. i was hoping they keep that crocodile, so ioryogi maybe can use it as a vessel while the dog one being wash or something XD… well that was dumb thinking… hmmmm, was thinking, why is it a bunny came to deliver a message, if it’s about the wish (which i assume was gonna be granted by yuuko), so was thinking wudn’t black mokona be more suitable.. well for all i know the wish probably just grant by some randoms in heaven ~”~

  12. “The people of CLAMP: Oh, let’s toss in anothercharacter from one of our series and see if people can get that character…again!

    Seriously, CLAMP, if you like your other characters so much, why don’t you just make another season for either of them?

    This whole “CLAMP universe” thing made more sense on Tsubasa.”

    As a writer I can answer that: because it’s extremely fun to place characters in drastically different circumstances and see how they turn out differently and similarly. Although I only do this in “doujinshi” (fun little side-stories that aren’t part of the actual stories – that aren’t supposed to actually happen), and don’t do cameo appearances just for the sake of getting one more character appearance.

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